Chapter 1: The Hard Truth

In Privet Drive Number Four, a young man woke up in cold sweat due to the nightmare and pain. That young man was Harry Potter, a boy who lived, wizarding world's savior, the only person who could survive after defied Lord Voldemort for five times. Lord Voldemort, the most feared and hated wizard, had tried to kill him since he was baby because of a damn prophecy.

"…either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…", he muttered sadly to himself.

Harry always imagined how perfect his life would be if that prophecy never existed. His parents would still be with him and he wouldn't stay with the Dursley. He was trying to remember about his last dream when some owls flew into his bedroom. Oh, how come he forgot about his sixteen birthday.

The first owl was from Hermione. She gave him thick books with titles How to Defense Yourself from Dark Arts, Curse and Contra curse, and Creating Your Own Spell . Harry read her letter

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday! I am in New York now having a vacation with my family. I wish I can show you how wonderful New York is. I got fifteen OWLs in my result. How about yours?

Speaking of that have you heard about the attacks that recently happened? There are already seven families being attacked, two of them are in The Order, the Doge and Mandungus Fletcher. I really hope the Weasley were safe. Is your scar still hurting? Write to Dumbledore if it worsens. It might indicate something important.

P.S. I hope you like my presents. I think it will help you in DA and your pain.



He smiled and noticed what a great friend Hermione was. She always knows what he needs. Nightmares and pains that he coped with had been a night routine for this last few months summer holiday. Every night seemed to be a torture; watching unknown people were hexed by Imperio, Crucio, and the worst Avada Kedrava.

He had mastered Occlumency now but it not giving him a lot of help. Reluctantly, he realized that his connection with the Dark Lord was deeper than anyone could aware. Yet, he could block the Dark Lord to invade his mind but he couldn't stop himself getting to his archenemy's mind.

However, he won't tell Dumbledore anything about it. He had promised that he won't tell his secret to a man that had hide so much truth from him which had caused him fell to Voldemort's trap and moreover, Sirius' death. Sirius. How he missed that man. The man who had been his friend and his father for two years. He let his tears out fell to Hermione's letter. A big wound gaping in his heart, every time he mourns for Sirius. After a few minutes, he took his second letter which was from Ron.

Hi Harry,

How are you? I hope you fine in your sixteen birthdays. Actually our family's condition was not very good. Percy was found dead in his office this morning. According to the Ministry, there was some Death Eater's attack last night while Percy was alone. They assumed that the Death Eaters wanted some informations which Percy refused to leak so Percy was killed. Percy was honored the Second Class Order of Merlin for his loyalty to the Ministry. Although Percy was not a good son and sibling, we all still missed him so much. Mum kept crying and talking about her regret not to try to talk to Percy after Dark Lord's return had been clarified. And Dad was really silent, but still you can see sadness in his eyes. Even Fred and George were shocked because of his death. His burial will be done tomorrow. I got seven OWLs. Mom had baked you a home-made candy.

Ron Weasley

Harry knew that he didn't really like Percy after his fifth year, he couldn't stand not to feel pity for him. He wonder what actually the information that Dark Lord wanted to gain from the Ministry? A lot of course, but which one until it was so important for him to break through the ministry whereas it would be easier to catch the ministry staff and questioned them outside. Harry's attention was drawn by a Hogwarts' symbol on one of his letter, his OWLs result.


Defense against Dark Arts:Outstanding


Care of Magical Creature:Outstanding

Charm:Exceed Expectation

Herbology:Exceed Expectation

History of Magic:Poor

Potion:Exceed Expectation

Transfiguration:Exceed Expectation

Your total OWLs score :9 (nine)

"Not to bad." he talked to himself and started examined his school supplies list. Actually he didn't expected to get quite higher mark from potion and divination, yet he was more surprised knowing that he had been accepted to Potion NEWT class from that list.

Another letters were from Remus and Hagrid. They both contained almost the same which was encouraged Harry and declared their willingness to be whom Harry wanted to speak freely. His last letter surprised him a lot. It clearly stated that it was from her death mother. He opened the letter and began to read.

Dear my son,

If you received this letter, it meant that I had died. My son, there was something I need to tell you. It was something that concerned about your heritage. Your father was not James Potter, but it was Tom Marvollo Riddle or better known as Lord Voldemort. I kept this from everyone. You might be asking then why could I get myself pregnant with Voldemort?

It's all began because of a silly time travel I made. I met your father when he was at your age now at Hogwarts and didn't know who he would be. We felt in love and slept together. I never in my life loved someone really deeply as I did with your father until one day he told me about his ambition to be Lord Voldemort, a most feared wizard in the world. I left him and came back to my time. Heartbroken, I tried to forget him by dating with James.

Few weeks after my time travel, I found out that I had already had you, our son. To undercover it, I was married to James who offer himself to be a father to you. He didn't know who your father is, of course but he loved me so much and willing to do anything to get me. When you born, I gave you spell and potions that would disguised you. However, the potion only lasted for sixteen years so started from today your appearance would slowly turned back to how you really looked like.

May be what I did to you was not right but I didn't have much choice. Now, you are sixteen, I believed you are old enough to make a decision for your own life. If you still want to live as Harry Potter, there is a potion I sent with this letter. It will give you another fifty years time. But if you want a new life as Alexander Tom Riddle (your real name that is stated on your birth certificate), there is a key to your own name vault (vault 98) and a letter I faked to allow you to enter any school you want including Hogwarts.

But I should remind you that which way you choose, it will effected your life forever without any way to come back, so be wise and careful.



Lily Potter/Lily Evans

"This can't be. It must be another trap from Dark Lord", he tried to convince himself. He opened the package that came along with the letter. Inside, he found the potion, letter and key that his mother mentioned and a parchment which were decorated with gold and silver line. It was smooth but elastic. From it's roll, Harry could see the word "Birth Certificate". His hand was trembling when he unrolled the parchment.

Name:Alexander Tom Riddle

Date of Birth:31st July1980

Father:Tom Marvolo Riddle

Mother:Lily Elsartier Evans

Addition information:

Alexander Tom Riddle is known as Harry Potter in his daily life to respect his adopting father

Tom Marvolo Riddle is known as Lord Voldemort after he changed his name in his 25

#This birth certificate only declares facts and truths#

Harry was frowned for a moment. He realized that he was in great trouble. To his acknowledge, birth certificate can't be imitated or changed because it was made by elven trees and had its own power that can't be changed by even elf itself. That the reason why elven trees is used to create birth certificate. In spite of the lack of elven trees, birth certificates become expensive and most wizards don't care of having any of it except the pure blood family.