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Fantasy is Reality but Reality Sucks

Ch. 7 Hot Baths and Rides


The four sisters reached the hot springs quickly. The manager had left them when they had reached the women's section. They walked into an empty, large unit. The spring was open-air with three solid walls and a rice-paper sliding wall to separate the unit from the rest.

They all shed their clothing and wrapped a towel around their slender forms, except for Kyo who, very immodestly, jumped into the water bare. Sakura quickly joined her.

" Sakura! Do I have to take a bath?" Sona whined. Her black cat ears pulled back as quickly as her foot when she tested the water with her toe, " The water's too wet!"

" Cats…" Kyo scoffed, trying to wash the blood off of her arm and leg where Sona stabbed her earlier.

" Yes, you do, Sona. If we get separated again, you'll confuse my poor nose with Kyo's blood all over you." Sakura answered, trying to wash her knee-length, auburn hair.

" But…"

" OH, JUST GET IN ALREADY!" Minei swung a foot out in front of Sona and pushed her from behind, causing her to fall in.

Minei gave a triumphant look as Sona surfaced, spitting out water. Minei then got in herself.

" Dio, you need a bath, don't you?" Kyo baby-talked to the wolf pup, lowering him into the steaming water. The rest of the pets all joined their owners. Except for Cassie, that is, of course Sona didn't blame her feline friend for refusing.

" Damn, this is relaxing. We haven't been in a hot spring since our first under-cover assignment nine years ago." Minei commented and closed her icy blue eyes before ducking her head under the water.

" Hey, Kyo! After the bath we're gonna go to that one place to pick us out some clothes, right?" Sona asked, moving in fast forward tom get through the bath as quickly as possible.

" Of course, I'm not going to face the public humiliation of you all wearing bloodied up clothes to a performance." She gave Sona the 'DUH!' look.

" Speaking of which, what songs are we singing?" Sakura asked.

" Well, I was thinking Wild Side, Paranoid, War Pigs, Thunderstruck, Hells Bells, Parental Guidance, Private Property, United, Welcome to my Life, Wanted Dead or Alive, and-" She started.

" And, let me guess, Voodoo." Sona finished, climbing out of the water.

" Yep." She smiled back.

" Good selection, but as the main lead singer, it might be a good idea to have some of my fave songs too." Sakura desperately tried to rinse the suds out of her hair.

" Okay, okay! Just don't get made at me because you can't sing and play at the same time." Kyo narrowed her blue eyes playfully at her sister.

Eventually they all finished their baths and headed out to pick out their clothes.


Back to the boys

" Sanzo, what are we going to do about the rest of them?" Goku asked, sitting in a chair backwards, with one leg hanging down.

" We are NOT going on another side-quest to find a place for these girls to live." Sanzo said plainly.

" Maybe if they come along we can get this god-damn journey over with faster." Gojyo added, obviously not wanting to separate himself and Kyo.

" So, it's settled then." Hakkai concluded. ( Wow, they settled it in three lines and only one cuss-word. That's a record! )

As their conversation ended, the four mentioned women entered the room, wearing simple blue robes they borrowed from the hot springs.

" Finally, you're back! Hey, Kyo, what instruments do you all play?" Goku asked, getting up from the chair he was sitting in.

Sona jumped into the front of the other three, already ready to answer the question. " I play the bass guitar, Minei does the drums, Kyo's lead guitar, Sakura and Kyo both are the lead singers." Everyone grinned at her cheerfulness.

" It's almost an hour and a half before the show starts, how about we take the guys for a ride." Sakura suggested.

" RIDE! What do you mean 'take us for a ride'!" Goku screeched, his gold eyes widened, almost at the point of panicking, remembering what Gojyo has always said what 'being taken for a ride by a girl' meant. The girls chuckled.

" Watch this." Sona said in between laughs. She then whistled like she had before, only in a higher pitch. Immediately after the small kitten, Cassie, began to grow, and grow. When she stopped growing she stood around seven feet tall, two gold bands formed around the end of each of her two tails, you could see her fangs slightly slip out from between her lips, and the transformation finally ended as the dot behind each ear changed into the shape of a star.

" Damn." Gojyo gaped. The rest of the guys' jaws dropped.

Sona jumped on Cassie's back and looked back at Goku, " Since they only trust us and the fact that there's only enough room for two, one guy each. So what are you waiting for Goku, come on!" She said playfully. Goku joined her on top of Cassie. Cassie then ran through the doors of the balcony and jumped off into the sky. ( The pets fly just like Kirara from Inuyasha )

After Sona and Goku left Minei stepped up and whistled like Sona had, then Yuki, the fox, began to change. Her green-gray eyes turned a glowing red hue, and the two black, scar-like markings on each side of her face thickened as she grew to the size Cassie had. Yuki bent her head down for Minei to pet, which she did. Their matching ears twitched happily. Minei jumped on Yuki after running her fingers against the fox's silver fur and the black tip of one of her ears.

" Sanzo?" Minei held her hand out toward the scowling blonde, a small smile on her face. He pushed away her hand before climbing up Yuki's side to get to her back. After making sure Sanzo was secure as possible they also went off into the sky.

