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Chapter One: The Rescue

Kairi's POV

Why there was discrimination in the world, I'd never know. Why we could never have a say in what we believed, that I never quite understood either. All I knew was we would always follow the footsteps of what others, specifically high status people, believed.

My family was those people who considered that we should always have a say in what we conceived. My family: My mother, I, and specifically my father.

But now our judgment became one percent thinner. My father was gone, or will be anyways. Today was the day, the day he would be executed just because he opposed royalty.

Today was also the day I would risk my life to save him.

It wasn't fair to see him die like this. He would be killed in front of thousands of people, kings, queens, princes, princesses, peasants and most importantly, me. He would be killed in front of my eyes if my plan failed.

I knew this was a dangerous risk to take, but I also couldn't stand here doing nothing, knowing that he was going to die. There was an advantage and a disadvantage. My advantage was that if I succeed, my father would be free, but if I fail, then both my father and I would die.

My fists tightened. No, I thought, I will not let my plan fail. I won't let my father die, I won't disappoint my mother, I won't disappoint myself.

Hurrying into my room, I quickly changed into the clothes I needed to wear to cover up my identity.

I covered my mouth with a black piece of cloth and wore a long black robe that was easy to move in, and then I tied a bandana around my head and brushed away the bangs that hid my eyes.

"I'm coming, father." I thought. Grabbing some essential things that I would need, I took one last look at myself in the mirror and went out the door.


After getting everything ready, I quietly went into my mother's room and left a note beside her bed. I read it over.


Today is father's execution date. I cannot see him die like this, I cannot be here feeling useless and disappointed of myself. He has taught me many things; I feel that I owe him for what he has done.

Mother, you must understand that I'm doing this for our family, I know it's a dangerous risk, but I can't stand it anymore. I can't stand the fact that you're crying every night for him and I feel so bad because I can't do anything to help, sometimes, I feel like crying with you.

You've always told me to be strong, and now I'm taking your word for it. I will try my best to save him, mother, but if I don't, I want you to be strong too. Don't cry anymore, father and I don't like it when you cry.

The sun is almost rising, which means I have to go. Again, you have to understand that the risk I'm taking isn't easy.

If father or I doesn't come back within three days, that means my plan has failed.

Lastly, I want you to know that father and I both love you more than anything.

Your daughter,


I sighed heavily and watched my mother's sleeping form from my spot. She looked so peaceful yet so saddened. Will my departure sadden her even more? I sniffed; there was no time to think about these things anymore. I had to save my father, it was now or never.

With one last glance, I reached into my pocket and put down my lucky charm beside my letter. This may be the last time I would get to see my mother again.

"I love you, mother." I whispered and opened the door, walked out, and closed it gently, careful not to wake her up.


Outside, the horse was waiting for me. It was standing impatiently motioning for me to get on.

"Gee Gloomy, you're always so impatient." I laughed and got on. It grunted and started to run.

Gloomy was our family's horse, probably one of the most precious animals that belonged to us. I had to admit though, it had quite an attitude.


After about thirty minutes later, I was sure that we were in the city, seeing that there were a lot more people and food stands and markets were everywhere.

I took a good look around. People were running towards the execution event.

"Come on Gloomy, just a little bit faster, father is in need of our help." I whispered softly into the horse's ear. It obediently obeyed and ran.


"Be a good boy, okay? I will give you plenty of food when we go home if you be good. When I call out your name, run towards my voice, understand?" I told the horse as I stroke its back gently and tied it loosely to the nearest tree that I could find. It stared at me with depressed eyes as if telling me to be careful. I smiled and gave it a big hug before running off.

There were a lot more people than I expected. Children, adults, I couldn't believe this. I was fuming! Was my father's death this fascinating to watch?

I told myself that the population didn't matter as long as I saved my father. I pushed through the crowd of people and stood in the front row, waiting for the right moment to jump in.

I looked around, trying to spot my father, but he was nowhere to be found. That was when I heard people beside me gossiping.

"That man really deserves to be killed, who would be this stupid to oppose to royalty?"

"Yeah, it's like committing suicide!" A woman said.

"I heard that he did many bad things." This time, it was a man speaking.

"Oh I wouldn't be surprised."

