Chapter One – A Dream

Kim Possible was home asleep when the dream came to her that night. She found that she was standing in an open field in what appeared to be an oriental country by the shape of the buildings. Young men and women were practicing martial arts in front of her.

"Welcome to Yamanouchi, Miss Possible."

She turned quickly to see Sensei standing behind her. He was standing as Kim had remembered him that time with Yori and Ron. He had seemingly appeared from out of the air.

"What's going on? Where am I?" she asked. "How did I get here? Master Sensei, how did I get here.

"Please sit Miss Possible. I am speaking to you in your dream because of Stoppable-san is needed again"

A student had appeared with a stool and Kim sat down. Two other students appeared with trays of tea. Kim took a cup and the wonderful smell of hot tea came to her nose.

"Ron? What does Ron need to do now? Wait a minute, this is the school ? Ron came here?" Kim asked questioningly. She looked around and jumped a little as she spilt tea on her pajamas.

"Yes, Miss Possible, this is the Yamanouchi school. We had hoped contact your school again to arrange for another stay for Stoppable-san and for you to join him. However, bad tidings have made that not possible. Stoppable-san needs to wield the blade again. He was not chosen just for any reason. He is destined to be the bearer and keeper of the Lotus Blade and he will become a master in Tai Shing Pek Quar." The man said.

"Monkey Kung Fu" The two said together. "Yes Miss Possible and you owe me a soda" the man said grinning. Kim blushed slightly; this man seemed to know everything about her.

Then Kim realized that Ron had been more effective recently. More confidant, more skilled at fighting. She turned to the man. "But, why contact me like this, what is going on?"

The man raised his hand stopping her questions. "Your questions will be answered, but not by me but Stoppable-san. When you awaken, call him. He will be awaiting your call. I have already spoken to him in a dream as I often do. Tell him of what you have seen in your dream. Tell him that we have talked. Possible-san, the two of you have developed a bond. It is more than heart or spirit, it is something much deeper. A time of crisis, a time of trouble is coming. Only the two of you will be able to stop it. Your bond will keep you safe when the time comes."

Sensei stood and Kim hopped to her feet. "Search your heart, Kim Possible. Search your feelings of Ron Stoppable. You will both need each other greater than ever before."

The scene vanished before her eyes and Kim jerked awake. Her eye sprang open as she sat up. She glanced around her attic room. It was still dark outside, her room dimly lit by the street lights outside. She turned in her bed and glanced at her bedside clock. It read 2:30 in the morning. "What a dream." She thought. Then she smelled a strange odor. She sniffed the air again. "Tea, I smell tea" She glanced down at her pajamas remembering the tea in her dream. In the darkness of her room she could see the small brown stain of her shirt. She turned and looked at her phone for a few moments. She bit her lip for a few moments before she reached for the phone. She pressed the button to get a dial tone. There was nothing there. She listened for a moment, pressed a couple of buttons then listened again. "Hi, KP" said Ron's voice. Kim gave a little shriek and dropped the phone. She then picked it back up and said "Ron?"

"Hi, KP, you drop the phone or something?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah, right, I uh, I dropped the phone." Kim said softly. "Ron, what just happened? I pick up the phone to call you, start to dial, there is no dial tone, and you are already there and …."

"You just had a real weird dream" Ron said finishing her sentence for her.

"Uh, yeah" Kim said.

"Sensei showed up in your dream huh. It takes a little getting used to. At least he didn't show up at school in the ghostly figure like last time. We had enough trouble finding an excuse for that last time." Ron said.

"Ron, what's going on?" Kim asked.

"KP, it is 2:45. Today is Saturday so no school. I'll be at your house at 7:30. We will go get something to eat, and then we can go to the park. It is supposed to be nice tomorrow as we can find a nice private place to have a talk. Sensei told me that Yori, would meet us there."

Yori, the girl from the school that I majorly gelled over and made a complete and utter fool of myself over is coming? Great, Ron and I just really got out relationship together and now she shows up. Kim thought to herself.

"Ok, Ron, see you in the morning." Kim said sleepily. "and Ron, do you know what's going on."

