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They didn't seem like much. But the two men driving in that Admiral were dangerous, heavily armed, and were two of the most underrated, yet best killers the Triads could possibly have. They had a huge total of gang and law enforcement kills, at least 200 between the two of them. And oh, they were ready to take on a whole Mafia syndicate if they had to.

The two of them had both taken their time to stock up. They had plenty of M4 ammo, and they also brought along a sniper rifle, for the initial assault. John started making imaginary noises with his M4 assault rifle, with the clips removed of course. Jason got rather pissed-off by that, and he finally told John to stop, after he nearly had his eyes taken out. They made their first pass at the Folleni villa, to recon the whole area, and Jason took a quiet gulp. What looked like the whole Folleni Mafia were there, a force of thirty to forty on the roofs, and about the same amount in the courtyard surrounding the villa. Men walked around, holding a series of weapons, assorted, but all powerful nonetheless: Desert Eagles, SMGs and M4s: the whole mix. An improved Hunter helicopter was on top: with balanced "seats" added. Formidable, but Jason and John had both gone long ways to get their revenge, and they weren't going to put their life on a platter. They had gone far, too far, to do that.

"How are we going to do this?" John asked.

"We're gonna hit them with our full force. That can kill several people for us." Jason replied.

John nodded, and he placed his hands on the handle of the powerful sniper rifle in his lap.

"Okay, take the men on the rooftops, we can't afford letting them get the higher ground on us. I think we could take on the men in the courtyard: plenty of cover."

John peered into the scope of the sniper rifle, and he began to slowly fire. For the next ten minutes, Mafia men on the rooftops collapsed in pools of blood, yet no Folleni Mafia man found them, as they were nestled behind some thick bushes. Eventually, John put the sniper rifle down.

"No more ammo." John said.

"That's good enough." Jason grinned, pointing at the small amount of Mafia men still perched on the rooftops.

"Okay, let's do this." Jason said.

They got out of the Admiral, holding their weapons. Now the emotional factor was getting out on those two, and that could make or break this final revenge. They climbed over the gates, and ducked behind a couple of boxes, before they opened fire. Three of the Mafia were cut down as Jason's fury was unleashed, and John did so the same, starting off the bloodbath that would rage on, and possible into Liberty City history, as a massacre.

Giorgio Folleni had been expecting this to come for a long time, and for the first time, he was worried. His guards on the rooftops had nearly been all cut down by a hidden sniper, and his men couldn't find them either. But he wasn't going to surrender fast either, so the Folleni Mafia Don, gathered up two MP5s from his private weapons closet, cocked them, and he called fifteen of his elite men to congregate, and guard him, waiting for the two men to arrive.

Jason and John had swept through the first wave of men with ruthless attack, and the foul smell of blood wreaked the air. They both stocked up on ammunition, before they decided to somehow stealth their way into the villa. They had to let the Folleni let down their guard, before sneaking in. Scavenging the bodies, they quickly found a key leading to the back of the Folleni house. Perfect.

After waiting twenty minutes or so, they headed back to the villa, and found a few Mafia walking around. They pulled out their M4s, and sprayed at the mob men, and despite being spotted, took them down handily.

"Jeez, I'm loaded." Jason grumbled, noticing that his pockets were filled with clips of M4, Desert Eagle, and MP5 rounds alike.

John said the same, and they decided to leave the ammo behind. They moved on to the back part of the mansion, and three Mafia men had their heads blown off as Jason and John both picked off headshots with their Desert Eagles carefully.

They scavenged through the pockets again, and found two different-looking keys.

"Damn. The villa is more complicated then I thought." Jason grumbled.

"We should take different routes, might find Folleni faster." John said.

"That's about the first sensible thing you've said all day."

John punched his friend softly in the arm, and they opened the back door, quickly moving inside.

