Shouryuu gazed down at his taiho. It still seemed odd to him that the apparent boy in front of him was in his sixth century. Just as it seemed strange that he, while looking to be in his twenties, was in fact over five hundred years old himself. Five hundred years he had been reigning over the Kingdom of En. Five hundred years of spending every day with Enki, the Kirin who had selected him to be Emperor.

He thought back to when he had first looked at Enki with the same wonder that was on his face now. He had only been Emperor for twenty years then. Back when Enki had been held hostage by Kouya and Atsuyu. When Shouryuu had suddenly been forced to realise just what Enki meant to him. He had had to maintain a calm facade for the ministers, but inside he had been petrified that he would lose his taiho, lose the one who had come to mean the most to him out of all those who surrounded him. He remembered carrying him on his back, the blonde head resting on his shoulder, wanting nothing more than to comfort the smaller man but knowing his duty to the kingdom had to come first.He left the dozing Kirin, lying with the look of peace that only sleep can give.

Enki would throw one of his famous tantrums if he ever found out that Shouryuu watched over him in his sleep.

Shouryuu didn't care. He would continue to make sure that nothing ever happened to his taiho again.

That was the one promise he held most dear, the one he would work to protect at all costs.