Fantasy is reality, but reality sucks

Ch. 1 strange half-breeds

I was running, my white wolf tail between my legs and my matching ears laid back against my silky, snow-white hair, which was pulled back in a ponytail. I fell to my knees as tripped over a rock, but I got back up quickly. I looked behind me, my icy-blue eyes caught a glimpse of the large beast I was running from. Once again, I tripped on the rocky path, this time it was too late. My fearful eyes met it's dark yellow ones. I could feel my knees bleeding from the fall.

Now the beast was on top of me, breathing heavily, it gave a growl. It slashed my shirt with its long claws, my shoulder started to bleed heavily. An evil grin came across its lips, showing large, yellowish fangs.

"I'm going to enjoy this. Kyo, half-breeds like you are very rare now days. It's either all human blood or all demon blood, only but a handful of mixed breeds are left. Thanks to me, I've almost destroyed all you half-breeds. Beside, half-breeds' blood taste better." It half-growled.

I could feel its fangs rake across my neck, leaving a small trail of blood. After it was done tormenting me, it gave a loud roar and its head came down, ready to sink its fangs into my neck and rip me limb from limb. Then, suddenly, I saw a man.

"Keep your hands off her." He said with a strong voice that matched his well-toned body, "I will be the only one to touch her!"

He had long red hair and blazing red eyes, which meant he was also a half-breed. The beast lifted itself off of me and leaped toward the young man. It only jumped a foot or so before its decapitated head dropped beside its fallen body. The man reached out his hand…

"KYO! Wake up! You're having a bad dream again!"

I quickly rose up in my bed. My pillow and cover were tossed in the floor. I looked up and saw the sleepy eyes of my sisters starring at me.

"Damn. I had that dream again!" I said to myself more than to the others. As my mind finally registered that it was only a dream, my tail began to wag against the badly wrinkled sheets and my ears were now up and alert.

My black nightshirt was soaked with sweat, I felt the back of my neck, and it was also sweaty. As my hand dropped back down, it ran across my shoulder. When it did it ran across a liquid substance that was thicker and stickier than sweat. I raised my hand to my face. I started to whimper. It was covered in blood. I quickly looked at my shoulder, but the only thing that was there were a few strange scars, no blood. I had never seen those scars before, but they looked like claw marks. My tail stopped wagging. I looked up at my sisters, then back at my shoulder and hand. I did a double take on my hand and shoulder, there was no blood or scars.

That damn dream is fucking with my mind I thought

"What the hell are you all looking at me like that for?" I screamed. They all gave me the are-you-on-drugs-look.

"Don't be screaming at us! You're the one that woke us up, howling and going on!" Minei, my oldest sister, scowled, "You and that damn dream has made us as tired as hell, because you are always waking us up!"

"It's not my fucking fault I have nightmares!" I growled back, my ears laid back and tears formed in my eyes, "It's not my fault we have to do whatever he tells us to do! It's not my fault that we're used for military purposes! Now is it!" Now the tears made their way down the sides of my face.

Sakura, our age is the same so we're middle sisters, got up from the small cot in her corner and sat down beside me and put a hand on my shoulder.

" Shh. It's ok. I have strange dreams too…of a man." She said to me, but the last part was said so softly it was as if I wasn't meant for me to hear. I didn't have much to think about what Sakura said because we were interrupted. The origin of the interruption was my little sis, Sona.

"Let's just go to bed!" the eighteen-year old cried as she slammed her head back on her pillow and roughly pulled the covers back over herself.

"Minei, just because we're the only half-demons with a tail and ears instead of crimson hair, do we have to be weapons?" she asked in a hushed voice.

"I'm not sure. But what I am sure of is that being cooped up in here isn't right. Maybe it's because we can intimidate people." Minei said as we all took Sona's example and climbed into bed. Just when were we almost asleep again the door to our room flew open and a man barged inside.

"Kyo! You're the strongest person I have! Come! I have a quick assignment for you!" he yelled waking us all up.

"But…" I started. His expression changed to anger.

"Now, what have I told you about being disobedient and back talking me!" He shouted and pushed a button on the small remote he had been holding. I yelped as my black choker or 'collar' as he likes to call it, that he forces us to wear sent a jolt of electricity through my body.

"I'm sorry, sir." I sighed. The man's name is Colonel Smash, but we have to refer to him as 'sir'.

"At-a-girl. Now come with me." He talked to me like a dog or something. I followed him out of our room and into the usual assignment meeting room.

Smash sat in his chair behind his desk and pulled up a screen. The screen showed four men walking through the surrounding forest.

"Kyo, you see these men. I need you to take care of them for me. And be quick about it" ha ordered, pointing at the screen.

"Yes, sir." I nodded and headed toward the dressing room and slipped into a shiny black leather outfit, our usual assignment uniform. After I was done dressing I followed him outside and he chained my wrists, ankles, and my neck to a post near the trespassers.

"Kyo, you're the best I have. Finish this, then meet me in my office, we could have a little fun." Smash said after completely chaining me up, and I knew exactly what he meant by that. He stepped out of reach as I lunged toward him, claws first. I growled deep in my throat.

"No, bad girl!" he scolded as he pulled out a whip and lashed me a few times, after lashing me he pushed the button on the remote again. I screamed in pain. I was exhausted. I collapsed and the chains fell heavily on my back. The chains on my wrists were heavier than usual. I lied there on the ground, not wanting to move.

A few minutes later, Smash left. As soon as Smash was out of range I heard the bushes rustling, and the four men walked out. I couldn't believe it, I didn't even smell them before. They must have seen the entire thing.

"Hey, Hakkai! This person's hurt!" a young voice yelled.

"So, what. Let's just leave her." Another voice said dully

"Is it a woman?" said a voice…the voice from my dream! I slowly rose up enough to see who was talking. I gasped. It was him!

"I believe it is Gojyo." Answered the fourth man.

That blood red hair, those firery eyes, it had to be him. I climbed to my feet and started to walk toward them. The chains caught me be before I was a couple feet away. I unconsciously jerked on the chains in attempt to break them. Instead of breaking like I expected, the chains shocked me with twice the electricity of my collar. I screamed in pain, it was more than I could handle. I collapsed again, the last I heard before I gave into darkness… were gunshots.