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Lessons in Alchemy

Chapter 1: The Elric Brothers

"Alchemists? Really?" She looked them over, a short blonde boy wearing a long red jacket, and a taller one in a suit of armor, they didn't seem like alchemists. Well, it's not like she'd ever met an alchemist before, only heard about them and read about them in lots of books-but she would never tell them that.

"Yep! I'm Edward Elric a.k.a. the Full Metal Alchemist!" He beamed and flashed his watch for her to see. She looked at it and raised an eyebrow. "What's this?" She asked, staring at it with wonder and rubbing it between her fingers. The surface had a lion looking animal, and it looked really old fashioned.

"You don't know?" Ed asked, staring at the girl with wide golden eyes.

"No. Am I supposed to or something?" Oh great, now they'll find out that she doesn't know much about alchemy. She looked at your feet.

"Basically, brother's a dog of the military," replied the suit of armor. The girl turned her attention to him. "Oh, and I'm Al- Alphonse Elric." He added, and it seemed that he smiled, but it was hard to tell behind the suit of armor.

"A dog of the military?" She repeated with confusion in your voice. "Oh, and people usually call me Ash." She finished. Her real name was Ashton, but she liked Ash better, it sounded more exotic, not to mention the fact it went more with her tomboyish appearance.

"Ash? That's a boy's name…" Ed said. "OW!" He exclaimed, after getting hit by Al. Al would have been glaring at his brother, if it was possible to see his eyes. "Excuse brother. He speaks before he thinks."

"It's okay, I have the same problem," Ash replied, smiling at the boys' antics. It was nice to actually have other people around, she were a loner, and didn't hang out with people much.

She pushed a strand of black hair behind her ears, a straggly shorter piece in the front that had escaped the ponytail and looked them over. "So what's this pocket watch mean anyway?" Asked Ash, staring at it still.

She didn't look like the other girls in the town, who are into make-up and jewelry and dresses. She wore a pair of baggy blue jeans and a white t-shirt with a turtle on it, those cute ones that are dressed in camo. Her hair was long, like down to her waist, and deep black in color, and always tied back into a ponytail or braid or something, but never seen down. At the moment, it was in a ponytail.

"It makes me an official state alchemist," Ed smiled, seeming happy to brag.

"A state alchemist? Aren't you a little young?" She asked. Ash knew about state alchemist because she had read about them.

"No, how old do you think I am?" He inquired and she looked him over with amber pools.

"Um, I dunno, maybe thirteen."

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? THAT I'M A SHORTY SHRIMP THAT CAN ONLY BE SEEN WITH A MAGNIFING GLASS? I'LL SHOW YOU! I'M FIFTEEN DAMMIT! FIFTEEN!" He looked like he was about to have a compulsive reaction or something.

"Oh," was the only thing the tomboy could think to say. She was a little shorter than him herself, about two inches, but she was only thirteen. "I'm sorry; I didn't mean it to be offensive or anything."

"Oh don't worry. Brother makes a big deal out of everything," said Al, and Ash turned to him. "He sounds just like me," she said and laughed.

"So why do you travel in a suit of armor? Doesn't it get hot, or heavy?" She inquired; these two brothers were full of mystery.

"Uh…um…not really…I'm used to it…" He stammered.

Ed saved him. "So are you an alchemist?" He asked, making Ash turn her attention away from the younger brother.

"Um…well sorta…You could say that," she lied. The only thing Ash knew about alchemy was what she had read in books, but she'd never tried it before.

"Sorta?" asked Al and the amber orbed girl nodded before asking, "So where are you staying?" She pushed more strands of hair behind her ears.

"At a local hotel… you?" Ed replied.

"Oh, I live over by the park," she said, which was kind of true. Technically, Ash was only an orphan with no place to live, so she lived in an abandoned shack by a wood by the park. No one bothered her, because they thought it to be haunted, and she kept it that way so people will leave her alone.

"Oh, those are nice houses. You're parents must be rich…" Al says and she laughed.

"Not really. So you guys are travelers huh?" The girl asked, and they nod. "So how long ya staying?"

"Until Mustang tells us to come back, or we find info on the stone," replied Ed. He looked at a tall Sakura Tree and watched a bird flutter onto one of its branches.

"I gotta get home you guys, sorry. I have to feed my pet," she said, after checking her watch, sad that her talk with the Elrics had come to an end.

"You've got a pet! WOW! Is he cute?" asked Al, and it was apparent that he was a big animal lover.

