She lived longer than any of them.

In fact, she was the oldest shinobi alive.

Why was that? Why was it that she was the one sitting at the window, drowning in sunlight and memories? She was never ever the best. So why did she sit here, face set in a stoic facade to hide it all, to hide all that shouldn't exist?

Because they didn't trust her with high rank missions? Was that it? No. She had grown better over the years, surpassing many, but never as good as others. So why did they? Was it even them? Why had she survived all of the missions that she had gone on?

Because she had a will to survive. Not that they didn't. She knew when to stop, when she was beaten. She would push those limits, but never to the point of obsession.

But it was the ones that went beyond that point who became legendary. The powerful ones. The dead ones.

The names on the memorial.

Her childhood friends were gone, lying quietly beneath the land, their names etched in stone forever. And it was her, rosette hair now a pale white, green eyes dark and shadowed, it was her who carried their memories now on her old shoulders.

And that was the hardest mission of all.



This idea just kind of popped into my head, so I did it. The time span will be one hundred years, skipping in shifts of five.

Soundtrack: Five for Fighting, 100 Years