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Music Soothes the Savage Beast

...or not…

(Alternate Title: How To Harass A Hanyou)

"It was so thoughtful for Lady Kagome to leave her magical music machine with us while she returns to her era." "It's a CD player, moron." Inuyasha huffed as he jumped into a tree close to the edge of camp. "And it's not magical, its E-LEC-TRON-IC. Don't you know anything?"

"Not all of us have had the benefit of traveling to Lady Kagome's era to witness the wonders there." Miroku said calmly, pretending he didn't see the smug look on the hanyou's face at the reminder that only HE could go to Kagome's era.

Sango rolled her eyes and continued to clean her bone boomerang. Camp was always too full of testosterone when Kagome left.

Inuyasha's eyes narrowed as Miroku let his fingers glide along the smooth surface of the CD player. The plastic substance was amazing. Light and thin, but very strong. Inside were little wires and magical parts that made music come through the pieces that you put over the ears. It was an remarkable piece of work to a man from Feudal Japan.

But that wasn't exactly the best part of the machine. Oh no. The best part was how insanely jealous his male traveling companion would get whenever Miroku would touch anything of Kagome's, even if it was just her CD player. And since the dog demon would rather be gutted than admit to such feelings, he would merely watch and snarl a bit. Miroku had to admit that he likely spent more time touching the CD player than was necessary, but it was so much fun to watch the hanyou fight his protective instincts.

Those instincts are to kill you at the moment, Miroku reminded himself with a chuckle. Even the sane part of his mind was amused by that.

With a smile, Miroku put the earphones on and adjusted the volume. Once it reached maximum capacity he hit play. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Inuyasha's ears twitch, a sure sign that he can hear the music as well. Ah well, he thought to himself, the things one must endure. Sure the music was far too loud for him, but that was the way it had to be.

The sounds of drums and guitars blasted through the earpieces, making Miroku wince slightly. He turned the knob a little to make the sound more tolerable before his ears began bleeding.

A male voice begins to sing. Miroku watches Inuyasha's ear twitch again, then lower slightly. The stubborn dog demon, well, half dog demon, refused to aknowledge the music. That just makes it more fun.

The singing man despairs over the loss the love who left him. Though it has only been one day, he misses her. He swears to find her some how, some way, some day.

Inuyasha's ears flick towards the music. Even though Miroku could not hear the hanyou, he knew that he was growling by the startled look on Sango's face. Looking down he noticed the fox kit staring at him hard. To be more precise, he was staring at the headphones he was wearing.

It was difficult keeping his smile to himself, but sometimes these demons were just toooooo easy.

The singer laments that he can no longer see his love's smile or her eyes, and that even though they have only been separated for a day, he already misses her. He worries that it will be the last time that he ever sees her.

During the guitar interlude Miroku chanced another glance at the hanyou. He was looking quite agitated. Pleased with himself, Miroku began to move his mouth to the words, knowing them by heart. After all, this was his new favorite song to play when Kagome was gone.

The singer fears that he is going to spend the rest of his life alone now that his love has left. He doesn't know where he is going to go or what he is going to do. He misses his love. He repeats his fear of being alone several times to the beat of the drums.

Inuyasha's ears had drooped, refusing to look towards the group. Miroku found that to be a very good sign. Ah, the things I do for true love. The hanyou looked lost and alone, which made the monk smile. Shippo's eyes were beginning to water and his lip was starting to tremble. Good. Good. Things are definitely looking up.

Once again the singer despairs over never looking into his love's eyes again. Over and over he repeats the phrase. Never seeing her again. It would be the last time he ever saw her eyes. He misses her.

Miroku tapped his foot to the beat of the guitar and drums, concentrating on looking as if he were only interested in the music.

Never see her again.

"I MISS KAGOME!" wailed Shippo.

Inuyasha leapt from his tree and proclaimed Miroku to be a child born out of wedlock forsaken by God as well as the son of a female dog that he has an inappropriate relationship with. In addition he informed the monk that he should consider his destination to be the theological place of eternal punishment.

Well, maybe he didn't use those EXACT words, but the meaning was pretty much the same. He also felt it necessary to express his displeasure in a more… physical way.

When Miroku came to he was staring into the not particularly sympathetic brown eyes of his favorite demon slayer.

"Why do you provoke him, monk?"

Miroku smiled innocently. "Me? Provoke Inuyasha? On purpose? Why would I do such a thing?"

He watched as a highly irritated dog demon sped to the well, followed closely by the little fox kit. Inuyasha may be gone for anywhere from an hour to a day or two, depending on Kagome. Shippo was sure to stay by the well hoping they would come back until at least sunset. Kirara would follow to make sure the kit returned safely.

That gave him at least three hours to enjoy his time with Sango.


What's a concussion or two in the name of love anyhow?


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