"Some, Kim, I'll fill you in after breakfast." Ron said. "KP, I …I just want you to know no matter what happens from now on, you mean everything to me. And about Yori coming. She already knows about us. She was not happy but, said that she would be honored to be my friend. And she would very honored it you would consider her to be your friend. See ya, in a few hours."

Kim woke the next morning and quickly got dressed. She noticed the prom dress burnt along the bottom edge still on the hanger outside of her closet. The memories of that night were a jumble in her mind. Waking up tied up, a prisoner. She felt beaten, she was beaten. Then there was Ron. He was there for her when she needed him the most. Now for some reason he needed her. She was not going to fail him, whatever was coming; she would be there for him. She walked quietly as she headed downstairs to meet Ron. She slipped past her parent's room so as not to disturb them. Luckily the tweebs were spending the night at a friend's house so they were not around. Kim wrote a note to her parents that she and Ron were having breakfast together and that they had plans for the rest of the day. She put the note on the refrigerator and picked up her cell phone and the Kimmunicator. She opened the front door quietly and locked it behind her. As she turned around, she saw Ron walking up the front walk toward her. The morning dew was still sparkling in the morning sun. His eyes were sparkling when he saw her. "Hi, KP" he said smiling brightly. "Hi, yourself" she said happy to see her friend and ready to find out about what Sensei had told him.

"Let's get something to eat and then we can go to the park." Ron said quietly.

This took Kim completely off guard. This was not like Ron; if he was greeting her this way then she knew something was up. Concerned she went up to him and took his arm as he turned leading down the front walk of her house. "Ron, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Kim, just a lot on my mind. I have a great deal to tell you and I am trying to figure out the best way to tell you everything." He said quietly. Then with a big smile and a forced happiness he said "What say we skip Bueno Nacho and head for the IHOP. I know you would like that this morning."

Kim came to a complete stop and grabbing Ron by the arms turned him to face her. "OK, that's it, Ronald Adrian Stoppable. What is going on? You are giving up Bueno Nacho and taking me to IHOP without me asking you and may I say under no pressure whatsoever. Something is not only wrong but it is way wrong." Her emerald eyes blazed into his brown orbs. "Now look me in the eye, and tell me that it is not that bad."

Ron stared into Kim's eyes. He could see her concern and anger. She could read him like a book. It really was a drag sometimes, but he had to tell her something for now. "OK, KP" He said. "Maybe it is not that bad. It is just that I had to keep Yamanouchi secret from you for a long time. I was given permission to tell you all about it. We always pledged that we would never keep a secret from each other and you honored that pledge. I…I did not. I didn't tell you about Yori and I could tell that it hurt you." Kim started to say something but Ron raised his finger and touched her lips. "I am going to ask you to trust me just a little longer although I have already broken that trust. Let's go eat." His goofy grin spread across is face and his eyes shone in merriment. "Besides, I've been wanting to dive into a huge stack of pancakes."

"Pancakes!" squeaked Rufus from Ron's pocket.

"Now, that's my Ron!" Kim said smiling. "Hi, Rufus, ready for some food?"

"Pancakes?" Rufus squeaked hopefully.

"Yes, I think WE can get some pancakes" Kim said smiling.

"YOUR RON?" mocked Ron. "WE?" He said questionly. "Is there something that you aren't telling me KP"

Kim blushed a little and glanced at the ground then looked up gazing at her lifelong friend. He was so cute when he looked at her like that. It was like her puppy dog pout. She could not resist him when he looked at her like that. She giggled slightly, turned back around and reached to take his hand. "Shall we go eat?"

Ron nodded in surprise and started to walk up the street with Kim at side. Her hand clasped his tightly, and she walked closer to him than she normally did. This was something entirely new and Ron was a little confused. He had just told Kim that he had broken one of the most cherished promises that they had held for each other yet she didn't seem that upset. He glanced over to her and noticed that she had been staring at him. She looked away quickly and gazed off into the distance. They soon arrived at the restaurant and entered.


