Title: Heart Throb

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG

Pairing: Jeff Hardy/AJ Styles

Spoiler warning: Lock Down and Hard Justice

Disclaimer: TNA belongs to the Jarrett family and Panda Energy.

Distribution: If you want it, take it, but let me know where.

Summary: AJ worries for his lover

Feedback: Please.

I crawl in to bed silently, trying not to wake Jeff, who just barely got to sleep. I'm not surprised that it took him this long, trying to sleep after the type of match he just had with Raven is not easy. I have a feeling that sleep will be a long time coming for me too after the match I had with Abyss, but at least I get a NWA title shot at Hard Justice; which I'm looking forward to. However, I'm not looking forward to Jeff being in that Clockwork Orange House of Fun match with Raven. I've been in matches with Raven before and I know how crazy he is, add all those weapons and it's a recipe for disaster as far as Jeff is concerned.

I voiced my opinion about the all cage match pay per view being stupid, but I can't voice my concerns about Jeff being in the House of Fun match because no one knows we're together. Just imagine all the rumors on the net if it came out that we're bi and in a relationship with each other. TNA is getting enough negative publicity about what happened to Chris Candido, it doesn't need more bad publicity about most of the stars being gay or bi.

Backstage it's a well known but not talked about fact, and everyone has a mutual agreement not to talk about it. I still have a feeling something bad will happen to Jeff, but I haven't really told him about my feelings. I made the mistake of bringing up my worry for him before the Full Metal Mayhem match back in February and he told me not to nag him. Not talking about it doesn't make me feel it any less.

He doesn't take me seriously, when I tell him I have a bad feeling but I know to trust my instincts. I hope that they're wrong and that he doesn't end up like Jerry Lynn, with a bad injury and out for a year, but when you combine Raven and weapons, bad things are bound to happen.

I just hope he comes out in one piece and allows me to take care of him when we get back to the hotel room. I also want to beat Jeff Jarrett and become the third time NWA heavyweight champion without Vince Russo tainting the victory for me. It will be interesting to see if justice will be served at the next pay per view and whether or not it will be hard.