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Vampire trilogy I part

Chapter 1

Acceptance and experiment

Night covered San-Francisco. Time when people sleeping quietly in their beds. But vampires don't sleep at that mysterious time. At the end of the city, on private territory was their sanctum. The young woman was standing near the window. Her skin was pale and almost sparkled at moonlight, her blonde straight hair was a little bit lower her shoulders. She was clad in black leather: high boots on brads, pants fueled in high boots and shirt on strips with low neckline. Her eyes weren't usual: grey, blue and yellow were mixed in them. Now her eyes were as hawk's – their usual color but it depends from her mood. It seemed that she is not less than twenty years old but she was more than one hundred fifteen. Woman was calm and concentrated on sky and actually the moon. It was full and looked mysterious. Woman's thoughts were broken by werewolf's appearing. The werewolf was from a noble family. Its fur was brown and a little bit dark red. The werewolf turned into a young dark red-haired woman with brown eyes. Her clothes were torn because of the transformation and she rubbed her shoulders to warm.

Vampire turned to her and asked:

"Hello, Kiara, what news?"

"Well, there is one. Older men decided to make an acceptance."

"For what?"

"Fellan said that it concluded with those experiments."

"Experiments? Older men agreed with them! Damn!" – Vampire was furious. She opened the window with crackle and breathed in the cool night air to calm down.

"Selin, I know you don't like the idea of mixing species but maybe it's right. Especially for vampires. Hunters …"

"I know, Ki, haunters kill us every day, but that's normal. We kill them, too, but in much more amount. Mixing species is weird! I hoped Victor not to agree with it. He surprised me. "

"Oh, I've almost forgotten! Valdemar wanted to see you!"

"Really? Well, I'll ask him about his experiment." – With these words Selina turned to her hell-beast form and flew away through the window.

Her friend Kiara watched her flying and then looked around, searching for mobile phone. She found it soon and phoned to her well-known witch:

"Hello, dear, how's your transformation?" – asked witch in her usual sweet and kind tone.

"As usual, Angelic, have you heard about the acceptance?"

"Irvin told me something, but I forgot, we were too busy, you know."

Kiara pop-eyed and continued without asking about details of their business:

"Selin is in fury."

"Oh, I can imagine! She is so depressed after John betrayed their race and left with that wench Rachel."

"Yeah, but don't say it to her, she hates when we felt sorry for her."

"I know, maybe you'll come to my home? I need your help here." – Said Angelica. Kiara thought for a while and agreed. She didn't want to waste time in Selina's apartment.

Grand Laboratory was made nearly two centuries ago. First for making weapons for wars against demons and The Holy Order. Then for secret experiments. Its equipment was expensive and up-to-date. The Great Council spends much money on it.

The young vampire nearly nineteen years was writing something on paper. His hair was ruffled and his big glasses with thick lens were twisted. His name was Valdemar Diamond, son of the head of Vampire Council. Valdemar disappointed his father when refused to join the Council. He liked science more than politics and here, in the laboratory met his lovely Linda – turned vampire. They both worked at draft of mixing species and liked this project.

Valdemar was so busy writing that he even didn't notice Selina arrived in his office. She sat opposite him and asked:


The man flinched and noticed visitor.

"Oh, Sel! You surprised me! … How's life?"

"Nothing interesting, but I think you can tell me something important, my friend." – Valdemar understood that she wanted to hear about his experiment.

"You don't like this idea, do you?"

"Well, I think that's weird and smells badly."

"But older men think differ. There will be a presentation on the acceptance. And even Dracula will come from Romania."

Selin was surprised.

"Dracula? The first from us?"

"Yes, he is interested in my experiment."

Valdemar was very proud and Selina laughed to herself. This clumsy, timid boy, whom she respected and loved like brother, shows up! It was funny, indeed. She smiled and said:

"Excellent, Valdemar, you'll be a great scientist one day. Haven't your father forgive you?"

"Not exactly, but soon he'll quiet down. I guess."

"I hope so, good luck."

"Thanks, will you come to the acceptance?"

"I don't like this idea but you forgot that I'm Victor's bodyguard. And I haven't ever seen the first vampire, I can't lose this chance!"

Valdemar smiled happily. He knew that she wants to support him. And he wanted to tell her anything good and pleasing.

"You look good! Have you forgotten John?"

"You meant that bastard who betrayed us all?" – She was calm but nervous and sarcastic. Valdemar decided to change the topic:

"Hm, let me to explain you the aim of my experiment."

"I'm whole in attention." – Selin said smiling and put her legs on the table.

"I see you settled down, so I'll start." – He laughed.

The plane from Buharest arrived exactly on timetable. Cold woman's voice declared about boarding. From the first class area went out a man clad in black leather coat. He wore dark sunglasses and his hair was collected into a ponytail. The man saw a group of people in sunglasses and official black costumes. They most looked young and the eldest of them with grey hair shook guest's hand.

"Did you enjoy the fly, count?" – asked Victor politely.

"Yes, the weather was quiet good and there weren't any problems." – smiled count. Victor nodded and continued conversation while they were walking to the black limousine with toned windows.

"We're glad that you liked it. But … There are some problems here."

"What problems?" – Count asked seriously.

"Van Helsing is here."


"Yes, exactly. We've already sent our people to meet him near the Golden Gates Bridge. We suppose that's not big problem," – added Victor.

Count stopped for a while and looked at the older men. His eyes became icy blue and that meant only one – he became very angry. But soon he calmed down and said nervously:

"That's bigger problem than you think, Victor. Does the Holy Order know about acceptance?"

"No, we don't think so, but our spies haven't returned yet."

"We should be ready for their attack. I think my visit would be longer than I expected."