Kim thought that what ever was on Ron's mind it was not affecting his appetite. He had finished his rather large stack of pancakes and had eaten most of hers. Somehow she just enjoyed watching him eat. The sheer joy he seemed to have eating good food. Maybe that is why he was such a good cook himself. Quite unlike her, for the girl who could do anything the one thing she could not do is cook. Ron joked one time that she was the only one he knew who could burn a pot of water. She had scolding him for saying that, but knew that he was just about right. He caught her staring at him again and smiled. He speared a piece of sausage off of his plate and offered it to her. She smiled warmly and took a bite. He finished off the piece of sausage and speared a piece of pancake and offered it to her with a raised eyebrow. She accepted the offer and bit off the pancake. They normally sat across from each other but today they were sitting side by side. This too was new. He had started to sit across from her as normal but she had shaken her head and patted the seat next to her, so he had accepted the offer. They finished the meal and left to the bemused grins of several of the restaurants other guests. Their antics had not gone unnoticed and soon the rumor mill would be rolling about the two teen heroes.

Kim and Ron made their way to the park and found a secluded spot under a tree. Ron sat with his back to the tree; Kim lay on the soft grass in front of him. "OK, Ron, Sensei, to showed me the school. He told me that a time of bad tidings was coming and that you were needed to wield the Lotus Blade again. Ron, Yori mentioned the Lotus Blade, just what is the Lotus Blade."

"Ok, KP, it's time for me to tell you everything." Ron started his story of his trip and time at Yamanouchi. He told her everything that had happened while there. He even mentioned the parts about Yori. Kim's eye narrowed a bit at that part of the story, but Ron reached out to pat her hand as if to tell her not to worry. When he finished he just sat back and sighed. "That's all Kim, I really wanted to tell you. But I hope you understand why I could not." Kim got up and walked over to Ron and looked down at him. Ron gazed up at her and smiled "Sorry, KP." Kim sat down next to him, paused for a moment and then reached out and took his hand. "So you are or will be some mystical hero, and a time will come that you will have to fight an evil."

Ron nodded. "At first, Sensei was mainly concerned with Monkeyfist, then Sensei was taken, and we met up with Gorilla Fist then all that was over. Now something has changed. Whatever is coming makes Monkeyfist and Gorilla Fist pale in comparison." Kim started at this statement. "Surprised" Ron finished.

Kim murmured. "I am surprised that you kept a secret like this from me. Why didn't you tell me? I mean we have always told each other everything."

"Kim I wanted to, but I gave my word that I would not say anything about the school, what I had done and what was expected of me. You had enough weight on your shoulders. But now Sensei has reasons for me to reveal all of this to you and to send the blade to me. Now, he senses something and you will be playing a major part in it. Kim, I know I hurt your trust. We have just started a new time in our lives. I hope that I can regain that trust that I broke."

"Well said Stoppable-san" a voice said.

Kim yelled and jumped into fighting position. She was surprised to see Yori? Her raven black hair cascaded down her back as she stood holding a small wooden box. and a larger wooden box. "Yori, how are you doing?" Kim asked.

"Greetings Possible-san, it is good to see you again." She said.

Ron stood and turned to face the new arrival. "Welcome Yori, I heard you approaching. . Yori…Yori it…it is good to see you again."

The girls faced brightened at Ron's greeting as Kim's face darkened. She could tell the Yori cared deeply about Ron. The goodbye Yori had given him after they had rescued Sensei and Monkeyfist had almost left Kim standing there open-mouthed in shock and maybe a little jealous.