Inside, I was full of anger and hate. But I kept self control.

It was then that I almost burst into tears. My father entered the stadium, hands held back by guards. The king and queen followed closely behind, the prince was also there.

As everyone on the stadium sat down, a man stood up and started to speak. I could tell he was high-ranked by the way he was dressed.

"Today, we will be holding an execution for Akira Kishimoto. He has opposed royalty, offended the king and queen, and has brought bad reputation to the nobles. We believe he should be killed for committing such a-,"

That was when I jumped in, I had heard enough. He wasn't a bad man; he just wanted to state his opinions of freedom.

I attacked the guards who fell to the ground immediately and quickly rushed to where my father was, he was going to be decapitated.

"Quick! Stop him!" Someone from the stadium yelled as I saw two men coming towards me. Gasps and yelling were heard from the crowd and the stadium.

I defeated the two men easily and once again rushed towards my father.

"It's me, daddy." I whispered. His eyes widened and gasped.

"K-Kairi!" I nodded and was about to say something when I felt a strong kick on my back and I fell to the ground.

"So, I wonder who this interrupter is." I turned around to face the voice. His silver hair covered part of his forehead and a smirk played along his face. Before I knew it, his hand came to my mouth and torn off the black piece of cloth that covered it. He gasped.

"It's a girl!" He yelled. I took this opportunity to give him a strong kick in the stomach as he flew backwards. I once again turned to my father and fiddled with the beheading machine.

That was when I saw the silver-haired boy once again, this time he had a match in hand. He lit the match rapidly and set the fire on the rope to the beheading machine.

"If you win before the rope burns out, this man is released, but if I win, you and him are both dead."

"I'll kick your ass." I said calmly and watched the flame on the rope. I immediately tried to pull the rope but failed, burning my hand instead. I felt a kick on my side and immediately fell down, but still managed to get up slightly.

The rope was burning out, time was running out. Again I went for the rope, trying desperately to ignore the pain in my hands. The rope slipped, the knife dropped lower, closer to my father's head. I was getting pissed.

"It's not fair!" I cried out, "Why must we follow in your footsteps? Just because you're high ranked, doesn't mean you have rights to make every decision!"

The stronger side of me was falling, the weaker side was showing, the tears, oh the tears, it was rolling down my cheeks like raindrops.

The boy continued kicking me on my side, but I still managed to stand. Blood made its way through my lips and dripped down my chin. The rope was slipping.

"It's okay Kairi, I'm happy to die for our family. You don't have to be pained anymore, let go of the rope…I'm already proud of you." His words were calm and loud enough for everyone to hear.

"No!" I pleaded, "You don't have the rights to die! This plan was not meant to fail, what will mother say? She will be saddened; there will be nothing left in our family if I give up now…" Using all my strength, I pulled the rope; the knife slowly went up….

"GO!" I hollered. With that my father lifted his head out of the beheading machine. I quickly untied his hands. "Gloomy!" I called, as loud as I could.

Everyone from the crowd gasped, many men ran towards my direction. Just then I heard a familiar grunt. Gloomy, I thought. It ran through the crowds and headed towards us, knocking down some guards.

"Gloomy will take you back, hurry." I said as I forced my father to get on the horse. He obeyed almost immediately. "GO!" I yelled as Gloomy started running off.

"Kairi! Come on!" My father called as he motioned for me to get on. I tried lifting myself up from the ground, but there was no more energy left inside me.

"Tell mother that I'll be alright, don't delay because of me." I could hear my father's voice calling out my name fading as he traveled further. Guards started chasing him and some surrounded me. They started hitting me harshly with sticks as I tried to crawl out. I looked up and let out a yelp every time I was hit. The boy with silver hair kicked me, hard.

"Stop it Riku." Another voice said. I was beginning to feel unconscious.

"Sora…this girl…she…"

"She has been through enough pain already." With that, I felt a pair of strong arms lifting me up. I stared into the boy's eyes. It reminded me of the ocean…so peaceful…so quiet.

"Why…why did you save me?" I questioned weakly.

"You showed me courage, you taught me new things." I felt more blood spilling out of my mouth.

"You're…you're…you're a prince…"

"Sora. Prince Sora." My eyes closed as I repeated his name.

"Prince Sora…"


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