Title: Lurid Dreams

Author: xScott23x

Disclaimer: I don't own anything that involves OTH. Although, heh… I wish I did own James Lafferty.

Description: -Naley---AU- It's basketball season once again. Now Nathan has more then just Lucas to worry about. He's got another star trying to hog his spot light. It's not just the fact that it's a girl, but it's Haley James… his rival next door neighbor.

Author's Note: Thanks for all the great reviews. I hope my story is going in the direction that you guys like. I have a lot in store for this fan fiction. There will be lots of Naley SOON, unlike my last one. I'm not holding back till the last chapters for this one. Also, I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in like forever. I've had such a hard time with SoL's, Softball, Exams, Homework that it's been nearly impossible to actually get on and update.

- Chapter Two -
She Wants To Hear She's Beautiful

"Over just a little… that's right", Taylor said.

Nathan gave her a low glare, "Taylor… make up your mind… I have a game in two hours", he sighed.

Nathan glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was already 4:00 and his game would be starting at six on the dot.

"Be quiet, the talent show is on", she told him.

Nathan just rolled his eyes and set the prop down and looked at her. "Now what?", he asked her.

Taylor smirked at him as she took a few steps toward him. It was now time to lay on the plan. She took a deep breath before she glanced at him again. "Come here", she said.

Nathan did as he was told and took a few steps toward her. "What?", he asked before he was suddenly shocked by the soft lips that had captivated his own in a deep kiss…..

The moments flew by like clockwork and it was time for the last act on the talent show to walk off the stage.

Haley, being the stage manager put the clipboard down to the clap for them. She walked over to the curtain ropes, just as people were getting out of their seats to leave and gave a yank.

Nathan's head shot toward the front as he heard a great roar of laughter. He was only visible to the audience but not for long. Haley smirked as she gave another yank on the rope and now Taylor was standing there in the buff.

The two of them scrambled to get out of view. Nathan did the only thing he could think to do and that was to wrap him self up in the curtain until everyone had left.

Haley smirked as she walked backstage and shook her head at the two as they put on their last articles of cloths. "Payback's a bitch", was all she said as she left the two standing there in awe.

Just as Nathan finally got a grasp on what had just happened he pulled his shirt over his head and shorts up on his hips and went after. "What the hell? Payback for what?", he asked her.

"For being you", Haley said as she turned around and glared at him. "Open your eyes", she told him. "You walk around this school like you own it and everyone is beneath you", she said.

"Well they are..", he glowered bluntly and crossed his arms over his chest.

"See…", she shook her head and started walking off before she turned back around. "You need to change, Nathan", she told him. "You'll never make it in the world with that messed up attitude", she said as she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.

Nathan just glared back at her, "Well look at you, perfect princess!", he yelled. "You're a bitch and you walk around the school like everyone has stepped on your toes", he told her.

"I do not !", she said. "You see that, you only see what you want to see", she told him. "You're so sheltered by daddy's money", she sighed.

Nathan raised his eye brows, "My dad's money?", he laughed. "I'm not the only one who lives on the rich side of town", he pointed out.

Haley looked at him, "Don't even go there, you don't know what my home life is like", she told him. "Everyone knows about yours, you broadcast it daily", she told him.

There would be no winner in the fight and Nathan knew that. He had a game in less then fourty five minuets and he was in no mood to deal with his. He just cast her one last glare before he turned his back on her and left toward the gymnasium.

"Where the hell have you been", boomed Haley's father's voice as she tried her best to quietly shut the door.

"I was at the game", she sighed.

"Don't give me that", he glared at her as he walked into the living room to see her on her way up the stairs. "Haul ass right back down those stairs", he told her.

Haley closed her eyes for a few seconds and then turned around. She looked at her father and swallowed.

Little did Haley know that just out side was her own sister along with Nathan Scott. The two had been planning a little revenge on their own. Since Taylor was basically on her own her father never really gave her a hard time. As the two of them gazed into the window, they watched as the scene began.

