Of Panthers, Dragons and Tigers

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Chapter Three: Blocks and Pure Blood

"We can turn into dragons, and Draco's a dragon..." Harry added on.

"And we can turn into panthers... plus, oh! All three of us have a snake like form and one related to the phoenix! How weird!" Ginny exclaimed as they left the classroom, too far gone to hear the person behind them, who had been listening since they walked into the cafeteria.

"No weird, my dear Virginia. Fate," the voice whispered, before melting into shadows.

"Uhh, did you guys just hear..." Draco asked nervously

"Nope!" Ginny and Harry answered obliviously. The three of them started walking down the corridor when Harry asked them what happened that made them decide to go out.

"Why, Potter?" Draco asked snidely before receiving Ginny's elbow into his gut, "Ow. Jeeze, abusive much?"

"Don't listen to him. We only started dating last year on June 7th. The Sunday after the Ministry attack. While you and 'Mione were taking Umbitch to the forest, Draco took me out to the closet to "interrogate" me while his thugs watched the others. We were yelling at each other and one thing led to another and the next thing I know he's got his knee between my legs holding me a foot off the ground and we're making out like crazy." Ginny stated.

"Thanks for the visual," Harry said looking a little green.

"You okay, Potter? You're looking a bit peaky," Draco smirked.

"Sorry, Harry. Anyway, we pretty much avoided each other for a few days, but we just kept running into each other-"

"I still say you were stalking me" Draco interrupted

"You wish. Anyway, I finally got sick of it and pulled him into an old classroom after Potions class. We talked-"

"AKA yelled" Malfoy interrupted again

"Shut up! Anyway! We ended up kissing yet again and well, we just decided to start dating secretly. And from there led here." Ginny finished.

"How...romantic" Harry laughed.

"Stuff it, Potter!" Draco yelled shoving the corner of Harry's shoulder.

"Make me, Malfoy!" Harry yelled back shoving Draco by both shoulders.

"Guys! You promised me, remember?" Ginny yelled pushing them apart


"Guys, can't you please try and get along?" Ginny pleaded, making puppy dog eyes. They were in the cafeteria with all their food, discussing.

"It's not that simple, Luv. We're talking about years of-" Draco started

"Hatred and need for complete and utter-" Harry continued

"Humiliation. And what if someone saw us being-"

"Nice to each other! It would be disastrous!"

"A) Creepy. B) Who would know? We're the only Hogwarts people here! And it's not like I'm asking you to marry each other. Just get along. No fighting or hexing or potions in each others drinks" Ginny cried out desperately," For me! As my surgate brother,"She glanced at Harry beggingly, "and as my boyfriend," Draco received the look this time," I love you both. All I'm asking for is patience with each other!"

Draco sighed but one look at his love's face had him agreeing.

Harry followed suit as well, heart swelling that Ginny thought of him as her brother.

Ginny stood up and crossed the room to dump her tray. While she was gone Draco took the time to finish talking to Harry.

"I still hate you, Potter"

"Likewise, Malfoy"

Ginny came back and promptly said, "I want you both to say one nice thing about eachother before we go."

They looked at each other and came to the mutual decision that Harry would go first.

"You...uhhh...have great taste in clothes" Harry gritted.

"Good job! Now you're turn Draco. Tell me one good thing about Harry."

"One good thing? Sure. One day, he'll be dead" Draco smirked.

"Draco!" Ginny screeched

"Fine. He's a good dueler"

"Thank you!" Ginny grinned before flouncing off.

"Still hating" Draco snarled.



"Sorry, pet" Draco apologized sheepishly before swinging an arm comfortably around her neck as they walked to their second animagus class of the day.

They walked in and took their seats. The teacher had them start where they left off before. Connecting with their inner animal. Ginny was the first one to be able to shape a part of her body into the animal. Her hand changed into a paw. Then Draco twenty minutes later with his forearm into a scaley dragon arm. Unfortunately Harry was still having trouble. By the end of the class, most peolpe had shaped something into their animal form.

The professor walked by and saw Harry was having trouble.

"Mr. Potter. You cannot force the animal. It takes patience. Some naturally have an affinity toward their animal and others... do not" The professor said condescendingly.

Harry growled lowly as the man walked away.

"Nobody wants constructive criticism. It's all we can do to put up with constructive praise." Draco quoted, "Mignon McLaughlin"

"Stuff it where the sun don't bleedin' shine, Malfoy" Harry snapped.

"Shush. Here let me help, Harry." Ginny switched seats with Draco to sit next to Harry and he turned to face her. She put two fingers to his temples and closed her eyes. She gently pressed her mind into his through Legilimancy. When she was fully immersed in his mind she whispered for him to find his inner animal. He went through the process like the professor taught them, but he still wasn't able to transform.

Ginny removed herself from his mind and called the professor over.

"Something is blocking his magic. Not just the animagus form but all of it. It's made him so much weaker."

The professor looked as well and gasped.

"You're right! I must consult the headmistress!"

He dismissed class and ran out the door.

Harry, Draco and Ginny were walking back to their rooms, which they had discovered earlier that day were all relatively close to each other, when Harry asked a question.

"Ginny, how did you learn Legilimency?"

They all stopped and Draco and Ginny exchanged an uncomfortable glance.

"What? What is it?"

"Harry...I'm a pureblood." Ginny said softly.


"I keep telling you, Potter. Purebloods are special." Draco drawled.

"Shut it Malfoy. The Weasleys aren't like that"

"Harry, actually, we are" Ginny replied


"The Weasleys are kind to mugglebrons, don't get me wrong, but... we're not allowed to date them or marry them or anything"


"You probably get the "Sun Among Stars" speech, right?" Draco interrupted, talking to Ginny.

"Yeah. You?"

"Moonlight" He responded.

"What are you talking about?"

"As purebloods, we learn magic earlier and more of it."


"We legally can't get a wand until we're eleven, but we have parents and brothers that we can borrow from" Draco answered,"If it wasn't for mudbloods we wouldn't have the stupid underaged restrictions anyway"

"Wait, why not?" Harry asked, interested.

"The ministry is afraid the mudbloods will be stupid enough to preform magic in front of muggles and it'll become like the Salem With Trials all over again, so they restrict everyone. Though people all know that anyone that lives in the wizarding world don't have to"

"They don't?"

"There's too much magic in a wizarding area. The ministry can't tell who set off a spell" Ginny explained.

"And the sun among stars and moonlight thing?"

"It's just a pureblood lecture" Ginny waved off nervously.

There was an awkward silence before...

"Well?" Harry asked impatiently

"Basically they're stories about how muggleborns are fine, but stay a pureblood because we're better than they are. Purebloods are the sun among muggleborn stars or Purebloods are the moonlight that guide the "filthy" muggleborn's way into the wizarding world." Ginny summarized,"I don't think Ron was listening if Hermione is any indication though. Mum and Dad'll have to have a talk with him"

"But my mom-"

"Was really of the Karr line. A squib line. You're technically a pureblood as well." Draco admitted grudgingly.

"You just need to learn everything!" Ginny said perkily as they walked on

"You knew that she was a pureblood?" Harry asked, confused

"All the higher up wizards did. We're required to know all 42 pureblood lines" Ginny answered.

"I..need...I need to think. Bye guys" Harry muttered, walking into his room

"I feel bad for him" Ginny murmurred

"I don't," Draco grinned before taking her into a passionate embrace. His lips moved over hers passionately.

"I love you" he whispered in her ear.

"I love you too" she smiled before they seperated into different rooms.