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Chapter 1

It was May, and Calvin was back in school.

It was show and tell day, and Calvin was doing... something. You never know what Calvin might drag into school on show and tell day.

Today he had a stack of paper on his desk.

He was showing the class picture of Earth.

"Earth!" Calvin yelled.

He pulled up another piece of paper. This one had a drawing of New York City.

"Inhabited by PEOPLE!"

Miss Wormwood, the first grade teacher rolled her eyes.

Calvin picked up another piece of paper. This one had a drawing of a spaceship.

"Little do we know that ALIENS exist beyond the Milky Way!"

The class groaned.

"Calvin, this isn't that story about how you defeated the entire alien nation is it?" asked a buck toothed kid.

Calvin rolled his eyes around.

"maybe..." he said.

"Calvin we've heard that story a million, billion times!" yelled Susie.

"No, miss Dirkins," said Calvin. "You've only heard it fourteen times."

"We know how it goes, Twinky!" yelled Moe, still angry at Calvin for making the front page when he got back.

"You sing a stupid song about yourself, and kill all the aliens off!"

"I didn't kill them!"Calvin yelled. "I simply knocked them unconscious! Whoever remembers how I did it raise their hands!"

The entire class, Miss Wormwood, and the passing Mr Spittle, all rose their hands.

Calvin blinked. "You shouldn't treat the Earth Potentate so poorly! Let's not forget whose the center universe, huh?"

"CALVIN SIT DOWN!" Everyone screamed.

Calvin grumbled and sat down.

Miss Wormwood cleared her throat, and spoke.

"Class," she said. "as you know, next week is the annual spelling bee. Whoever wants to do it, will want to sign up."

"Yeah, like that'll happen!" said Calvin out loud, making Miss Wormwood's eyes flash. "I hate spelling bees! Especially THIS one!"

"Calvin, you have never signed up for it!" said Susie. "You don't know what it's like!"

"Sure I do!" chuckled Calvin. "They have you spell big words like preposterous or neglectful. Or Alien!"

Everyone groaned.

"And speaking of aliens..." began Calvin, but Miss Wormwood cut him off.

"Please, Calvin! We don't have to hear that story again!"

Calvin chuckled, carelessly, and leaned back in his seat.

"Well, Miss Wormwood,"Calvin chortled. "Let me tell YOU. I fell that the aliens are STILL out there. Biting their time! And waiting to ATTACK! You never know when something grey with tentacles is about to burst through the school walls!"

Moe rolled his eyes, but no one could see for obvious reasons.

That day, after Calvin got off the bus, he carefully walked down the sidewalk.

His eyes fixed on the door in front of him.

Calvin looked in through the window.

Yes, Hobbes was there, staring at the door with an evil grin on his face, and his tail flicking back and forth.

Calvin thought for a moment.

Then he got an idea.

He raced around to the back of the house, he quickly turned the hose on, and water started flowing out.

Calvin tested the hose, by putting his finger over it to make more water come out faster.

He was able to hit a tree from ten feet away.

Calvin grinned, and ran back to the front door.

He opened the door and yelled, "I'M HOME!"

Calvin heard Hobbes' feet leave mother Earth, as he flew at Calvin like a big orange torpedo.

Calvin aimed the hose right at Hobbes' face.


"YOW! HISSSSSSS!" Hobbes rolled into a ball and crashed into the front lawn.

Calvin threw his head back and laughed.

Hobbes' wet head shot up, and took aim for Calvin again.


Direct hit.

Calvin went sailing through the door, and slammed into the stairs.

Calvin and Hobbes rolled around on the ground for five minutes, until mom came up.

"Calvin!" she yelled. "There's water all over this room!"

Then she spotted the hose laying on the porch.

Her eyes bulged.


"It wasn't me, mom!" Calvin said. "It was Hobbes! He was gonna pounce on me! I needed SOME KIND of defense!"

"ROOM!" Mom screamed so loud that the roof shook.

Calvin grumbled all the way up to his room.

Calvin opened the door to his room.

A newspaper clipping was hung above his bed.

Hobbes looked up at it.

"When did you put THIS up?" he asked.

"Yesterday." said Calvin grinning over at it. "People may not believe me about the ALIENS, but at least THEY didn't get on the front page."

Hobbes read the article.

Lost boy, Calvin, found in a shocking reunion

Calvin, the boy who had been lost in the Camp Pine Mountain range for a whole month, is finally found. Calvin tells a strange story about aliens and Camp Instructor John Howard Chill. What is most shocking is that Calvin is terrified of "John" who turns out to be Rupert Chill wanted in several states. The real story behind Calvin's disappearance is unknown. Some people think Rupert found Calvin and tried to kill him. Though this theory does explain Calvin's fear for him. It still leaves many questions unanswered. Who are these so-called "aliens"? How did John Chill end up in the middle of a hiking trail? And what really happened in that tense month in June? Though many people are baffled, Calvin's parents are just glad to have him back.

"Can you BELIEVE that!" Calvin yelled, jabbing his finger at the article.

"What?" asked Hobbes.

"' The real story behind Calvin's disappearance is unknown.'" said Calvin, quoting the article. "'Some people think Rupert found Calvin and tried to kill him. Though this theory does explain Calvin's fear for him. It still leaves many questions unanswered.' I gave them the WHOLE story about what happened, and they just think of me as some kind brainless klutz, waltzing around the mountains, babbling to myself about aliens!"

"That seems pretty unfair." said Hobbes. "If they sat there and insulted you like that, why did you hang it up above your bed?"

"Well, DUH!" said Calvin. "How often is it that you get put on the front page?"

Hobbes rolled his eyes.

Just then, the door slammed downstairs, signaling dad coming home.

"I DID IT!" he yelled. "I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID IT!"

Calvin and Hobbes exchanged glaces, then ran down the stairs.

"You got us a e-machines PC with CD burner, DVD burner, DVD player, and an internet modem?" asked Calvin, hopefully.

"Heck, no!" said dad, looking shocked. "I finally have enough money to take us on vacation again!"

Silence greeted these words.

Calvin spun around to Hobbes.


Calvin started to run away, when dad said, "No, Calvin, it's not another camping trip!"

Calvin stopped.

"Really?" he said. "OH, YES! what is it? A safari?"

"Nope." said dad.

"A road trip to Mexico?"


"A commercial flight to the moon?"

"Even better!" said dad excitedly.

"Well, what is it!" demanded Calvin.

"A fishing trip over at the edge of the Atlantic ocean!" said dad, proudly.

There was a loud moment of silence.

Mom had come into the room, and was now staring at dad.

Dad stared at all the blank faces that surrounded him.

"What? Don't you think that's fun?"

"Do what the truth or one of those little white lies that make you happy?" asked Calvin.

Dad sighed. "Look gang, I'm sure this is gonna be fun!"

"Oh, sure!" said Calvin, sarcastically. "Watching a bunch of deranged fish flopping around in a bucket gasping for air is SURE to be a blast! Boy, I hardly wait!"

Dad glared at Calvin. "Calvin, this IS going to be fun!"

"Where are we going to do this?" asked mom. "The Land of Oz?"

"I told you!" said dad. "We're going to the edge of the Atlantic!"

"I'll be hiding under the bed." grumbled Calvin, walking away with Hobbes.

Little did Calvin know what adventures awaited him at the Atlantic Ocean.

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