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Character request


Insomniac characters

James Arnold Taylor as Ratchet

David Kaye as Clank

Armin Shimerman as Dr. Nefarious

Michael Bell as Lawrence

Leslie Carrara as Sasha

Chris Hatfield as Al

Mona Marshall as Helga

Jim Ward as Captain Qwark

Neil Flynn as Skidd McMarxx

Melissa Disney as Courtney Gears

James Horan as Slim Cognito

Jim Ward as Skrunch

Michael Bell as Comic Narrator

Sylvia Amerito as Darla Gratch

Neil Flynn as plumber

Chad Einbinder as Mr. M

Julianne Buescher as Help Desk Girl

Steven Jay Blum as Thug Leader

Kath Soucie as Angela Cross

Jim Ward as Abercrombie Fizzwidget

Lindsay Schnebly as the President

David Kaye as clerk

Jim Ward as Scorpio

Chris Hatfield as Soap Actor Lance

Melissa Disney Soap Actress Janice

Michael Hatfield and Chris Bell as the rangers

Steven Jay Blum as Gary

Mona Marshall as Helen

Dee Bradley Baker as Tyhrranoid Momma

Original characters

Ron Perlman as Dr. Heinous

Alastair Duncan as Albert Boltyworth

Greg Cipes as Raxamis

Dee Bradley Baker as Sandy

Colin Murdock as Ed

Ian James Corlett as Will

Kath Soucie as Jane

Dwight Schultz as Agent J

Charles Adler (I) as Mr. Krinkle

Jack Nicholson as Bob

Jesse Corti as Commissioner David

Steven Jay Blum as the Lieutenant

Kath Soucie as Holostar Studios secretary

Will Friedle as Pincer

Alvin Sanders as additional characters

The reviewers

(Without them, this fic would be nothing)



Catalyst of MSAD51 (also known as 'Andrew Snyder')

Lady Illu


Delta-62 Scorch

Mr. Grae

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Special thanks to…

Insomniac Games for creating such an amazing videogame

FanFiction for providing a place to write

Rynobuster for giving this story its first review

Ganheim for correcting the mistakes in Chapter One

Gamer619 for giving this story its one hundredth review (he was Michael Liu that time)

Sarge11 for correcting that embarrassing mistake in Chapter Twenty-one

captain deoxys for suggesting the protopet

SLYFOXX for creating Raxamis

Gruntzilla for giving me the idea of Agent J

Black Rosettes for indirectly giving the idea of Sandy enveloping Raxamis' head in her mouth

And, of course, myself

Character request

It is I, Mr. D 91, asking for help………………… manly of me.

Anyway, I need some help for the sequel I'm planning.

Please review this story, or send a personal message.

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REASON FOR COMING TO SOLANA: (Only answer this if the guy's not from Solana)
CLOTHING: (Again optional………………………… What? It could be a robot! Sheesh…..)
SHIP: (Optional, but if there is a ship, then describe it)
ETC: (Make up a history or something. Include miscellaneous stuff I didn't ask for, ramble your intestines off………)

Before subjecting an original character, please note the following:

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2. You can submit more than one. But--if you are going to review--keep in mind that FanFiction gives reviews a limit.

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4. Do not rush me to bring the character in. I'm the author; I decide.

5. Your character might die, your character might be a villain, your character might team up with someone you hate, your character might get castrated. Deal with it.

6. Make sense please. I know this is fiction (hence the website), but everything has its limits. Don't make the person/thing/people/things godlike.

7. I can link your character to another you have made (friend/lover/relative/enemy/etc.).

8. Do not make this character one of the experiments. You know nothing about them.

9. Think this dude/dudette over carefully. No one's rushing you.

10. You might be reading this fic several months/years after I completed it. Visit my profile before attempting. If I'll be taking no more, then I'll place a note, saying so. The not will be removed when the sequel is complete.

Once all those terms are met, be aware that the sequel won't start until I have thought everything out, and until I have a descent amount of characters.


