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Chapter 22

Old bleeding wounds

"Victory!" – Cried night creatures in unison with humans.

"We won, Gabriel!" – Selina embraced her last enemy and got Dracula's jealous glance. 'Very nice, Sel,' – he said telepathically, while standing near Victor, who was congratulating the cardinal. 'You'll get more soon,' – she answered, calming him.

In fact the victory was darkened with the number of those who were dead. The armies had great losses …

"What now, guys?" – Kiara put hands on shoulders of Selin and Van Helsing.

"Again enemies?"

"Perhaps, before the agreement to be finished."

"So two months!"

Sel nodded and released from Ki's tight grasp, stood beside Victor as his guard.

"Cry for fallen, enjoy the life!" – Lord Diamond finished his speech and came to Gabriel:

"Mr. Van Helsing, I want to speak with you, it concerns to Miss Cale."

"Right now?"

"Not now, but about fifteen minutes later, I have some papers to be signed."

The only one who was forgotten never forgets anything. He had only one thing on his mind … Revenge …

Victor was sitting at his table, settling some formalities, when Romulus Fern sneaked into his tent, invisible to others and with big silver arrow in his hand. Diamond sent him a glance.

"I was waiting for you, Romulus."

"I'll kill you; you'll pay for my family's miseries!"

"And what next, Romulus? You can't escape from the camp. I still can forgive you."

"But I'll never forgive you!"

The arrow raised just above Victor's heart.

Valdemar, who was speaking with Selina, felt a prick somewhere inside his heart.

"What's wrong?" – Sel looked worried, she felt something, too.

"I guess my father .."

"Oh, damn!"

They hurried to the tent and saw … Gabriel above Victor with a wooden stake covered with dark blood in his hand.

"You!" – Hissed Valdemar, half-embracing his father, bleed to death.

"That's not true, I swear! He was already dead, when I came! I killed Romulus!" – Van Helsing showed Fern, turned to ashes.

Selin didn't know what to think, she lowered on her knees near Victor, whose eyes never left her face.

"Who did it, Victor? Name the murderer!" – she whispered.

It was seen, that Diamond was close to death. His thoughts were muddling. His glance fell on the hunter:

"Van Helsing … " – he mumbled.


"Van Helsing your …"

He didn't finish …

Sel made Valdemar to release Victor, as the generous vampire flamed up and burnt. Vampires looked at Gabriel with suspicion.

"Sel, you know, I couldn't!"

Valdemar took the arrow and read:

"G.V. That's your initials, right?"

"It had to be so …Turning into a werewolf didn't teach anything."

"Sel …"

"Shut up! As a new head of the Great Council, I declare a Hunt on Blood!" – exclaimed Valdemar, changing in one moment.

"Let the hunt to begin!" – Selin moved to Gabriel, but he threw a bottle with silver gas on the floor – one of the Carl's inventions. Vampires coughed hardly and lost the hunter.

"Run, Van Helsing, run. You can't escape from me," – hissed vampiress, whose pretty face was distorted with hate.

"If I won't get him first."

"By the way, are you really took Victor's place?"

"Of course no! I can't be the head of the Council!"

"Valdemar …"

"Selin …"

She gave him a strict glance.

"Victor believed in you! The older men will support you! Moreover, Dracula. I don't think your father wished to see Maya on his place."

Valdemar looked at the dust, stayed from Victor.

"You right, Sel. I won't let Maya to rule!"

"I like move of your thoughts!"

Gabriel was walking by the slope of the hill near the circle with sharp rocks, where witches of the Cult of Mother-Earth. His thoughts weren't happy at all, he didn't know, what Victor wanted to tell him about Selina. Besides, why did the older man blame him in his death when it was Romulus? Now his new friends left him and turned into enemies. Suddenly he sensed someone's glance on his back. Van Helsing turned face to his persecutor. It was Vladislaus, whose eyes were reflecting the same emotions as Selina's.

"Bravo, Gabriel, you've just killed the stronghold of vampires' generosity and humanism. What have you won? I can't look after all night creatures … Now they will leave for frames …"

"That's not your business!" – roared Gabriel.

"Ah … you're a werewolf again!" – grinned Vlad.

"I am! Afraid, Dracula? Start asking the God's forgiving before you returned to hell!" – Van Helsing looked at the full moon and transformed into his wolf-form. Count reacted immediately, slashing the air with his claws near werewolf's neck. They were fighting again after all those years …

But Vladislaus still had his weakness, so Gabriel drove him back to the rock easily. Vampire made a last jerk and threw him aside, and got a small respite. He chest was covered with blood, but he couldn't think about it now. His hands were tapping his high boots, searching for something. But werewolf didn't notice his actions, Van Helsing saw just his adversary. Gabriel moved into his direction like a flash, and the count invisibly made him to stand back to the rock. Vladislaus planned it splendidly, took two narrow daggers out of his high boots and pinned the werewolf to the rock by shoulders.

"Not today, Gabriel …" – he breathed out heavily, fixing up his ponytail. The werewolf lunged desperately, trying to release, but daggers hold him tightly. Vlad was observing his torments silently, his pain was much stronger.

"Won't you kill him?" – asked Selina suddenly, putting her hand on Dracula's shoulder gently, trying not to hurt him. She saw the whole battle from the top of the hill.

"No, I can kill him later, let's go."

The couple flew into the night air, supporting each other with wings.

"Selin …" – whispered the hunter, transforming into his normal form and taking off the daggers with scream of pain. He lost lots of blood and couldn't move. He was becoming unconscious when heard humans' voices. 'Came to terminate me …' – he thought before closed eyes. But he wronged. Those were the soldiers of the Holy Order with Emilio Malletty – his old friend.

"Van Helsing is still breathing, be careful with him," – said Emilio to the soldiers. They put Gabriel on stretcher, then immersed him into the lorry and left in the unknown direction.

Three months past …

"Now you're a husband and wife," – exclaimed Valdemar, when Irvin and Angelica drank from the Goblet of Join. Witch's dream came true. She married with her beloved vampire, contrary to their relatives' forbids. Their friends gathered and congratulated them loudly, rising glasses. Valdemar became the head of the Council with Dracula's help, and Selina protected him from all assassins sent by Maya.

Guests were chatting with each other about miscellaneous triviality, and only Vina looked strange. The girl was shaking like in nervous fever.

"What's wrong, Vina?" – asked happy bride.

"I saw it! The ancient power! It's stronger than ever … it's … a half-breed … Inside you!..."

To be continued …