Of Panthers, Dragons, and Tigers

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Chapter One: Elements

"Boy! Come here and clean this mess up!" Vernon Dursley yelled when his overly fat son Dudley (AN- When Petunia named him, did she get hit on the head? Dudley Dursley? Can we say bad taste?) knocked over one of his many over filled bowls of porridge.

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Came Harry Potter's dull, droned reply. He's been like this since the "episode" at the Ministry, as he so kindly refers to it. He writes the letters to the Order every three days as promised. Unfortunately, these letters consist of "I'm Okay" and that's it. Harry hadn't written or responded to any of the letters he'd been receiving from his "friends." He wasn't even sure he could call them that after their first owl.

'Dear Harry,

I know you must be terribly sad about Sirius, mate, but cheer up! Mum says you can come to headquarters for the end of the summer.

Yes, Harry! You can come over soon! Everyone is here. Even Bill and Charlie. When you come we can start studying for our Newts.

Don't mind, 'Mione. She's bloody barmy. Newts! Honestly! Well, anyway, buck up! You'll be here laughing with us as soon as you know it!

Your Friends,

Ron and Hermione

Sirius's Death deeply affected the Boy-Who-Lived. And it hurt that his two best friends thought so little of Sirius that they didn't even mourn him. Not even his birthday tomorrow was going to be cheering him up.

12:01 am

"Happy Fuckin' Birthday, to me" Harry Potter whispered angrily into the quiet room.

Suddenly, his hand and high back began to hurt . Soon, Harry was all but screaming out in pain. And then, just like that, it was over and Harry Potter fell to the floor limp.

... Should I end it here?

... Hmmm, Maybe.

... Nah, I'm not that cruel

. Ohhhh, You meant NOW! I gotcha.

When Harry woke up the next morning, he had a huge, pounding headache.

'What happened?'

Harry looked down at his hands. His left hand had a picture of a black dragon with red eyes with the matching Chinese symbol straight through on the inside of his hand, right above his palm. On his right he had a symbol he'd never seen before. It looked old, ancient even. and Harry had a gut feeling it meant power. Just below, on both his wrists, were four colored rings, each with thorns on them. The colors were, in this order from closest to the palm, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Harry also looked in the mirror to find a huge blow up of the power symbol on his hand, on his higher back, with black wings around it and on the bottom a dragon, a phoenix, a snake, and a lion all stood in what looked like a protection stance.

'What the fuck? How the bloody hell am I gonna cover up these?'

Harry put on a pair of Dudley's old gloves and walked downstairs.

"Hi, Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon. I was wondering, if on your way to work, you'd drop me off at the mall, I need some new clothes for Hogsm- err, school."

Uncle Vernon lokked him up and down a bit before finally deciding.

"Alright, boy, but don't be thinking we'll pay for this!"

"No, sir. You won't have to pay."

'Good thing I had the idea to exchange a bunch of my galleons to muggle money before I came back here.'

So Vernon and Harry left the house and Harry got dropped off at the mall.

"I'll be back at 5:00! Be out here or get home by yourself!" Uncle Vernon shouted before leaving in a squeal of tires.

'Right then, time to get to work'

First Harry went to a gothic type store and bought a bunch of baggy black pants and tight t-shirts with funny sayings on them. He also bought a few pairs of leather gloves that covered up his strange markings. He bought the clothes and went into the back to change out of his own old ones and into the new ones.

Harry came out with his baggy black pants, a black shirt with the words "Vampires Suck!" in bloody red letters and on the back it said "The question is What?" He also wore black leather gloves that had metal spikes on the wrist. He went up to the cashier and asked for scissors, completely unaware of the appreciative stares he was getting.

Harry took the gloves off and with the scissors, cut off all the fingers.

"There, that's better" he said as he walked out the door after placing his gloves back on and thanking the blonde cashier.

Harry walked around some more and bought whatever struck his particular fancy. It was almost 4:30 when Harry saw the Tattoo and Body Piercing Store. Harry thought about it for a while and decided, hey, i've got tattoos and the clothes to match, why not go for a piercing? So he went in.