The votes have been counted. It appears that more people want RatchetSasha. Disappointed that I didn't give you any? Y'know, there IS gonna be a sequel.

Chapter Five wasn't just for the sake of getting reviews, man.


The scientist approached the microphone and said, in a plain voice, "Dr. Heinous."

Suddenly another compartment opened from the ceiling and a robotic arm came out and pointed a Devastator at Albert.

Heinous' organic lips parted to speak--


The Devastator missile flew and--


--blew Albert to smithereens.

Heinous starred at the remains. He muttered, "Should have worked the bugs out of that thing."


In front of several wide-eyed people, Nefarious hung…struggling with his alter ego.

"Y'know what, Mr. Nice?"




"You suck."


"Hehehe. Love you too."


"I hate you."


"Awwwwww! You're just saying that, cuz you really love me."


"I like you as much as I like squishies!"


"How cute, a monkey!"

Skrunch waved nervously.


"Don't change the subject, you pansy!"


"Did you just call me a flower? I love flowers!"


"Oh, go bite on an ameoboid's ass."


"Hooray! We can do it together!"



And everyone continued staring.


"There we go," Agent J said as a Vaporizer electronically materialized in his hands.

He flattened himself, being protected from the cold snow by his armour. He crawled to the edge of the roof…on an extended piece of ice, and took aim. The back of Ratchet's helmet was visible. The assassin smirked.

"Say 'cheese', you mangy marsupial."

His finger tightened around the trigger, and--



Ratchet's head exploded, showering blood all over the snow.


On Planet Aquatos, Ratchet, Clank, Raxamis and Albert starred at Slim's person.

In front of them stood the biggest piece of dairy ever imaginable. A giant piece of cheese, holes and all. Two stick-like, black legs supported the yellow food. The top part bent upwards to make space for two bulbous eyes.

"H-Hi," Slim the cheese said.

Everyone starred.

"Great," Albert placed a palm over his 'heart', "just what I need: More cholesterol."


Agent J sat in a rowboat. He put the oars down and searched in his Storage Watch for a descent weapon.


He found one.

"Bingo," the thug smirked.

He had equipped the Vaporizer again.

He flattened himself against the wood and popped his head and weapon over the edge.

The side of Ratchet's face was visible.

Agent J tongued his cheek.

"You won't get away this time, you slippery, little marsupial."

His green finger tightened around the trigger, and--



Ratchet's head exploded, showering blood all over the floor.



Missiles flew.

Some hit Clank, damaging him a little. The giant robot jumped up high.


During his decent, he shot missiles of his own.

Just like Clank, Sandy was hit a few times. The gargantuan, robotic sand shark jumped backwards over a few buildings.

Clank landed in front of her and decided to hit her with his own fists. Sandy did the same.

They locked claws and strained to over power.

A beat.


They both looked, including Ratchet and Nefarious.

An enormous dinosaur was standing on top of a building. She starred over the two robots.


Everyone looked.


A giant, black turtle had just finished destroying two buildings. The behemoth let out another roar, and charged.


The dinosaur did the same.


They were seeing right through Sandy and Clank, who stepped aside to allow their fight.

When they collided, they let out roars and bit/scratched/punched/kicked/swiped/pawed at one another.

Everyone else starred.

"Cool!" Raxamis' voice boomed from inside Sandy. "Godzilla and Gamera! Absolutely aces!"

"Shut up, Raxamis….," Heinous' voice muttered.


Agent J finished the last Choochi Bar. He tossed it over his shoulder and--yes--missed for the fifth time. He belched and lightly fisted his chest.

He equipped a Vaporizer and took aim.


The hotel was directly in front of the building he was on. Ratchet's head was visible and distinguishable.

He tongued his right cheek.

"Ya won't get away this time, ya rodent."

He pulled the trigger and--



Ratchet's head exploded, showering blood all over the balcony.


Inside the collector ship, Slim and the Thug Leader talked.

"If you want my opinion," Slim began, "I'd say bull."

