Minor Characters - The SG-10-Chronicles

Part One: Odd Man Out

Author: RowenaR

Rating: T due to some language and later violence (this is Stargate, sooner or later there will be violence…)

Category: Action/adventure

Disclaimer: Stargate belongs to Gekko and… all those other people making money with it. Anyway, I don't. Honestly. So – I don't own, you don't sue. Deal?

Summary: First part of a series about one of the teams that are only numbers on the roster, SG 10. Follow Maj. Moore, Capt. Greenspan, Lt. Reece and MSgt. DeLisle on their very own story.

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A/N: Some days ago I found "Sgt. Dionne Warwick" by PlanetKiller in the Stargate section of and wondered why there weren't more stories about all these other teams on the SGC. And then my own SG 10 wormed its way into my mind and wouldn't let me rest until I gave them their story. So now I'm stuck with them. I hope, you find them as entertaining as I do ;) Anyway, please note that I'm not a native speaker, so don't be too harsh on any possible spelling or grammar mistakes.

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edit note: Fixed some minor glitches and tried to make it a bit more readable. Am still working on the sitxth chapter. And already done with 6 sequels :S

"We will rise and we will fall
We will laugh, we will stand tall
Turning people into numbers
And numbers into more."

Runrig, "The Numbers Game"

Chapter One


Okay, so I hadn't exactly planned to let the mission go like this. Honestly, I hadn't planned to let Reece end up in the infirmary again or to let Laura almost getting kidnapped or to let DeLisle almost blow up the team instead of the enemy. But it had been one of those days. You know, these days were you get up with wrong foot and just about everything goes wrong at some point? Right, this was one of "those".

First the SGC gives us mission specs they could have spared us the time reading because the information we got out of them was near to nothing. Then the first thing we saw emerging the 'Gate was a zat-gun pointed to each of our heads by the not so friendly locals of P4X-639. Topping this it turned out that our target – a secret bio-weapon lab set up by Maybourne – was already abandoned. Meaning we could have well spared the whole fucking trip. Instead we got into serious trouble, had to do a lot of shooting, shouting, running and all the other stuff you normally work very hard to avoid during a covert op.

And now, in the end, I'm sitting again in the infirmary at the bed of my youngest team member, First Lieutenant Maureen Reece, USMC, called "Mouse" during our missions, and not what I would call a poster girl for the Marines. Don't get me wrong; she's neither stupid nor lazy – in fact she is one hell of a linguist – but I truly wonder how she ever made it through Parris Island and Quantico and to the SGC.

Reece didn't get her call sign out of nothing. She truly appears like a mouse. Not from her outward appearance, mind you – those fire-red locks and green eyes are an asset – but from her whole demeanor. Always shy and quiet. And a bit of clumsy. Which makes her the one destined to usually end up in the infirmary when a mission goes awry. Only this time it wasn't her fault. It was mine.

I should have seen that guy coming from behind. And I should have seen the knife in his hand. I should have…

"Beating yourself up again, fly boy?", Laura's voice cuts through my musings. I turn around and give her a slight grin.

"No use pretending anything, is it?" She grins back. "I know you inside out, and you know I do." My 2IC's right. We've known each other since being toddlers, we practically grew up together, with me being two years older than her. And whatever we did, even if we decided doing it completely independent from the other, we ended up together. Which I don't complain about since Laura is the little sister I never had.

She sits down beside me. "Go to bed, Tom. Reece is a tough girl, and you know it. She'll pull through even without you exhausting yourself like that." I look again at the woman on the bed. She's pretty small, and in the big hospital bed she looks frail. The copper hair makes her face seem even paler and the circles under her eyes even darker than they actually are.

"As much as I normally agree with you, this time I don't. Reece is anything but a tough girl. C'mon, Germs, you and I both know that she's not born to be an officer, that she shouldn't be here." Uh-oh. Laura's dark eyes light up and get this fierce glance they always get when she becomes agitated.

"Macho bullshit. I've told you before and I'll tell again. There's more to Maureen Reece than meets the eye. Granted, she'll need some time but I'm sure she'll develop just fine. But only if you let her." She gives a slight huff. Laura usually doesn't get angry all too fast but when it's about woman soldiers and everything that's connected with it you can get her up a soap box pretty fast.

"Germs…" She glares at me.

"Don't you "Germs…" me. That one" – she points to Reece – "is a fighter. She just doesn't know it yet." I'm still not convinced. I've seen Reece' files, and that girl's never been in combat before joining the SGC. They sent her here right after graduating Quantico, because of her linguistic degrees and abilities, I guess. There's nothing else indicating she could be fit enough to serve with us. No extraordinary combat scores, no especially high marks in leadership – everything average.

I still haven't found out why they decided to place her with a covert ops unit instead of an research or back-up unit. Why they placed her in any team at all. "I can see your thoughts working again, Tom. Quit it already. Besides, it wasn't your fault she got hit. If it you want to blame someone, blame that guy with knife that sneaked up on her. Or O'Neill for ordering us to that stupid planet. Or those idiots at intelligence who fucked up those mission specs. Just don't blame yourself. And go get some sleep." With the she pads my shoulder and gets up again, tossing me one last salute before she leaves for her quarters.

I turn back to Reece again. She's not only the youngest and most inexperienced member of the team but also the last one who came to the team. Laura and me, we know each other since early childhood, and I've served with Dee, or Master Sergeant Simon DeLisle for over five years now, even before the SGC. In fact he came here because of my request. I can't think of anyone being more skilled with everything that has to do with blowing up things than him. Then again, I don't know that much of people. Anyway, Reece had the bad luck to come to a unit which had already formed strong bonds with each other, and I guess for someone with her kind of personality it's not easy making a stand. I do cut her some slack because of this, no matter what Laura says. But I wish the woman would open up finally and stop building all those walls around her. I wish…

"Sir, I have orders from Captain Greenspan. You are to leave and catch up on sleep. Lieutenant Reece will be taken care of.", a voice behind me says. It's one of the nurses. Damn Laura who always uses her right as a medical officer to order me around even if I outrank her.

Defeated I nod. "It's all right. But notify me if anything in the Lieutenant's condition changes." The nurse nods, and I finally make my way to my sleeping quarters.