"Yes very. Hey, how about we meet here tomorrow at eleven?" Ash proposed, wanting to find out more about these alchemists.

"Sure," says Ed and he smiles as he and his brother turn away and walk towards the hotel, yelling bye behind them.


Ash laid on her moth-eaten mattress and stared out the window of the shack, the sound of crickets filling her ears. Beside her, Arkilus slept. No one was sure what he was, because he looked like a mixture or things.

"Those boys are sure a mystery," she thought aloud, watching the bright stars in the sky. "I guess in a way, they're my only friends."

Her sigh fills the air and she turned away from the window and looked down at Arkilus and pet him. Ash stared off into space for a moment, but a crash brought her back to earth and she turned towards the window. Suddenly, the silhouette of a figure appears in front of it, staring right at her!

She screamed and jumped up, ready to attack if they came closer. "W-who are you?" she asked, ready to pretend to be the ghost that haunts the shack that someone had died in.

"Leave, or I'll kill you for coming to the place I died," she said in an eerie, ghostly voice. Hopefully this will scare the intruder away.

"I know you're not the ghost. You're Ashton McNill, the orphan girl that lives in this shack," said a deep voice of a man.

"How do you know me? Who are you?" She questioned, feeling shaky. Her knees were shaking so heavily that it was hard to stand.

There was no answer, and the silence was killing her-literally. She started to feel pains in every part of her body; it started at her head and worked its way down; and it got hard to breathe; it felt like a fifty ton weight was on her chest. Her amber orbs flash with pain.

Then she fell on the bed, and her eyes slowly began to flicker closed. Images of Ed suddenly floated into her head and then drifted out. The only thoughts she could think of was why Ed was on her mind, but then it became impossible for her to think at all.


Ash awoke with sunlight drifting in through her window and rubbed her eyes. "Was it a dream?" she asked herself and looked around. She nodded to herself, thinking that it was nothing but a dream, but then she noticed how she was lying sideways on her bed and didn't have the blanket over her.

"That was too weird," the coal-colored haired girl thought and then checked her watch to see it was 10:55. "Oh shit, I'm going to be late!" She yelled and fixed her hair.

"Come on Arkilus, you can come with me, its Sunday morning and most people are at church." She said, picking him up and ran out the door to the place where she had met up with the boys before.

On the way there, a local deli caught her eye and she stopped to get some breakfast for her and Ed and Al. The food smelled good and flowed into her nostrils, making her mouth water as she finally arrived at the meeting place.

"You're thirty minutes late," said Ed, smiling a little. Ash immediately thought back to what happened last night, and how his images floated into her mind-"well he was handsome, but I can't like him like that," she thought.

"Sorry. I brought some breakfast," She said smiling and holding out the sack of donuts to Ed. He took them hungrily and shoved a chocolate one in his mouth. She laughed as she saw him with chocolate smeared on his face.

"Come on Brother, use your manners," says Al, and Ed blushed and wiped his mouth off on his sleeve. Arkilus jumps from the girl's hands and runs over to Al.

"Is this your pet?" Asked Al, bending over to pick up the animal. Arkilus did look pretty weird, like no species she'd ever seen before. He was small, and white in color, and had the body and head of a puppy, the tail of a fox, and a small horn on his forehead.

"Yup, that's Arkilus, he's a little weird looking but he's really nice," Ash replied, but Ed's eyes grow big.

"Where did you get him?" asked Ed, he looked like he wanted to kill Arkilus right there and then.

"I found him in my shack-oops!" Ash said, covering her mouth, not able to believe she just admitted that to them.

"Shack?" asked Al but Ed stares at the creature in his little brother's arms.

"Al, can you tell? Arkilus is a chimera," he says, staring off into space.

"I kinda thought so. I mean, you don't see things like this everyday," replied Al. The girl stared at them. "What's a chimera?" she asked…

"Nina," Ed muttered, and everything grew quiet.

"Who?" Ash asked, but the sky suddenly grows dark as the voice from last night fills her head.

"Don't get too attached to Ed, he won't be around much longer, and neither will you or Arkilus. You better prepare yourself," said the voice, echoing through her head. The ungodly pain started flowing through her again, and she fell to her knees, holding her head in her hands.

"This pain…what can it be from?" she asked herself, before unconsciousness overtook her…


What's causing this pain? How was Arkilus made? Who wants to kill Ed? What's causing that voice? Find out soon!

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