The interior of the villa started with a set of stairs, where two Mafia were waiting at the top of each of them, except killing had become almost customary: the two of them almost lazily picked off the men. After another set of stairs, taking out another two Mafia, they reached two doors. John tried his keys on the first one, and didn't get anywhere, and Jason's keys unlocked the place, before John unlocked the other door.

"Hey, I'll meet you at the roof, okay?" Jason asked.

"Yeah." John replied.

"Good luck."

Jason headed along his stairs, and came along a hallway. As he headed up a short set of stairs, suddenly, two Mafia men appeared, equipped with combat shotguns, and Jason ducked under the stairs he was about to climb. Damn. He didn't want to cause any more attention by shooting a big spray, and even if he picked off one with a shot, the combat shotguns would take him apart before he could aim at the second one. He tried another strategy. One of the men was heading towards him now, so he peered from just under the stairs, and blew the Mafia further away from him. As the other man reacted, Jason jumped out and kicked him in the stomach, before following it up with a fierce uppercut to the jaw. The man dropped down, unconscious. Grinning to himself, Jason grabbed the combat shotgun, and hooked it to his belt, almost gasping at the number of weapons he had. A true munitions man.

He headed on along the now empty hallway, splattered with a bit of blood. He took out his MP5, and sneaked carefully along. He could hear the sound of gunfire in a room, a bit further than his, and he sighed. John, always doing his random Rambo-acts. He continued along, going through a few empty bedrooms and living rooms. Eventually, he spotted the Don, carrying two MP5s, escorted by two men with Desert Eagles. But he was a level below him, and there were about six men down waiting in that particular room. He crept low, and hid behind a bit of cover, thinking of how he should do this. Could he find another route, or do a 'John'? His thoughts were distracted as two Mafia men came out from a room near him, guns blazing. They would have probably succeeded in taking out Jason if one hadn't yelled out in triumph. Jason reacted faster than they could raise their guns, rolling out of the way and spraying the two men with lead.

But he had just attracted the attention of the Mafia men below, and they were firing wildly at the glass. The glass shattered, and Jason dived out of the way of the fragments.

"The hell with it," he thought.

He took a deep breath, and jumped through the broken window, firing at one Mafia man rather blindly with his Desert Eagle. The man fell, and Jason somehow landed in a position that wasn't too awkward, and rolled behind cover, the cover the dead man had been using. He noticed the man had grenades with him as well, so he picked them up as bullets whizzed over his head. There were two men to his left and next to the door, and three more charging through that door. He tossed a grenade at the door, and watched as it sent the three men flying, and the two right next to them crashing into a wall in a heap. He killed the three others, and he reloaded his weapons, gathered up all the ammo he had, and he headed through the door.

He regretted it. He entered into a room with fifteen Mafia with M4s and Giorgio Folleni standing there, pointing at him.

"Oh shit." Jason muttered quietly.

"So I guess it is the end for you and your poncy Triad friend." Giorgio Folleni sneered. "We should wait for him to see the lovely surprise here," the Don said.

"Heads down Jason!" yelled John, tearing into the room with a lit molotov-cocktail in his hand. He threw it into the middle of the congregating guards, and Jason took this chance to dive back behind the door, watching the carnage as several Mafia men ran around, getting burnt. Jason and John quickly wiped out the remaining men, and when they went to point at Folleni, he was gone.

"Shit! He went out just as I threw that!" yelled John.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" demanded Jason.

They charged out of the room, through a few hallways, and eventually ended outside, watching as Folleni got in a Windsor with an escape driver in it. He bent down and pulled out…an M60.

"Oh shit!" Jason yelled as Folleni spotted them and began spraying powerful high-calibre bullets at them.