Kim was surprised when Yori bowed deeply to Ron. Yori again spoke to Ron in a voice full of respect and awe. Kim had never heard ANYONE speak to Ron in this manner. "Stoppable-sama. Sensei bid me to bring you the Lotus Blade." Yori knelt in front of Ron as she laid the wooden box she was carrying on the ground. Kim stepped up to Ron's side. He glanced at her and reached to take her hand. He motioned for her to kneel with him in front of the box. She knelt at his side in the soft green grass. She noticed that Yori had not moved and remained in a kneeling position. Ron reached out with his free hand and opened one of the two clasps holding the box closed. The he motioned for Kim to reach out with her free hand and undo the other clasp. As she touched the box, she felt a warm sense of well-being but also a sense of power. She jerked her hand back. Her head swam for a second as she shook her head to clear it. Kim turned to look at Ron; he just nodded and motioned again for her to open the clasp. She reached out again and this time opened the clasp of the box. Ron opened the lid and inside laid a beautiful katana. Ron sighed slightly and took hold of the sword. Kim felt a surge of emotions and power when Ron touched the sword. Ron drew the sword out of the box and extended it out. He then turned the blade around and held it in his lap.

Yori spoke "Stoppable-sama is the keeper and wielder of the Lotus Blade. Possible-san I am honored to tell you that the Lotus Blade has accepted you to be at his side. This is a true honor, for only a true heart and a heart joined to that of the keeper of the blade could have touched the box and opened it."

Kim was stunned. "Wh..What did I do? I just helped him open the box and held his hand as he picked the blade up."

"This may seem simple to you Possible-sama, yet if the blade had rejected you, you would have not been able to open the box. Also, when Ron-san picked up the blade, you would have not been able to remain holding hands if the blade had rejected you. Master Sensei will be pleased with the news."

Yori spoke up. "Stoppable-sama, I have a letter for you from Master Sensei. I was to give it to you if all went well, and it has." Yori reached into her pack that she was carrying and handed Ron an envelope of rich vellum. Then Yori reached inside of her pack and produced a letter similar to that of Ron's. "I have a letter for you Possible-sama." She gave the letter to Kim. It was just like Ron's. "Sensei bade me to give the letters to you if the signs foretold came to be. The signs have been as foretold . It is an honor. Stoppable-sama, Possible-sama." With that Yori bowed to Kim and Ron. "Sensei bid me to tell each of you to read your letters, however you are not to reveal the contents of your letter to the other."

The two teens nodded and each opened their letters. Ron's letter was short as it took him little time to read it. Ron folded his letter and waited for Kim. Kim stared at the contents of her letter.

Miss Possible,

If you are reading this thenYori has eached you and has seen the signs as I asked her to. Stoppable-sama's letter just confirms what he and I had already discussed at the school. He knows of the power of the blade and by accepting the letter and the blade he is accepting his destiny as master of the blade. You my dear girl, have a decision to make. Your feelings toward Ron are already strong or you would not be reading this letter. The keepers of the blade have over the centuries had someone standing beside them. It is my belief that this is your destiny. I know of you and your exploits. You have always been the leader and the most powerful fighter. My question to you is this. Are you willing to accept Ron as your equal and possibly your superior? Your bond with him has grown as your love for him has grown also. Look to your heart. But know that the path that you may seek with Ron will be difficult. One or both of you may not survive the coming terror. It could also destroy your bond and your friendship. Look to your heart Miss Possible. I know that Ron cherishes you very dearly. He has a great power within him. His power comes from within as your power comes from your physical strengths. The two of you will need to share your strengths with each other. Only then together can the two of you face your destinies. If you accept this path, then place your letter in the box where the blade has been. Stoppable-sama will place his letter on top of yours and your journey will begin. Yori will be there to help guide you. Whatever your decision always look to your heart."

Kim folded her letter and placed it back in her lap. She turned to look at Ron; he reached up and touched her cheek. She pressed her face into his touch and smiled, her eyes glistening. She placed her letter back into the envelope and placed it into the box vacated by the blade. Ron smiled as he leaned over and gave her a kiss. He lingered for a moment, enjoying the moment. Kim took her hand and took him by the back of his head pulling him into the kiss. She savored the moment as her lips brushed his. They broke their kiss and leaned back smiling. Ron took his letter and placed it into the box and closed it. Yori stood and bowed to the couple as she did a tear fell from her face

"It will be our honor to act as your guide, friend or teacher, whatever the need. Stoppable-sama, I have something to give you." Yori said. She turned and removed a scabbard from her bag. "This belonged to the founder of the school. It has been at the school for centuries, it would be an honor if you would accept this."

