Chase sat on his bed he was thinking of Zoey again , he really liked her, at times he just wanted to reach out and kiss her but he resisted his urge and made up any excuse just to look at her. He couldn't take it anymore so he decided to go over to Zoey's dorm and tell her how he felt. He passed by all the girls in their dorms until he reached 101 Zoey's dorm, who she shared with Nicole and Dana. he knocked on the door, Dana answered 'hi' she said in a more polite tone than usual ' wanna come in', 'no I just want to talk to Zoey' he said to Dana, Dana smiled at him 'Zoe lover boy wants you' Chase gave her a glare but said nothing , Zoey made her way out to the door 'hey what do you want to talk to me about' she asked with her usual upbeat tone, 'can we talk outside' Chase asked Zoey who could tell something was up by the tone in his voice, 'erm yeah sure' she shut the door behind her as Chase walked beside her nervously, they walked outside into the cool night air, since it was a Friday they were allowed outside for as long as they wanted and were allowed to stay in mixed gender dorms , 'so what did you want to talk to me about' asked Zoey , Chase began to speak 'Zoey' he started but he couldn't get anymore words out because he was so nervous about telling her, ' what is it' she asked 'I can't tell you, but there is something I can do to show you' Zoey looked at him 'ok sure' he leaned in closer to Zoey and kissed her on the lips, Chase broke away, ' I am so sorry' Zoey looked at him with a smile and kissed him back ' wow' Chase said 'so does this mean, were going out' he looked at her for an answer, 'I hope so' Zoey said 'so wanna stay in my dorm, Logan is staying at Michaels house, they decided to go home for the weekend' Chase looked at Zoey who grinned ' are you thinking what I think you're thinking mr Mathews' Chase looked at her with a smile 'what a guy has urges you know' Zoey gave him a you're totally weird look and began walking to Chases dorm. When they got to his dorm Chase began kissing Zoey passionately on the lips , Zoey returned the kiss . When they broke apart Chase began speaking 'I love you Zoey' he said to her with passion in his eyes. Zoey looked at him ' you wanna do it don't you' said Zoey , Chase looked at her 'am I that obvious' Zoey looked down at his pants and pointed 'yup you are' , 'oh that never happened before' Zoey smiled 'I bet it didn't' she said seductively, 'Zoey what are you doing' Chase asked Zoey who was now unbuttoning his tight pants, 'Zoey please no', 'no what' she said in an even more seductive voice, 'please isn't gonna work is it' Chase asked Zoey , by this stage Chases pants were off and she was beginning on his boxers, 'no it isn't' she said and looked at him with seductive eyes , 'now where do you keep your stash of condoms' Chase looked at her and then thought after a couple of minutes of thinking which Zoey got herself undressed ' I don't have any but I think Logan has a box in his pillow case' Zoey got up off Chases bed which was the only not-bunk in the room and headed over to Logan's bottom bunk bed and pulled out a box of condom's from where Chase had told her to look, Zoey went back over to Chase's bed and slipped the condom over his now extremely erect penis and lay on top of him, three simple words were all she had to utter 'I love you' and Chase was pushing his way inside her, they made love for ages and when they were worn out Zoey lay on Chases bare chest and fell asleep.