They made a run, where they found an unlocked Feltzer, which they jumped in and began the chase. The sleek convertible took a heavy toll in the first part of the chase, and Folleni kept a relenting hail of bullets upon the car. But as the Don ran out of ammo, Jason took his chances, and John started shooting more often. They had much more ammo than Folleni to use anyway. But the escape driver was an amazing one, and he hit some crazy jumps that Jason barely managed to land. It was pulsating stuff, especially when Jason had gotten up right next to the Windsor at one point and neatly P.I.T manoeuvred it as it hit a ramp at top speed. The Windsor barely made it, spinning wildly as it scraped over a fence, and Jason landed right next to it with a controlled jump.

But Folleni had called in back-up as well, and a swarm of Mafia Kurumas gave chase. Jason cut corners, ran over pedestrians, went along sidewalks, and went through tiny gaps between two cars just to avoid the pursuers, and had to toil even more to keep up with the Windsor. Eventually, they reached a flood-control channel that was currently being built, and the Windsor flew across a ramp to the other side. As Jason followed it, a Tanker went straight across their path.

"OH MY GOD! STOP!" John screamed.

But Jason didn't want to lose sight of Folleni, and he took the chance. The Tanker grazed the back of the Feltzer as Jason roared past it at a blinding speed. Then, they heard the sound as three Mafia cars crunched into the Tanker and cause a pile-up on the road.

John finally aimed truly enough to strike the wheels of the convertible, sending it spinning wildly for the second time. He followed that up with bullets to the head that killed the driver, but the Windsor just happened to be right next to the Folleni villa-again. Folleni got out, coughing and blood dripping from a cut on the forehead. He pulled out his MP5s and began spraying at Jason and John.

"Shit, we get out now!" John exclaimed.

Folleni made a run back for the villa, and another five men came running towards Jason and John. Jason took lightning aim and plugged two bullets holes into three men, and John sent two .50 bullets into the others.

They chased Folleni wildly through the villa, as men constantly bore down on them, wave after wave of them, like a stream of eels escaping. Somehow, Jason and John kept out of their grasp, wondering how many men Folleni exactly had. They tore up the stairs, a Mafia men dotted with bullets by Jason's assault rifle. Eventually, they got near the roof.

"Shit! Shit! He's gonna get in that Hunter!" shouted John.

Jason fired desperately at the Hunter, but they missed. Folleni staggered into the helicopter and spun around to face them, an evil smile on his maniacal face. Slowly, the formidable military helicopter circled upwards.

"No! No! No!" screamed Jason, tears pouring down his face.

He was never going to avenge his father now. He wiped out the Mafia on the roof, but there was no point. He was finished. But as he was about to sit down the last five minutes of his life in despair, he spotted that in a corner, there was a miracle: two Stinger heat-seeking RPGs.

"Come on John! We still got a chance!" yelled Jason, bursting towards the RPGs.

They heaved the rocket launchers and made a dive as the Hunter made its first pass, spewing hundreds of bullets, any one of them that could make him into manwich. As the Hunter roared away in preparation for a second pass, Jason and John simultaneously aimed the RPGs. Jason felt the comforting sound of the rocket launcher tracking the helicopter, and clicking as it locked on. Then, he fired as many rockets as he could before Folleni noticed what happened.

Four rockets flew truly towards the Hunter, and they impacted one by one, in the space of four seconds. A huge explosion rippled over the city of Liberty as the Hunter exploded in a blossom of orange, engulfing Portland with a huge sound.

"It's over." John said, shaking his head sadly.

Jason was crying freely as they headed down the stairs. Dead Mafia lay everywhere and the smell of death was true, and would be something they would behold for the rest of their lives.

"What should we do?" asked John as they made their way out of the ruined villa to the Admiral, still parked on the sidewalk, untouched in all this action.

"We should get your Auntie and Kate; see if they want to move. We could always buy a nice decent house or two in Venturas or some place in San Andreas." Jason replied.

"Yeah-that's a good idea. We could get back in the set with CJ and Woozie-check how they're going."

Jason nodded as the Admiral gave a smooth click and the engine hummed, before they drove away, into a golden afternoon.

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