Ron stood and took the scabbard from Yori and sheathed the blade. "Yori, I accept this with honor. Let it be written that Yori Kansumi stood with the keeper of the blade."

Kim stood and stepped next to Ron. Yori stood also and stepped up to Kim. Yori bowed to Kim. "Possible-sama, through the years there has been one to stand with the chosen one. The two shared a life bond unknown to almost all. You have that bond with Stoppable-sama. It is my honor to give you this." Yori presented Kim with a wooden box. Kim opened the box and inside was what appeared to be a silver necklace with a jade amulet. "This necklace has been in my family for many years. It once belonged to one who stood with the keeper of the blade. When I first met Ron, I hoped to wear it and stand at his side. But that is not my place but yours."

Kim looked at the necklace then said. "I cannot take this. I have no special powers. It is not my right."

Yori shook her head and smiled at Kim. "Kim-kun, do not place yourself fully in Ron's shadow. He will need your counsel. Sensei told me of the bond that has come between the two of you. You will need that bond in the coming times to face what is coming. At the time foretold, the bond of the Lotus will come and the two of you will fight as one as you have never fought before."

"This will not turn me into a monkey again will it?" Kim asked. Her eye looking at Yori. Ron shook his head. "No Kim, I don't think so. I don't think Yori would have any reason to that to you." Ron took the necklace from the box and placed it around Kim's neck as she held her hair out of the way.

Kim thought to herself as Ron placed the necklace around her neck. She gave a sideways glance at Yori. "Oh no, Ron, bless you but you are so oblivious to something's around you. This Yori likes you a great deal and I am no doubt seen as competition. You take competition out any way that you can. But you trust her Ron, so I will also."

Yori could see the look that Kim was giving her. "You Kim Possible, you do not trust me, yet you trust in Ron's judgment that I would not do anything to harm you. I have no doubt that you see my feeling toward Ron-san. I also have no doubt that you know of my feelings toward you. But you have earned the right by combat and by his own choice to stand at his side. I also know that although Ron thinks of me as a friend, you have his heart. I could never take that place."

Ron held the Lotus Blade in front of him. Kim watched in wonder as the Blade changed shape and formed a necklace around Ron's neck similar to Kim's but did not have the amulet. He then placed his arm through hers and took her hand. Kim turned to him. "Ron, what is going to happen to us?"

Ron raised his hand and touched her face. "Kim, I don't know, but I trust Yori, and Sensei with my life. More than that I would trust them with your life, which means more to me than mine own." He nodded over to Yori who was standing facing the two of them. "She is a warrior and true friend. She and Sensei will be able to help guide us in the coming times and when the final time comes, I know this, Kimberly Anne Possible, I trust you with my life as I always have and always will in the future. I ask you to give me that same trust. I know that we have faced things together, and together we will face what may come."

Yori bowed to the two teens. "I have to return to the school. We shall be ready if you need us. Ron-san knows how to contact us. Farewell." The girl turned and silently returned up the path the way that she had come. Tears came as she knew that she was stepping out of Ron's life, and letting Kim enter a place that she desired more than she ever dared allow anyone to know.

Kim turned toward Ron and gave him a playful nip on the end of his nose. She then gave him a sultry look. "I trust you Ron Stoppable, but if this necklace turns me into a monkey again, you will regret it." She pointed her finger at his chest and poked him slightly to accentuate her point. She then drew a circle on his chest and drew a line down to his stomach. She smiled then standing on tip toe she gave him a slow kiss. "and there will be pain in that regret" Kim said with an evil little smile. She backed off and watched as Ron tried to get his brain back in working order after Kim had played with him. Kim giggled a little and held out her hand. He took her hand and they started toward her house. It was almost noon. On the horizon Kim noticed storm clouds gathering and flashes of lighting shown through the darkness under the clouds. She then heard the rolls of thunder. Birds were flying away from the clouds and some animals seem to be taking cover. "We better hurry and get home Ron. It looks like a storm it coming." Ron nodded and the two teens started to run towards the gathering storm hand in hand together.