Breakfast For Mama

Author Note: Sort-of from Kenji's POV, hence the childish way it's written.

Daddy had told him that it was Mother's Day… but personally he thought that it should be called "Mama Day" instead. Because it sounded better.

He was up before the sun, his little legs taking him straight to the kitchen to make his mama a yummy breakfast so that she wouldn't have to work. He didn't know how to cook, but this wouldn't stop the five-year old from trying to make scrambled eggs!

Within minutes, the entire kitchen was covered with flour and egg yolks, juice and milk. Kenji glanced around at the mess sitting in the pan on the stove. He hoped that he didn't need a fire, cause he couldn't get one started! He'd tried snapping his fingers, and blowing on the wood like he'd seen Daddy do, but it just didn't work!

Hopefully, the glop in the pan in front of him would somehow magically turn itself into the yummy breakfast that Daddy liked to make.

But no matter how long he stirred it, the random group of ingredients looked the same. So the young child decided to try to clean up the mess. He was good at cleaning! He'd never really done it, but he'd watched Mama do it all the time…so it couldn't be that hard!

He ran outside to the pump to get some water, and carried it in, sloshing the liquid all over the floor. He looked around for a washcloth, but only saw a towel…and since it was all that was available.. he thought it would work pretty well.

After all, it was a pretty large towel.

He dumped the blue towel into the bucket and pulled it out, letting water drip everywhere, beaming proudly. This would clean a lot of stuff really fast!

Just then, he heard his parent's shoji slide open, and, in panic, he looked around the kitchen to see if it was clean, yet.

It was still a really big mess!

He scampered outside quickly to find something, and made it back just in time to see his parent's reaction to his creation. He slid up in front of his mama, his hands behind his back, and a wide beaming grin on his face.

"I love you Mama!" he declared, hugging her leg and pushing a rose that he had plucked from the garden in front of her. "Happy Mama Day!"

Ehh…I had hoped that this would have come out better… I used to be able to write Kenji as a child very well, but lately, it's gotten harder for me to write children. They just don't have the angsty thoughts that adults do. I love Kenji-chan, though.

I'm not sure if I wrote him alright or not, so please do critique this if you have the time. Thank you!