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In the blue-lit dormitory hallway resided a solitary figure. He rested his elbows on the concrete wall and sighed. A lot of weight had been put on this young man's shoulders and it robbed his mind of peace. He tried desperately to advert his attention to the loud noise of the crickets or the shimmering stars in the night, but his mind would not be so easily overpowered.

He brought his head down into the cross of his arms and stared off into the distance. "(Just stop thinking.)" Kaytsu begged himself.

Kay's mind ran back to when he and his mother had parted ways.

In a matter of seconds, the sorceress disappeared over the horizon. Kaytsu breathlessly fell onto his hands and knees. "MOM…!" he rasped.

The pain that ripped through his heart that day was unmatched by any other, and still resonated in his chest everyday since. Headmaster Trepe had taken little Kay under her wing, providing structure to the boy under the rigidy of military life, while, at the same time, trying to open him up about that awful day. Kay never spoke about it to anyone, and instead engrossed himself in his training. Using his father's Revolver, he quickly became one of Balamb's best fighters.

In the meantime, Sorceress Rinoa traveled the world over on her black wings. Though she had no control regarding her actions, her purpose was kept in tact. She was on a search for her husband. As the sorceress traveled through the mountains, the desert, the plains... through Galbadia, Balamb, and Timber... she obliterated every town and city making them share in her suffering. However, she retained no memory of the great disturbances she caused (Angel Wing saw to that).

Each city fell easily to Sorceress Rinoa. Even the great Esthar, who had forgotten their top-secret plan to defeat the sorceress, couldn't defend themselves against her vengeance. She quickly became the most powerful being on the planet... SeeD could do nothing to stop her.

Balamb Garden's prime directive was still to take out the sorceress, but Trepe found that they were always one step behind. Somewhere along the way, Balamb became a Red Cross of sorts, providing medical attention and various supplies to the cities left in the sorceress's wake.

Kaytsu hated this-- he hated to see the suffering and to look in their eyes and see...

His mother was gone, he came to realize.

Trepe was also dissatisfied with arriving moments too late, but in this way, she was able to collect some good news. Slowly but surely the sorceress's energy was decreasing. Angel Wing was soon to wear off. Rinoa would become conscious, and Trepe knew that Rinoa wouldn't want to bring harm to the world.

She would send in someone Rinoa would recognize. She would send in...

"Kaytsu...?" called a familiar voice.

Kay raised his head from the folds of his jacket just enough for a quick glimpse at the well-known face, then hid his face once again. "Hi, Azure…" was his muffled response.

The young woman walked over to the sullen character and claimed the wall beside him, pushing her back up against it. He faced one way, she the other. Azure looked over in dismay. Was her presence inconsequential? "……" She sighed and looked frontward across the yard, not knowing quite what to say. "……She sure has put a lot on your shoulders…"

Kaytsu nodded.

There was a silence before Azure spoke again. "…It's not going to be easy."

Kaytsu's rose heatedly and peered downward at Azure with smoldering, gray eyes. "To destroy the sorceress? No, there is much ease in killing those who would wander the world, aimlessly annihilating each and every city! How could you think otherwise?"

Azure stood there, aghast at his merciless words. Azure stood with her mouth slightly agape, hardly knowing what to say. After a moment of silence, she looked back into those alluring eyes, searching for some compassion, crying, "She's your mother…!"

"She is not my mother! Every time I awake to a new ruin, I know this. My mother, my real mother… she would never harm a single creature." His eyes danced a bit and he turned away from her. "No… she died… long ago. Victim of the sorceress."

The chirp of the crickets was completely inaudible to the pair, even in their silence. The young woman reached up for Kaytsu's face and rotated his to meet hers. There was so much emotion in her expression and so many words at the edge of her throat that they wouldn't escape. The only thing she could do was draw him in closer. In the end, the warmth of her lips seemed to express more sympathy and understanding than any ordinary words could have. A simple kiss was followed by a more involving one as Kay pressed her body firmly to his.


The sorceress's waning power permitted recollections of the promise to reach Rinoa's possessed state. Slowly she drifted over to Edea's house.

There, in the field, she fell to her hands and knees. Her blackened wings quietly retreated into her back. Tears streamed from Rinoa's eyes as she sobbed from under her ashen tresses.

All at once, she cried out, "Squall, where are you!"

Unexpectedly, the grass crunched behind her. Rinoa turned her gray head. The horizon was lined with SeeDs, Balamb Garden hovering in the background. Out of the far corners of her eye, Rinoa made out a figure holding a… gunblade? She promptly turned herself around in the grass almost seeming to have some vitality left. She strained her neck to look upwards at the tall figure. It was…

"Squall…" she sighed lightly. Though she could see her love standing there above her, the immortal's spirit was eternally damaged, and she pleaded for him to take her life. "Please… end this. I can't go on like this…" Rinoa gradually bowed her head, obscuring her view with her long locks. "Please…"

Kaytsu's eyes twinkled in his pain as he brought the gunblade high over his head. Tears began to roll down his face, gathering at his chin as he affirmed, "…I'll… take care of you, mom."

Time all but froze as Rinoa looked up at her boy. "(Kaytsu? It can't be… He's only a little boy. He should be at home, where I left him. …Kaytsu? Nooo! He is Kay! He's a… SeeD? It can't be! Why! All I wanted… is for you and your father to stay out of SeeD! I hate SeeD! I hate SeeD!)"

Suddenly, the earth was ripped up in a bright, white light…


Black feathers ran past her tormented face. Her facial features sagged when she discovered that she was suddenly alone. She pushed herself up off the clay earth and looked over the area. The sky overhead was blackened with sinister clouds, and the land was barren. Seeing Balamb Garden overturned in the distance was the only indicator that she was still at Edea's.

She looked at the spot where Kaytsu once stood. Seeing nothing she spun on heal until she fell. "Kaytsu!" she screamed as she clutched a fistful of clay.

Swiftly a shadow ascended behind the young sorceress, encompassing her in its enormity. Rinoa inhaled sharply and for fear of the devil himself, she quickly rolled to face this unknown.

The beast drew in jagged breathes through its yawning mouth as it stared upon her with yellow eyes. There was much to feed on here… The black lion's posture was worsened as it hunched closer to Rinoa. She backed away fearfully on all fours, as he readied a strong backhand. He gently fanned his mighty paw in the air in front of her, and stole away her fear and grief.

Then the creature indulged her delusions and ensuring their reality, and, speaking both to and through Rinoa, groaned, "It is not my fault. It was SeeD that condemned Kaytsu to death."

It was Griever, she finally discerned… She put out her hand, and the gentle lion helped her to her feet. Her mind was then occupied on getting the hell off the land in which her son was slain. She took to the air and swore never to touch the land again. It was there in the sky, then, that she presided over her promised land anticipating her knight's return. It was there that she compassionately restricted herself and her uncontrollable fury from the outside world as she patiently waited... And it was there that, at her most desperate hour, Junction Machine Ellone was due to arrive aboard the Deep Sea Research Center…

The rest is history.



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