Without even waiting for Sanzo, Minei, and Yuki to fly out of sight, Sakura whistled, cueing Kairi to transform. Kairi grew like Cassie and Yuki, and the emerald jewel in her forehead changed to an aqua color that seemed to be swirling inside the jewel. To end the change, four extremely loose metal bands formed around the wrist of her front right paw. ( The kind of bands that are so loose they seem their gonna come off at any second but never do. ) Sakura jumped on Kairi.

Hakkai's body stiffened as Kairi bent her head and licked the side of his face with her huge tongue, leaving a large amount dog spit behind. Sakura placed a hand over her mouth, trying to stop the giggles as Hakkai tried to wipe off the spit with his hand. Unfortunately for Hakkai, Gojyo and Kyo didn't try to stop their laughing, instead they were rolling on the floor clutching their stomachs.

" Come on, Hakkai. Apparently Kairi wants you to come with us, she doesn't warm up to people like that often, she usually bites strangers." Sakura said like it was the most natural thing in the world. Kyo and Gojyo were already standing again, done laughing at Hakkai. Gojyo and Hakkai stared at the size of Kairi, immediately feeling sorry for the people she didn't like in the past. Then Hakkai jumped on Kairi, Hakuryu still on his shoulder. They too, left, but instead of flying off like the other two, Kairi chose to jump from roof to roof.

" You ready? Dio says he has a place already picked out to take us." Kyo looked to Gojyo, then whistled.

Dio grew like the others. His large wolf teeth slipped three inches from between his lips. A black metal collar formed around his neck, etched into the collar was blue flames. His tail wagged eagerly.

" Sure, let's go!" Gojyo said as he and Kyo jumped on Dio at the same time.


White and crimson strands of hair flew back as Dio jumped from the balcony into the air with great speed.

" The breeze feels wonderful, doesn't it?" I asked.

" Yeah. Whoa, I've never been this high before!" he exclaimed.

" Well, I hope you enjoyed it, because I think we're here already." I said as Dio started lowering to the ground. When we landed, Gojyo and I got off and looked around. It was a large clearing with a waterfall about twenty feet tall. There were birds flying overhead, there were flowers I had never even seen before. The best part was how the sun hit the waterfall just right to make a clearly visible rainbow. It was like a mini-paradise!

" Dio! How'd you find this place!" I hugged Dio, " Do you want to go swimming, boy?" I asked him excitedly. Dio barked then jumped into the pond, causing a huge splash of water.

" Hey!" Gojyo yelled, jumping back. But it was too late, we were already soaked.

" I'm gonna swim too, Gojyo. I hope you don't mind about this." I began to peel of the wet robe I was wearing, revealing my bra and underwear.

" Not at all." Gojyo raised an eyebrow, smirking. I dived in and spent about five minutes splashing Dio and him splashing me back.

" Let's splash Gojyo, Dio." I said in language that only wolves could understand. Both of us dived underwater and swam to where Gojyo had been watching us. Gojyo jumped when I surfaced suddenly and pounded the water with an open hand toward him. Again he tried to jump back to avoid the water, but again it was too late.

" You're gonna pay for that!" he pulled off his vest and under shirt and dived in after me. When he popped his head out of the water I splashed him again.

" Whatcha gonna do about it?" I joked.

" This!" he put both hands on top of my head and dunked me under. Then I grabbed his wrists and pulled him under with me. We resurfaced laughing.

" You know, I'd never really had this much fun in water before, maybe it's because I have you to enjoy it with. Or maybe it's because you're in only your underwear." He winked at me. For a moment I felt as if someone was watching us, but the feeling passed. Gojyo and I began splashing each other like there was no tomorrow.


This is really awkward.

It's just Hakkai and myself sitting on some rocks, in a cave, behind a waterfall. We've just been sitting here for a complete five minutes. The cave itself was quite beautiful, in the back of the cave were some strange moss-like plant that emitted a dim greenish-yellow glow that gave us enough light to see each other clearly. I watched Hakuryu as he screeched at Kairi playfully.

I turned from them to look at the brunette before me, He staring through the waterfall in a daze. His expression said nothing, but his eyes were clouded with different emotions, though to a normal person they wouldn't gave been able to detect this, but I was trained in many things by Smash. I gave him a weak smile as he snapped out of his daze and looked at me.

He began to smile back, but before he did he did a double take at me then quickly turned his head away. I wondered why until I looked down at myself. Going through the waterfall had soaked us and my hair and robes were now sticking to my skin and was showing a little more than I want to show to someone I just met. I felt my face heat as the cave went into another awkward silence.

Something broke the awkward silence as we heard rustling grass and a loud bard from the other side of the water. We both rose from where we were sitting and walked to the ledge of the cave, looking down towards the meadow below.

A splash. Voices.

We looked down to realize whom the ones making the noise were.

" Oh, it's just Kyo, Dio, and…." I struggled in my mind for the redhead's name.

" Gojyo." Hakkai finished.

" Right." I stated, combing my wet hair out with my fingers. We both chuckled as we watched Gojyo and Kyo splash each other with no end. An hour passed with Gojyo and Kyo playing in the water, and Hakkai and myself talking about them.