Harry opted for one on each ear at the bottom, like normal, but then decided on getting another, natural tattoo. A huge panther on his back, the tail starting somewhere a bit above his arse, but was designed to make it seem as though it went to his arse, and the one paw above the panther's head, just stopped short of the pack of animals he had on his back. All in all the panther looked like it was crouching, just waiting to strike. He also got two matching tattoos on his upper arms. A Celtic Knot with Tribal Symbols surrounding it to form a thick band.

After he left, he went to the CD store to buy some new CDs, then to the computer store to buy a laptop, and finally to go buy a wide screen tv with a DVD Player.

'Good thing I bought a weightless, expandable messenger bag, back in Diagon Alley'

Needless to say, when Vernon went to pick him up he was surprised, but wisely kept his mouth shut.

When they reached "home" Harry went to his room straight away. The Dursleys were, luckily, leaving Harry alone after Mad-Eye and the others threatened them. Sometimes, Harry didn't come down for days, not even to eat, but that was just fine with them and Harry was training himself anyway. He used Dudley's old gym equiptment to train and now he was hot...ter!

Harry now stood a good 6'1. He was still shorter than Ron who was 6'3, but luckily Harry wasn't lanky like Ron was. He still had a slim, wirey build but now was a lot more muscular. Not like freaky muscled, more like a swimmer or in this case a Seeker.

After Harry's shopping spree, Harry decided to lift some weights while he thought. It was hours before Harry realized that as he thought he kept on adding weight until he had reached 1,000 lbs. and Harry wasn't even sweating.

'Holy Mother Fucking Crap! What the Bloody fucking Hell is going on!'

Later that night, he got his question answered.

"Hi, this is going to sound strange, but did you recently get new unexplainable tattoos on your hand and back?" a perky girl asked in the face of Harry's wand.

"Yes, why?" Harry asked carefully and slowly.

"Oh, good. I was worried I had the wrong address. I was meant to come last night, but I got a bit turned about near Willard st. I'm Alesandra, Sandra or just plain Ra for short."

"Who are you! How do I know you're not a DeathEater?"

" I'm not, but what I can help you defeat Whats-His-Face. Now, what on Earth was his name! MouldyWart...no...SoldyShort...now why does that strike me as NOT RIGHT! Hmm...Oh yes! I know VoldyMort! That's it!"

"Actually, it's Voldemort."

"Whatever! Anyway, what's your name?"

"Harry, everyone calls me... well, Harry"

"ooh, that'll change. Everyone at Green Central WaterFall has a nickname. Okay, so here's the dealio. I go to GCW and it's the school for "Extremely Gifted Individuals" AKA Mages. Which is what I am. Which is what you are."

"What! No way!"

"Yes way"

"But, i can't be... a Mage?"

"Ahhh, but that's what you are. Come on, let me take you to our leader!"


"Never mind. No one gets my jokes."

And then suddenly with a "POOF" they were gone from Privet Drive and in front of a gorgeous buliding. Not as nice as Hogwarts, but this came a pretty damn close second!

"Sandra! And this must be our new mage. Nice to meet you! I'm Miss Feraegounda, but everyone is free to call me Fairy. I'm Headmistress here at Green Central WaterFall. We don't have many students and we're more like a family so everyone here is called by their names or nicknames. I'm sure you'll fit right in! You can sleep in Guest Hall until your official sorting tomorrow and-"

"Woah, what are you going on about?"

"Didn't you tell him, Sandra?"

"He's Harry Potter! I thought it might be a better idea to bring him here and have you explain instead of me."

"Harry Potter, hmm, you don't say. Very well, come with me. I'll take you to my office, Sandra, you may go back to your dorms."

"Yes, Fairy."

And with a "POOF" she was gone, and then with another "POOF" he was in an office odder than Dumbledore's.

