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Chapter One: An unknown scientist

In an unknown ship's cockpit, viewing the Starship Phoenix from a safe distance, an unknown, insane scientist was pacing back and fort, talking to himself.

The scientist was wearing a dark green jumpsuit. He looked exactly like Dr. Nefarious' organic form, but with a small patch of hair exactly on top of his pointy head, a bit shorter, different clothes and a deeper voice when heard.

"How could my stepbrother fail? How could he loose to a lombax, a tiny robot and that butt-chinned moron Captain Qwark?" he asked himself.

Raising his fists in anger, he yelled, "How, how, HOW?" and smashed his fists on the controls in a powerful rage. "Ouch!" he yelled. "Albert!"

"Yes, sir?" came a voice from another room.

"Albert, come. I need some ice for my hand!" the scientist bellowed.

A small blarg came into the room with and ice bag. He was wearing a butler's uniform.

"Evil rants again, sir?" he asked.

The scientist, massaging his hand with the ice, said, "Oh Albert, I still can't get over the fact that Vince couldn't beat the squishies."


"Nefarious' first name."

"Oh. I never heard his first name before."

"Anyway, his plan was brilliant. He took every precaution and yet, he still lost the battle to destroy all the squishies."

"Aren't we 'squishies', sir?"

The scientist didn't answer. What Albert had said made him think.

"Sir?" asked Albert.

"Quiet Albert, I'm thinking."

"Oh, sor--"


After a minute of silence, the scientist stood up and yelled, "I've got it!"

The sudden yell made Albert fall backwards. "Got what, sir?" he asked.

"No time to explain," the scientist said, grabbing the ship's controls.

"Where are we going, sir?"

"To Planet Aridia! I'm going to finish what my stepbrother started."

The ship then zoomed into space, leaving nothing but a blue light behind.

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