Ill-gotten Memories

This is my first fanfiction submission. I hope to hear from all who have read it. The first two chaptyrs will take you through the game's story and the parts that I have changed, but after that you enter the story of the Altered Soul. Each chaptyr will be approximately 2 pages long and easy to read.

Squaresoft owns these characters… for now! Hmwhahahahah!


Ellone moved awkwardly over the rubble, stumbling despite Laguna's steady hand. Ellone wanted to turn and run at the earsplitting explosions of Meteor, but Laguna's tranquil face gave her the courage she needed. Laguna believed that this would be the final battle, and so did she.

Elle entered the room in which the combat was set. She saw a feeble Rinoa embedded in the Sorceress of Laguna's time. She gasped and covered her mouth and tears formed in the young woman's eyes, which were new to battle. She looked to Squall. Ellone hardly could recognize his misshapen face as her own little brother's.

Squall's face was contorted by his fury as he charged at Adel with his gunblade trailing sparks. Squall launched himself at the great Adel, swinging the heavy blade to uppercut Adel. Blood was splattered everywhere as Adel went flying upwards. She out stretched her hands attempting to get some much-needed energy from Rinoa, but in mid-air Squall brought the blade to her. Again, and again, faster each time Squall ran the blade across her flesh, always very careful of Rinoa. He hit her well over a dozen times before she hit the ground.

Adel landed on her feet seeming strong, but her bravado was short-lived as she coughed up blood. Death was upon her and she shook in her helplessness whilst light emanated from her body. She quickly gave the lesser sorceress her powers and looked towards the heavens. Gradually her face flaked away into non-existence. She hunched over and Rinoa slipped out from her chest.

Rinoa turned over and shielded herself for when Adel would fall, but her whole body flaked away slowly, but surely. Rinoa felt that familiar being take her body again. She stood up listing from side to side as her spirit struggled to keep control. The being put more force into her body and Rinoa was lost again.

The shell pointed its arms out to the side, ready to do Ultimecia's bidding.

Laguna recognized that she was possessed. "Ellone now's your chance." He gave a soft tap on her back.

She closed her eyes and bowed her head in concentration. She brought her hands together and a green light surrounded her. "(…Rinoa…)" Ellone found an image of her, and different colored lights streamed from Rinoa's body: blue, pink, red. The body had nothing in it and toppled over.

Squall watched her fall, but could only stand by until the process was over.

Suddenly Ellone was assailed with other's memories. The light-bulb memories in particular stood out jagged and poignant.

Hair ripped back, pulled to turn the face upward to look at a soldier in which she closed her eyes in refusal. Tears clouding the vision and falling over the side of the face barely catching a glimpse of a sharp knife that moved inward and carved the flesh red. The blood running into the eye, turning it scarlet.

Memories of catching a breath when looking up at Squall with a smile. Some of Rinoa's memories hit Ellone twice over. The repeated images were of Rinoa, but these were faded, and others distorted. Where friends once smiled, they now sneered at this dumb girl and left her astray.

Ellone frowned and tried to figure out what this meant, but then the answer was revealed in the torrent of memories. "(Rinoa became Ultimecia!)" she cried out within herself.

"Ok, Ellone."

She was called back by a familiar voice, and dropped exploring the memories further. She had a job to do.

Just get Rinoa back." Laguna whispered, with quiet anticipation. He was tenderly animated, his eyes dancing with a never before seen ecstasy.

Ellone called Rinoa back and the blue spirit united with the body once again. She opened her eyes and observed the frail girl that lay on the floor. She batted her eyes in disbelief that she would be their enemy. She turned to Laguna for answers, though he had no idea. He patted her on the head for a job well-done.

"Ugh…" Rinoa moaned as she rose to her feet. She held her head, her gaze fixed on the floor.

"(Does she know?)" Ellone asked herself. "Of course she would know… (She must've been within—)"

The weary voice of Rinoa interrupted her thoughts, "I… was inside Adel… The young Adel…"

Ellone found herself holding her breath, and sharply exhaled.

"is the showdown, folks! Time compression is about to begin." Laguna was saying.

Ellone's mind raced. "They will meet Ultimecia, and know," she looked at the last sorceress, "(…They will know.)"

Rinoa was listening to Laguna when out of the corner of her eye she saw Ellone staring dead at her. She looked at Ellone's face and was taken aback. This was not the usually radiant Ellone staring back. This was the look of impenetrable doom. Ellone's eyes were large and liquid, and her frown cut deep into her face. What was about to happen to them?

Ellone looked away and ran off the scene with Laguna. The floor became soggy and swelled underneath their feet. There was no time to worry about the future, Rinoa decided. And they fell through the floor and time compression was on the move.


So there you have the Introduction. In the next chaptyr, you will find a different story indeed as the gang take on Ultimecia.