St Marks, Liberty City

July 21, 1991

Three Triad fish vans sped through Saint Marks, prime Mafia turf. The paintwork on the Belly-up trucks shone, and showed nothing of their assault to retake the sieged Belly-Up Fish Factory. One of the Triad warlords, Jaiyan Chan, gripped his Uzi, and worried about his son, Jason. Today was his son's first action he would see with the Triads, and it wasn't a pretty thought. The Triads in Liberty City held just Chinatown as their turf, and their weapons consisted of just baseball bats and 9mms, though the warlords got the rare Uzi, much less equipped than their fellow Triads, in the city of San Fierro, San Andreas. Most of them actually had their hands on Kalashnikovs.

The three vans pulled up outside the factory. The Mafia men, were outside, all holding shotguns or Uzis. Jaiyan's son, Jason, jumped out, and immediately ducked behind one of the vans. He was nervous and excited, and he could barely contain his trigger on his Beretta 92. The Mafia men had noticed the about fifteen reinforcements that had arrived, and opened fire. A couple of Triads were cut down by the fire.

Jason peeked from behind the van, and sent a couple of bullets into the skull of a Mafia man. He screamed, and dropped his shotgun. The Triads inside the factory had spotted the new reinforcements and once again, had another dig. They fired at the Mafia men, and slowly, they were cut down. But just when Jason thought everything would be okay, the Mafia had their own reinforcements up their sleeve. Five Mafia Sentinels came speeding over, and the Mafia men inside got out. The Triads desperately tried to hold, but they were getting smashed. Jason's father took three bullets in a chest, and slumped to the ground.

"FATHER!" screamed Jason.

Jason ran towards his father, but his father waved him off.

"Son…no need to save me…" he gasped.

"No, Dad!' Jason cried.

"Go…to…San…Fierro…and…lie…low. Link…up…with…the…San Fierro…Triads…when you're…ready. Good luck…my son. Avenge…my death."

His father handed him his card, and told him to go to a building in San Fierro and that building would be his to live.

Jason had tears pouring down his face. Then, he picked himself up, and screamed at the Mafia:


Jason fired furiously at the mob men, and took three down before he had to reload. All of a sudden, the mood of the Triads changed, and a wave of combined force slaughtered the Mafia men. Still sobbing, Jason took a ride back into Chinatown, gathered up as much stuff as he could, hailed a taxi and was driven over to Francis International Airport. He booked a flight over to Las Venturas Airport, where his father said would be a more discreet place, and then go over to San Fierro.

Jason eventually landed in San Fierro, and using his father's card, was transported over to a regular townhouse. There was enough food and things waiting for him, but for now, he would lie low for a while before getting back into the gang business, to gain revenge on the Mafia.

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