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Title: The Ugly Princeling 4/4

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Manon

Disclaimer: Based on "The Ugly Duckling" by Hans Christian Andersen. Characters belong to Tolkien though they are not mine, never were.

Warning: Emotional feelings, angst, violence. No character death! Probably tissues are needed.

Rate: PG-13

Summary: We all knew about Legolas's beauty, but what story/past is Legolas trying to hide? Find out, as King Elessar tells Legolas' story to his son.

A/N: Aragorn had many names, so apart of Aragorn I used – Estel, and King Elessar. Changing names.

A/N2: The fic was written for Teitho for theme – Middle Earth Fairy-Tales.


"No… for giving you another chance… for giving you the gift of beauty," Aragorn said to him.

"But… the one that you called 'my father' wanted me to forgive him… and… I… just cannot… not after what he did to me…" Legolas shuddered.

"He is your father, mellon-nin, you have to face him… he loves you…" Aragorn said to him.

Legolas got down from the tree and walked towards Aragorn. "I don't know what love is…" he said sadly

"I believe that this is the time to find out, my friend. It is time to start a new life…"

End of Flashback

"Father, did Legolas face his father again?" Eldarion asked.

"He did, and he has never stopped thanking me for pushing him into doing it," Aragorn replied.

"Did he accept his beauty?" Eldarion asked.

"He did… and I quote him: 'I never dreamed of such happiness as this when I was an ugly princeling.'"

"Did Legolas forgive to his father?" Eldarion asked.

Aragorn rubbed his eyebrows, wondering how to answer to his son. He was about to say something…

"He did!" a rough voice said, taking them by surprise.

"Gimli!" Eldarion exclaimed, and then looked at his father. "But… ada… I thought that only you knew this story…" he said.

Gimli walked to Eldarion and knelt down next to him. "You see, young one… when I was last here, I went into your father's library and came across this book. I started reading it and became so caught up in it that I borrowed it and took it home to read. Except I forgot to clean off the dust before I put it back on my return…"

"Gimli, where is Legolas?" Aragorn asked.

"With the horses, where do think he is?" Gimli groaned.

"Ada, finish the story, please?" Eldarion asked.

"King Thranduil accepted his son back and made up for what he did by loving Legolas – love that he should have had from the beginning. The End!"

"That was a beautiful story…" Eldarion said but was cut off when Legolas entered the room.

"What story? I want to hear…" Legolas said, smiling at them.

"You already know it, my friend," Aragorn said to him.

Eldarion looked at Legolas. "I want to ask you something about what father had told me in his story 'The Ugly Princeling'," he asked.

"What?" Legolas asked confused. He wanted to forget his past, except the others would not let him.

"Come, my friend, let us go and eat. I will explain to you after dinner; by then Eldarion may remember all the questions that he wants to ask you… come…"

All left the room except Legolas, who stood there with a frown on his face.

"Come… Legolas…" Eldarion had come back in when he noticed that Legolas was not with them. He grabbed Legolas' hand and tugged at it.

"I am coming, young one, I am coming…" Legolas said, smiling down at the boy. Hand in hand, they left the room to join the others.

The End

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