Light on the Water

By Dragonbait


If my mother were alive today, imagine what she would make of this world. She would find that her dreams of seeing Sorceress Adel toppled off her gilded throne in Esthar had been realised. She would also find that Esthar had not returned to the kingdom she had performed for once, but a republic--founded by none other than those who had striven so hard to oust the sorceress, countless politicians and statesmen, but most importantly, she would smile at the man who had been ingenious enough to formulate the plan to destabilize and eventually entrap Adel. My father--Laguna Loire.

How she would rejoice in the fact that it had been her lover that had found the brilliant way to ensnare the meglomaniac sorceress, and she would also rejoice in the fact that I, her son, eventually killed Adel. There's a definite sort of poetic and ironic justice in that fact. If I had not been half-mad with grief, trying to find a way to return my beloved wife from a magically-induced coma, I might never have done such an act. Had my archenemy, Seifer Almasy, not forced Rinoa to become melded to Adel during one horrific battle, I might never have delivered the poetic justice that Adel suffered at the hand of Raine Leonhart's son.

The following is a true account of the haylcon years that were my parent's courtship and marriage. As a father now, with two children of my own, I can see the actions of my father in a different light. I do not hate him, nor can I, now that I understand that whatever Laguna did and does, he does in the best interest of all those involved. He knew he was taking a risk when he set out to save Ellone Tudor--my sister, from the hands of the Estharian forces. He knew, too, that my mother was pregnant, and that she had long defied Adel.

All I can say is this: do not think that this is a mere love story set against the turbulent backdrop of the First Sorceress War. Think of it as a story for us all--perhaps not for the cynic, who is probably shaking his head in dismay as he reads the words of a so-called hero's preface to his father's biography--a story that, even though things seemed bad and dark times faced the world, showed that there is indeed an inscruitable and immense courage that resides within each and every one of us--and that no matter how hard we hold on, time escapes us.

The feared Sorceress Ultimecia, a sorceress from a future that is still a lifetime away, once said that time will not wait. She also told us, when we were fighting her, to reflect on our childhood, our words, our sensations, and our emotions. These are the key ingredients in this story: sensations, emotions, drama, words. I cannot garuntee that you will view Laguna Loire as anything but a babbling idiot or that you will view him as possibly the most brilliant and cunning man of this century. But I can garuntee this: it is possibly the most authorative history of the First Sorceress War, the events that preceeded it, the events that followed it--right through to after the seventeen years' silence of Esthar with the rest of the world.

History is not something that everyone sees eye-to-eye about. History tells us what happened, but the rest is left entirely to the interpretation of the scholar. Perhaps this story will be merely a fairy tale in the eyes of the world, but I do know that it is possibly stranger than any type of fiction I have ever encountered. History is strange, our interpretation of the fact is stranger still. However, know that above all, history is made by people--events might shape the course of the world, but it is people who put those events into motion. My mother knew this, as did my father, and countless others who fought and died in the name of whomever ordered them to fight. I myself, have known my fair share of battles, each one carefully selected to ensure the survival of the fittest--Darwinism, one might call it.

But also, history can be rewritten. They can omit details, fabricate lies. History itself is made up of false interpretations, false statements. History covers up the truth, and only after the fact can anyone ever begin to write it down.

This is a true account of the events of the First Sorceress War.

Squall Leonhart.
Commander of SeeD
Knight to Sorceress Rinoa