"Very well, Harry. As you may know, this is the Green Central Waterfall School for WitchCraft and Magusry. I assume you know what witchcraft is so we'll move along to the Magusry part. A Magus is a more powerful Mage. There are seven levels of Magic. Level One: Muggles, who have very little magic. Level Two: Squibs, More magic than Muggles, way less than Level Threes: Witches and Wizards, I think you know how powerful they are. Level Four: Sorcerers, Your Dumbledore and Voldemort are at this level of strength, but fortunately can not get any stronger. Level Five: Enchanters and Enchantresses, Much stronger than Sorcerers but mainly use their powers for Healing and Holiness. Level Six: Warriors or otherwise called Knights and Ladies, they're the army, the fighters. And last but not least Level Seven: Mages, the strongest known. The Magus are the strongest Mages around. There is a Council Of Seven where the Strongest of the Strong are. They run the Government. There are always Seven members to honour the Seven Levels of Magic. If someone more powerful comes along, they measure his power and kick the weakest member off and number you."


"Yes, Number One is the strongest and leader of the Council while Number Seven is the weakest and has the least influence. Your power is your rank, and your rank is your power."

"What if a new magus is ranked a Four?"

"Then Seven gets kicked off, the previous number Four becomes Five, Five becomes Six and Six becomes Seven."

"I see"

"Anyway. You are a Mage. All Mages are awakened at their Sixteenth Birthday. We's like you to come to school with us."

"But what about Hogwarts?"

" Time is different here a GCW. Every month out there is two years in here. All you have to do is tell your Aunt and Uncle that you'll be gone the rest of the summer and will get to the train by yourself. You only need four years of schooling unless you fail, which I highly doubt from you. The last year you can spend traveling Europe, Asia, America, whatever strikes your fancy."

"How much is it?"

"Utterly free!"

"When can I start!"

"How 'bout now. I was going to sort you tomorrow, but i might as well now. I trust Sandra brought your things with you?"


"Very Well. What Color?"

"Excuse me?"

"mages are sorted by their Element. What Element you have is on your wrist. Red is for Fire, Yellow for Air, Green for Earth, and Blue for Water. Obviously a Water Elemental goes into the Water House"

"Has anyone ever had more than one Element before?"

"Yes, but not many. Only the Magus. The strongest only can control more than one Element. The strongest Magus we have ever known in our history could control two fully and part of a third."

"Is there an order if you have one?"

"Yes, the ring closest to you is your weakest and the one toward your palm is strongest. Now which one are you?"

"What happens if you have more than one? Which House do you go to?"

"Which ever is your strongest"

"Fire then"

"Do you mean to say you have two Elements" Fairy asked shocked.


Fairy relaxed. Harry was going to enjoy this

"I have all Four"


'Oops. Wonder how long it'll take for her to wake up.'

30 minutes later:

"Wow, that took you a while, Fairy"


'how should i put this delicately? I know...'


"Let me see."

Harry pulled off his leather glove to reveal his tattoos.

"A Red Eyed Dragon!"


'hmmm, maybe i should get some coffee. maybe a book or two. Oh wait, here she comes'

"H-Harry. Do you know what that means?"

"Nope, notta clue"

"A Dragon Mark is the Symbol of a DragonRider. Mages who, well ride Dragons and are bonded to them. Red Eyes mean you're bonded to the best and strongest. An Atarrian."

"O-kay. I'm just gonna go to sleep...now."

"Oh, dear, all this must be such a huge shock. Your Main is Fire, did you say? I'll take you to the Fire Dorms"

The Fire dorms were awesome. They had a huge Common Room done in all reds, yellows, oranges, blues and any other color of fire. And his bedroom! Since there weren't many mages, everyone had their own bedroom, no room mates.

When he first saw his room, he was disapointed. A huge fluffy King sized bed in the middle and everything else was white and drab. Then Fairy told him that all he had to do was put a drop of his blood in the room and picture a painting he's want to guard his door. Harry did as he was told and pictured a forest with a panther as his guardian. Fairy explained that Harry had to give the password to his guardian then come back in and picture how he wanted the room to look and say the password and the room would change into his idea.

Harry's password was "Dog Star"

Harry decided on dark green walls with the Chinese words for Power, Honour, Courage, Cunning, Intelligence, and Loyalty on them. Then there was a strip of black on the top and bottom of his wall. The ceiling was dark blue with silver painted stars and a moon. On his entrance on the inside was a huge Phoeninx in flight and below it was a dog, a wolf, a dragon, a tiger, and a serpant. His bed now had green and black hangings. All in all, Harry was in Heaven.

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