I stared hard at the woman sitting a foot or so away from me. We had been sitting in this open field enjoying the quiet for a while now. We both had our backs against a tree trunk that had fallen at the edge of the forest. Her eyes were closed and peaceful expression was spread across her face. Her black-tipped, silver foxtail was swaying back and forth, rustling the grass. Every once in a while she would brush away her bangs, which were just long enough to tickle her eyelids.

" So, are just traveling with those other guys out of pleasure or is there another reason." She broke the silence, keeping her eyes closed. My usual frown grew deeper.

" Traveling with them is anything but pleasurable. I was forced to by a certain three heads." Her ears twitched at my reply as she raised an eyebrow.

" I don't really get it, but okay." She stated rearranging her position to a more comfortable spot. Eventually, she dozed off. Some thirty or so minutes were uneventful. I was on the verge of falling asleep myself, until I heard some noise. It was really soft and I had to strain my ears to her it at all. But I could swear it sounded like… no, it couldn't be. I couldn't be hearing that here when it should be somewhere else.

There is no way in hell that I could be hearing that hyperactive idiot laughing! I yell in my mind. As if winning an argument, the sound immediately stopped. As a precaution, I listened carefully for a moment. Feeling satisfied after only hearing the wind whistling through the grass and trees. I jumped slightly when a sleeping Minei rolled over to where her head was on my chest.

What I did next would even surprise the gods, let alone normal people.

I did…nothing.

Nothing at all, I just sat there, trying to be as still as possible so not to wake her.


The next thing I knew was that my eyes opened to strange feeling. I must have dosed off while waiting for Minei to wake up. But that wasn't the concern of the moment, it was that I was feeling something smooth slide across my left arm. Then, something else touched my arm. It wasn't smooth, but prickly and… itchy.

I sprung to my feet, shaking my arm and sleeve furiously. I calmed down when a small, green, fuzzy caterpillar dropped out of my sleeve. I jumped when I heard a yell form behind me.

" WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!" I heard Minei's voice. I turned around to the blonde glaring angrily at me with icy blue eyes. Her hair was a little tussled, she was also on her side. Using her arms to hold her upper-body.

Then it hit me like a rock, she was asleep on my chest so when I jumped up I must have thrown her off. My mind searched franticly for a good excuse, but I mentally kicked myself for what can out of my mouth.

" A fuzzy bug crawled up my sleeve so I got up to get it off." I said in my 'void of emotion' voice. Her glare gradually softened, a smile slowly tugged on the corners of her mouth, and then her shoulders shook as let out a heart-warming laugh. My puzzled expression only caused her to laugh harder. Eventually she stopped laughing, but she still had a smile on her face. ( He is so not used to people laughing at him, is he? )

" I think we should be leaving soon, it's getting close to show-time." She said warmly. All I could think of to do was to nod.


" I can't believe you just did that." Goku said, on the verge of laughing. He was sittin on a branch of a tree with his against the trunk, while I sat the same way on a nearby branch while Cassie sat on my lap, our tails waving back and forth.

" All I did was borrow Sanzo's gun and replace it with a bug." I said casually, tossing the gun in the air and catching it when it came down. I knew we were out of hearing range of even Minei's sharp hearing.

" Why did you want to take Sanzo's gun anyway?" Goku raised an eyebrow and tilted his head slightly to the side innocently.

" The pants that I'm going to wear to the concert were too ordinary, so I thought ' Well Sanzo has a gun so I'll just borrow it for a while to make some bullet holes in them, that'll look good.'" I explained.

" Oh yeah, It's a good thing we found them while playing tag, hey, do you think we have enough time for another game?" he asked.

" I don't think so, we better be heading back." I told him before whistling for Cassie to transform.


Dio, Kyo, and I climbed out of the water. I stared in amazement as Kyo and Dio shook the water off their bodies.

" Let's go, it's almost time." She said while putting her clothes on, and then hopped on Dio. I put my shirt and vest and joined her. Dio took off into the sky and Kyo and I allowed the wind to dry our hair.


The two of us, excluding Kairi and Hakuryu, watched Gojyo and Kyo leave the meadow below.

" We should be going too." I said to Hakkai. He nodded. I whistled for Kairi to change. I stepped back towards the edge to give her some room. As I took one more step I heard a crackling sound as the rocks under my feet gave way. I let out a startled scream as I started to fall. I stopped screaming when I felt Hakkai's arm wrap around my waist and pull me back into the cave. Once inside the cave I felt my back press up against his strong chest.

My heart skipped a beat as I felt my body warm from the inside out. Only a moment had passed before he released me, but so many feelings ran through my body that I thought it would explode at any moment. After he released me I rose and turned toward him while dusting off my robe.

What was that? In all the years of being a warrior and assassin, I've never felt anything as intense it in my life! I thought. " We really need to get going now. My sisters and I still need to get dressed." I kept my face turned from him until I could feel my cheeks cool down.

" Yeah." He agreed and jumped on the already transformed Kairi as Hakuryu landed on his shoulder. I jumped behind him. My hair flew back as Kairi jumped out of the cave and headed back to the inn.


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