"So. What are you going to tell Mom and Dad?"

"The truth. Mostly." Sharon shifted herself in the hospital bed, wincing slightly at the pain in her leg, now encased in a cast.

"Mostly? Is the Girl Scout is saying what I think she's saying?" Jaye raised an eyebrow as she leaned forward in the chair at the bedside.

"To be honest, Jaye, I don't even know what went on today. Dogs, vomiting, theft, and now a broken leg? You think I'm going to tell them the truth? They'd put me on meds and consider having you arrested or committed." She looked directly at her sister. "Seriously, we're all worried about you. I noticed it before you tried to smuggle our housekeeper across the border. You've always been impulsive. But the way you've been acting lately…it scares me. And I think it scares you."

Jaye looked down. Sure, things were crazy. Nothing new there. But twice now the talking critter put her in imminent danger in the last 24 hours. She wasn't sure about the voices anymore. Maybe it was all in her head. And if it was, why was she trying to kill herself?

"Do you think we could talk? Like sisters? Sisters who get along? No judgments? Just talk and listen? See, you really will think I'm crazy if I try to explain. I'd like to think that I'm not. But…" Jaye said, cut short by the arrival of Sharon's doctor.

The woman, a very tall and angular brunette, smiled at both of them. She absently adjusted her white smock and smiled even larger, if it were possible.

"I think we've got your vomiting all sorted out. I'm afraid I'll have to refer you to a different doctor to handle the case."

Sharon's brow furrowed. "Is it that serious?"

The doctor giggled, which looked very odd on a woman of her age and height as well as sounding like a gagging parrot. "Oh, no, no. Actually, I think your father will be tickled to death when he hears."

Exchanging bewildered glances with her sister, Jaye asked, "What are talking about?"

With a short clearing of the throat, the doctor said, "Well, maybe I should wait for…." She checked the file she held in her left hand. "Oh, you're not married. Well, then you can tell your boyfriend. It'll probably mean more coming from you, anyway."

Jaye snickered, and Sharon swung at her, missing easily. "Doctor, I don't understand what you're getting at."

"You're not sick, Sharon. You're pregnant."

Jaye felt her lower jaw unlatch. She saw Sharon's face go slack and pale. The doctor giggled again.

Finally, Sharon shook her head. "You've made a mistake. That is just not possible."

With a look of compassionate understanding, the doctor nodded and walked over to hand the clipboard to Sharon.

Jaye leaned over. While not an expert, she knew enough from being around her father to see the test results were supposedly Sharon's.

"But I'm not pregnant. I can't be."

"Well, no form of birth control is one hundred percent effective." The doctor put a reassuring hand on her patient's shoulder.

Shrugging off the doctor's hand, Sharon snapped, "But not having sex with men is. And I haven't. Not since high school. So, unless you believe in virgin births, you had better retest me." She shoved the clipboard into the doctor's stomach. "I am NOT pregnant."

"I can assure you there is no mistake." Her tone was defensive. "After a lawsuit a couple of years ago, we double test for every pregnancy. You symptoms indicated pregnancy, and testing confirmed it."

"No form of testing is one hundred percent effective," Sharon said. "I happen to be a lawyer, and unless I see angels heralding a new messiah, I think your hospital is looking at another lawsuit. Retest me."

As the doctor went on the defensive in the face of Sharon's anger, Jaye felt the wax lion move in her pocket. She gritted her teeth in preparation of what it might say. At this point, it couldn't be anything good.

The little smooshed face appeared, yawned and looked at Sharon and the doctor for a moment. "Hrmph," it grunted, and then turned to look at Jaye.

"Beware the Three Wise Men," it said and then disappeared.

Jaye collapsed back in the chair. Well, she thought, at least Mom and Dad won't be worried about me for a while.