Haley crossed her arms over her chest and tried not to look up at him but when he grabbed her by the chin not only did it make her jump but it sent chills down Nathan's spin.

Nathan looked to Taylor, "Is that your dad he asked her.

Taylor turned her head to him and bit her lip softly. "Sorta… okay so yeah… but", she couldn't explain. How could she? Her father had never treated her that way or even her other sisters.

Nathan's gaze turned back just in time to see Mr. James strike Haley across the face. He watched in horror as Haley ran up the stairs, her eyes tear stained and her hand clutching her cheek.

Nathan swallowed before he looked back at Taylor. "Maybe I should go", he said.

Taylor stared at him, "I can't believe this", she shook her head. "Nathan Scott is chickening out?", she asked him.

"I'm not chickening out", he hissed with a dead glare.

Taylor pushed the video camera in his hand. "Then do it", she told him.

Nathan pushed it back to her, "No… I'll do it some other night", he glared and stood up from his crouched position in the bushes.

Taylor glared at him as she too stood up and shook her head. "I'll do it myself", she sighed before she started walking off in the other direction.

Nathan grabbed her by the arm. "Taylor… don't", he said. Nathan was trying his hardest not to make it sound like he was giving Haley a brake. In his mind he had pieced the puzzle together of why Haley was always a bitch toward most of the guys she'd come in contact with minus his 'oh great and kind' brother.

Taylor gave a harsh sigh and shook her head. "You are so confusing", she sighed again.

Nathan ignored her comment and crossed his arms over his chest. He could hear the voices of the James' in the house so he lowered his voice down to a whisper. "Are you gonna be at the school tomorrow?", he asked her.

Taylor shook her head, "No", she told him. "I was only there today to help with 'Haley's revenge'", she said as she rolled her eyes again and looked at him. Taylor started walking toward the door and turned back to Nathan. "Nathan…", she started. "whatever… just don't hurt her", she said.

Nathan looked at her confused, "What the hell?", he asked her.

Taylor just smirked. "You know exactly what I mean", she said. "Think about it, Scott", she said before she fully turned around and disappeared into the dim house.

Haley woke up the next morning a little later then she expected. As she scrambled to get ready and make it to school in time she barley made it for her morning tutor session with a new tutoree.

"Sorry sorry sorry", she apologized as she walked in and put her books down on the table. As the guy put the newspaper down on the table, Haley looked into the eyes of the one and only Nathan Scott. "Everyone makes mistakes", he said simply.

Haley's gaze turned into a glare, "what are you doing here?", she asked him. "I have a tutoring session now, I don't need you here", she told him.

Nathan looked at her and snorted. "Yes you do, your tutoring me", he told her.

Haley looked at him, "Why? Doesn't daddy more-bucks by your grades anyway?", she asked him in none the less of a smart ass tone.

Nathan shot her a glare, "No", he protested. "I'm failing algebra", he told her.

Haley looked at him, "I'm sorry… I won't", she told him.

Nathan gave her a weird look. Who in their right mind would ever turn Nathan Scott down? Who would ever so no to a man of his power? Haley James.

"Why?", he asked her, highly annoyed already.

Haley took a deep breath and looked at him and counted them off on her fingers as she went. "Lets see… you're a jackass, you're Lucas' evil brother, you're a prick, you're a jack ass, oh and did I mention you're a prick?", she smirked.

Nathan sighed, "Look… Haley I'm being serious", he told her. Nathan was being serious but he figured it would take forever and a day to convince her.

On the truthful side, Nathan wasn't exactly failing any classes. He was doing pretty well, actually. Ever since the night before, he'd had a gut feeling that there was more to Haley Scott.

Haley stared at him and for a moment it seemed as if he were being sincere. She averted her eyes from his and ran her hand through hair. "Alright…", she gave in.

Next Chapter:
Tutor Time; One on One; Haley for the Win; Meeting Daddy; First Date….