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Chapter Sixteen

Lucas sat in the kitchen of his mother's house the next afternoon picking at his food. Brooke sat across from him just staring at the plate. Cody was in a playpen in the living room taking a nap. They were waiting for a phone call from Mr. Henry to see if the case could go before a judge. Mr. Henry had said that it probably wouldn't happen but there was the tiniest chance it could, but Lucas wasn't to get his hopes up. But not only were his hopes up, but Brooke's were too. Then the phone rang. The sound pierced through his ears and he wished it would stop. He pushed his chair back and stood glancing over at Brooke. She was white as a ghost and her fork trembled in her hand. Lucas slowly made his way over to the phone staring at it like it was a foreign object. He couldn't pick it up. Some how he knew that the decision wasn't going to be good. He picked it up. His hands trembled as he held the phone up to his ear.

"Hello?" Lucas said nervously into phone.

"Mr. Scott, it's Mr. Henry," Lucas heard him say.

A lump formed in his throat and he tried to push it down so he could speak. He had never felt as terrified as he did at that moment.

"I'm sorry to say Mr. Scott," Mr. Henry went on knowing Lucas's discomfort, "but the judge did not think you had enough of a case to bring it into a court."

Lucas turned as white as a ghost. Tears formed in his eyes. He could hardly breath. He managed to mutter a thank you before hanging the phone up. He turned to Brooke. The second she saw his face she knew what their lawyer had said. She rushed to his side and pulled him into her arms. The tears poured down his cheeks in waves. Lucas sobbed on her shoulder and Brooke sobbed in his. He pulled away from her. His eyes were red and puffy.

"What are we going to do?" Lucas asked.

"Your going to raise Cody," the familiar voice of Karen said from the door way.

Lucas and Brooke turned to look at her.

"I know you both feel like crap. But you have a son in there and he needs you two," Karen told them.

Brooke couldn't believe that Karen had just called her one of Cody's parents. She had wanted some one to say that for so long. They both nodded numbly.

"How can I knowing that I have a daughter out there that I will never know?" Lucas exclaimed.

"You'll know."

Then she left the room. Lucas turned to Brooke. But before he could say anything Cody's cries cut him off. They both went into the room. Brooke picked him up and rocked him back and forth. Lucas watched and was filled with joy. But a part of his heart would never be filled. Not until his daughter came home. Brooke looked up at Lucas.

"Like she said. We have a son to raise," Brooke told him.

Lucas enclosed both his son and fiancé in a hug.

"I know."

The End

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