Forget Me Not


When Martha arrived home after work, Clark was in the loft, busily reading a book for a quiz the next day. Martha never really nagged Clark about doing his homework. He was a good kid and always got it done on time. Besides, if he was a bit behind, it didn't really matter, especially considering he could probably do the whole years worth of homework in a split second.

Clark glanced up when his mom entered.

"Hey Clark." Martha said, ruffling his hair. "Hurry up with that book. Dinner is ready and I don't want it to get cold."

"Didn't you, like, just get home?" Clark asked

"It's takeout. There's a new restaurant on Main Street. They sell all sorts of exotic food." Martha said "Tonight we're having Chinese."

"Ok. I'll be finished in a second." Clark said. Martha smiled. He meant it literally. To anyone else, it would have looked as if Clark was just flicking the pages of the book. In reality, he was reading at about 100mph. True to his word, a second after he spoke, he set the book down on the side table, completely finished, and followed Martha out of the loft.

When they got into the kitchen, the smell of rice, fish and some other anonymous aroma hit Clark full on.

He had tried some Asian food before, but the scents all mingled together was enough to make Clark seriously think about running back up to the loft.

Martha noticed the sick expression on her sons face.

"I know it smells a bit strong all together, but you'll like it." Martha encouraged.

After sitting down and fumbling with his chopsticks for a while, he gave up and put one chopstick in each hand, picking up the food between them.

He looked at his mom, who did not look impressed, but Jonathan was clearly trying to hide a smile.

After dinner, Clark was feeling a little woozy, probably due to all the raw fish, so he got up and threw away his empty cartons.

"I'm gonna go to bed now." Clark announced "I'm feeling a little tired."

"Ok, Clark" Jonathan replied

Clark stumbled out of the kitchen and into the hall. He was feeling really strange now. Maybe he just had to lie down.

But Clark hadn't even reached for the banister before the wave of dizziness overpowered him, and he collapsed, unconscious, at the foot of the stairs.