Down to Earth – Yugi's an angel who saved the heavens from an unknown evil at the truth that he would have to be reborn. Now fifteen years later, the time when Yugi first died, he is reborn and Ryou and Malik go looking for him only to find that they have more problems than usual.

Unexpected Love – Marik's jealous, Bakura's lonely, Ryou is saddened and confused, and Malik can't see this because he's trying to find out if he really loves Ryou or not

It was just a Game – Yugi is just a regular teen going through the regular problems. He's got great friends and a girlfriend he would never give up. What happens when his world is turned around by an unexpected visitor and in a weird arrival? It was just a game until a strange power surge made one of the characters in Yugi's favorite game a reality.

Out at Sea – Like Pirates of the Caribbean; Bakura's a captain of his ship, The Sennen, along with his two top mates, Marik and Yami. Bakura kidnaps Ryou in order to keep from being killed from Ryou's father, the governor of the island, and Yugi and Malik follow for their own reasons.