She felt so…alone. Shut out, silent. Not a card, not a visit…

Why hadn't her neighbors come to wish her a happy Mother's Day?

She held little Raine close to her heart, and put her hand on her expanding stomach. She had children… That made her a mother, didn't it?

She sighed from where she sat outside. Exire was far from civilization… but the flying city had plenty of wildlife and beautiful nature… and Virginia would never tire of seeing the flowers blooming, or the birds singing to the world.

The neighbors were having barbeques and cookouts… and the smell of delicious food filled the afternoon air.

She was closed away from the others… Alone in her mind with no company but her own thoughts.

"Momma," a little girl asked, tugging on her mother's sleeve. "What's that lady doing with that doll?"

"Oh, dear," her mother sighed, putting her hand on her daughter's shoulder. "She thinks that doll is her daughter…"

"Why?" the girl questioned, her brown pigtails bouncing slightly.

"She…just does. She misses her daughter a lot… Her daughter's been gone for a long time."

"Oh…" the small child frowned, looking at her untouched plate of food. "Shouldn't we wish her a happy Mother's Day, then?" She looked up at her momma with pleading eyes.

"That's a sweet thought, honey…"

"Okay momma, I'll do that" She ran toward the woman, picking a purple and white tulip from the flowerbed on the way over.

She approached the strange lady softly, her little feet making no sound in the lush grass. "Uhm…hi!" she said shyly, offering the flower with one hand.

Virginia turned towards her, her blue eyes sad.

"This is for you!" the little girl continued, setting the flower on the bundle the woman held. "And this too!" she pushed the plate of food closer to the elfin woman. "It's real good, my momma made it special today."

She smiled timidly as the woman took the offered food, a small smile forming on her face. "Thank you…" she whispered slowly, shifting the bundle to one side.

"You're welcome!" the little girl grinned, happy that the lady had accepted the food. "And Happy Mother's Day!" The small child gave Virginia a small hug and dashed off.

She let her blue eyes follow the girl's path home. Then she looked back down at the food, and took a bite.

It was 'real good'. Looking up at the girl and her mother, she smiled slightly.

It would be rude not to thank the woman for the food… and of course, she would have to tell her what a nice daughter she had raised…

This is just a thought, but Exire seemed too small and empty of people to me. I think the city is much bigger than people give it credit for.

Please critique this. I haven't felt like writing for awhile (and I still don't, but since it is Mother's Day, I really wanted to write something).