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XoXoX Harry's POV XoXoX

Harry was once again lying on the bed in his room, just like he had done that fateful day almost a week ago. The Dursleys had yet to come home from Aunt Marge's, so he had the house to himself, something which had proven a good thing, because Harry needed to think. He needed to sort out his mind. The only thing was that it was really hard to sort anything at all, when all he could think about was Draco.

How Draco's hair shone like silver and gold when the light hit it. How Draco's eyes were sparkling deep, like pools of mercury. How Draco's skin was so soft that he wanted to touch it over and over again. How Draco could make him melt by just looking at him a certain way. How Draco's smile was the most wonderful thing on this earth. How… well, suffice to say that Harry was caught. Hook, line and sinker.

Rolling over so he was lying on his back, one question ran through Harry's head. The same question he had asked himself over and over again, ever since he left the manor. Had he done the right thing?

When he left, he had thought it was for the best. Now he wasn't so sure. He'd always thought that with all the fighting and pain a relationship brings, falling in love could hardly be a good thing. It gave the other person a terrifying control over you, and the power to ruin your life. But, despite this, century after century people had chosen fall in love and enter relationships. Authors all over the world had written book after book, poem after poem, song after song about the joys of falling in love. They couldn't all be wrong, could they? Love had to have some good aspects with it, otherwise no one would have bothered.

Of course, it left a person completely scatterbrained, blushing and unable to conjure up two words together and make a sentence whenever their chosen one was in the room. That could hardly be called a good thing? Yet, when he looked back on the couples he knew, they all had one thing in common. Despite fights, blushing, temporary insanity and moments of complete sappiness, they were all happy.

They were all happy.

He remembered when he first understood that Hermione had a crush on Ron. He and Hermione, as the early risers they were, had been sitting in the Great Hall eating breakfast, when the remaining part of their trio walked through the doors, late as always. Harry had expected the bushy haired girl to start telling him off, like she usually did, but when he looked at her, she seemed to be in another world. She was staring towards Ron, her head resting on her hand and her elbow on the table, a dreamy expression on her face and a little smile tugging on the corner of her lips. Her eyes shone like nothing Harry had ever seen before, and she looked completely blissful and unaware of anything that was happening around her.

She was happy.

And maybe that was what it was all about. People fought all the time, but in the end, they would make up and be happy again. Harry had been happy, hadn't he? As a matter of fact, in those few days with Draco and Medea, he had felt happier than he had been in a long time. And despite what he had thought in the beginning, it wasn't just Medea making him happy. It was Draco too. Somewhere along the way he had fallen for the obnoxious blond, and now it was too late to catch himself. He could only hope the Slytherin would be there to do it for him.

Suddenly Harry knew the answer to his question. No. He had not done the right thing. He should never have left the manor, never have left Draco. Because despite what he had wanted to think, it wasn't about the fights and the bad times. It was about the happiness and the good times. It was about stealing kisses, blushing smiles, the way you just know that the other person is watching you, and how it makes you feel all tingly inside. It was about smiling, laughing and talking. About being together, just the two of them, and being happy. And as hard as it was to admit, it wasn't about Medea at all. It was about Draco. Harry and Draco. Draco and Harry. Seeing Draco without Medea would hurt. Not seeing Draco at all would hurt more.

Knowing what he had to do, Harry got to his feet and started packing his trunk again. He hadn't been home long, so he hadn't had the time to make much mess, but still it took a while before he was finished. Trying to balance his trunk, Hedwig's cage and the broom without dropping any of them, he made his way down the stairs towards the door. He was going back. He just hoped Draco would still want to have him. But of course he would. And if he wouldn't, well, Harry would deal with that later. And now wasn't the time to feel insecure anyway, he had a dragon to get back to!

Walking down the stairs turned out to be quite difficult considering all the things he was carrying. However, Harry did manage to get halfway down the stairs before something happened. He had just stopped to readjust his grip on the trunk, when the doorbell suddenly rang. Jumping a meter off the ground, Harry lost control of the things in his arms, and they went rolling down the stairs, each item trying to out-sound the others. At least, that's what it seemed like to Harry. The person outside the door also seemed to have heard the noise and Harry could hear a soft voice asking what had happened and if he was alright. The voice sounded slightly panicked, but Harry could still recognise it. It belonged to none other than Draco Malfoy.

Hearing the voice once again call for him, Harry ran down the stairs and threw the door open. Looking at the scene in front of him, he got an uncanny feeling of déjà vu; there on the porch stood Draco. Carrying a baby. Unlike last time, he was now cradling her close to his heart, instead of holding her at an arms length, but the image was still very much the same. Only this time Harry didn't feel like shutting the door.

"Oh, thank Merlin you're ok, Harry!" Breathed Draco and smiled at him. "I thought you had fallen down the stairs or something!"

"How?" whispered Harry, looking hypnotized at the little girl in the blond boy's arms.

"How? Well, don't ask me, we Slytherins have grace, we don't fall down stairs. Gryffindors on the other hand, they –"

"No, no," interrupted Harry. "Her. How? What? Why? I mean, it's her, I know, I'd recognise her anywhere, but, I thought –"

"Shush," smiled Draco, putting a finger over Harry's mouth. "You're babbling," he smiled and then looked down at the girl in his arms. "I couldn't do it. When I went to sign the adoption papers this morning, I couldn't do it."

"But, I thought…"

"Yeah, I thought so too, but I don't know, there's something about her. I expect I'll be sorry about it when she reaches the terrible twos, but for now, I can't find myself caring. She belongs with me. With us."

"Us?" croaked Harry, silently wishing he hadn't heard wrong.

Draco just looked at him, a playful smile running over his lips. "Lesson number 482, Harry. A baby needs two parents"

XoXoX The End XoXoX

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