She had only been there two years… Eight seasons that he didn't even remember. He couldn't recall her face, or the way that she smelled. She was only a small fuzzy blur at the back of his consciousness…but yet, she meant so much.

Her lack of presence was what had brought him to this small closed-in grassy area at the back of his caretaker's property.

"Thanks… for…being there for me, mom…" he whispered, his fingers tracing over the small engravings on the tombstone in front of him. "If…if it wasn't for you protecting me the way you had for so long… I wouldn't be here now. I wouldn't have my friends, or Dad…" he gestured to the house.

He watched the sun sinking above him; a brilliant display of golden orange and fiery pink. He could almost picture the rays of light to be arms, stretching across the sky around him in some kind of an embrace.

"Did I ever show you, this, Mom?" he asked sullenly, pulling a small card out of his pocket. He had shown it to her every year… ever since he had been just over two- and Mother's Day had passed after her death. He'd made the card for her, his scribbly drawings and Dirk's carefully written words- in accordance to what little Lloyd had asked him to write- covering the white paper. He hadn't really thought she was dead…

Perhaps sleeping, or maybe just… not there. Little Lloyd had not wanted to believe his mother was gone for good.

And so, almost out of habit, he brought the same card to her grave every year.

He laid himself over the grass above her resting place and opened the card. "You are the greatest mommy in the whole world; you give me lots of hugs and let me play games with you…" he sighed and laid the card on his chest, a tear making its way down the side of his face. He didn't even have to glance at the paper to know the rest of the words…

"I love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much…"

Thirteen very's.

He knew the card by heart, and yet, every year, he still felt the same after reading it. Almost empty… as if he were missing something…

He watched the sky until the colors had sunk below the horizon… Mother's Day would be over, soon.

He slowly stood up, putting one hand on the grave, and clutching the card to his heart with the other. "Happy Mother's Day, Mom…" he started, his eyes downcast.

"I love you very… very… very… very… very… very… very… very… very… very… very… very… very… much…"

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