Author's Note:

Hi guys,

It's been awhile. A LONG while actually. But though the years have slipped by, I've never lost my fondness for this story. Essentially, it got me writing on a serious level, and for that I will always love it, and that addictive game that started it all. (I'll never be more grateful that Bioware crapped out on the ending, prompting me to write a new one.) ;)

But a large part of what made the experience so awesome was you guys, my readers. All I have to do is read the reviews or the PMs and I'm touched all over again by how amazing you all were to me in supporting this work.

Since I quit fanfiction, many of you have asked me if I still write and the answer is yes. I now write romance novels under the name Emma Scott. I've self published two so far out of planned series of at least ten, (I never could take my hands off the keyboard as the word count of Res will testify) and you can find them all on Amazon.

I figured this was the best way to update fans, and yes, it may seem like a shameless marketing ploy *coughcough* but my first book is free for all, so no harm, no foul right?

On a more pertinent-to-Resolutions note, I've been working on morphing it from a Star Wars fan fic into an original nautical fantasy. A ton will have been changed, of course, but you'll still recognize some of the scenes and characters, especially since Res is comprised of many original creations in the first place. My FB page for that forthcoming book is J.B. Ripley so you can keep updated there on when that should be available. Hopefully sometime within the next year.

Thanks again for everything, and happy reading!