"You've said it about four times tonight," the glowing Leader droned, his eye twitching.

"But that's just it! Ace Hardlight is just dead. He disappeared years ago! Not even I know where he is!"

"Oh really? Just wait for a year to pass."

"What'll happen?"

"Ratchet and Clank will get abducted and will be forced to compete in an underground reality show called 'Dreadzone'."

"I'm with you."

"They'll have to fight several different opponents, including Ace Hardlight himself."

"I thought that guy was dead," Slim looked sceptically.

The Leader sighed, "All will be reviled in Deadlocked."


"Just give it some time. Clank will no longer be used. A lot the platformer elements will be removed."


"Now that that's done, do you think that Crash has been going on for too long?"

"Well, not really. It wouldn't be sucking so badly if Naughty Dog didn't give the game away."

"That always happens when a game is given away to another company."

"Yup. Ever hear of Spyro the Dragon?"

"In my opinion, the best game was 'Year of the Dragon'."

"I'll say."

"Insomniac gave it away for Ratchet and Clank."

"Pffft! This isn't a game!"

"If you say so, E5."

"And what about Mario? That plumber's been at it for years."

"Nintendo characters are of no concern to me……."


"Which brings me to the Xbox 360."

"Ahhhh," Slim smirked. "Quite a console, eh?"

"Then there's the PS3."


"And the N-Gage."

Slim gasped….then frowned, "Don't you even mention that!.!.!.!"

"I feel your hate for it. It's worse than Experiment 6."

"Can we talk about something else?"

"Certainly. Have you noticed how farfetched Xiaolin Showdown has become?"

"Tell me about it," Slim rolled his eyes. "Some of the new Shen Gong Wu are just plain stupid!"



Skrunch hang onto Qwark's left shoulder as the superhero pounded robotic ninjas in the Courtney-music-video-remake-arena.

Qwark punched forward.


The ninja was pushed off the arena.

Skrunch had also been launched from the force. He pulled on Qwark's antenna and was sprung back to the left shoulder.


Six ninjas appeared suddenly, equipped with laser swords.

Qwark growled, and………………………….something supernatural happened.

The superhero hunched over and breathed heavily. Purple sparks shot out from nowhere. His skin changed to grey-purple. Horns sprouted from his head, tearing holes in the suit. Like his suddenly sharpened teeth, he grew claws. Thick black claws that--like the horns--ripped holes in the costume. He shook as his eyes deepened and were soon replaced with mad solid-black optics. He finally stopped, and starred, purple sparks dancing around his body.

The ninjas were frozen. Possibly fear?

Skrunch wasn't afraid. In fact, he was leaning over Qwark's shoulder with a hiss.


"Uuuuhhh, Uncle?"

"I see him, Raxamis……"

"Should we do something?"

"I don't know--"

"Raaaaaaaaah!" SWOOOOSH!

In just one second, Dark Qwark lunged forward and sliced a ninja in five separate peaces.


It fell apart.

The other ninjas starred.

Dark Qwark growled, jumped, and came down with a fist….creating a powerful purple wave.




I've spent since May on this thing. It was planned from the beginning………..minus the few ideas I put in curtsey of reviewers.

I was supposed to finish by the end of Summer, but I was busy then.

So, is there a sequel coming? The reviewers decide on that. I'm not talking about a 'yes' or a 'no'; I'm talking about characters! The more the merrier. Yes, I'll require them if anyone wants to find out who and what the other experiments are.

Please note that Deadlocked never happened, so I'll include Starshield.

The story might drift away from the subject, but it'll get to the point….eventually.

Just don't rush me to get to the point or anything, m'kay? I'll think hard. If I need help in plotlines, I'll speak to a selected reviewer personally.

As for a name to the sequel, I really haven't a clue. I was thinking of Six as a title. I'm working on it, dude.

I'm gonna take a long break now.

One more thing: the sequel mightn't be the next fanfic I publish. I have others in mind.

-Mr. D 91