Author's Note: This is actually the first fanfic I ever wrote, way back in….2002. I've decided to do a rewrite on it because frankly, I thought the original sucked. While some things will remain the same, some of it will change. This story also contains b SLASH /b and multiple pairings. You have been warned.

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It had been four months, six days, fifteen hours, since the fall of Voldemort, not that Hermione Granger was keeping tracking or anything, when she walked into Mademoiselle Delacour's School of Ballet in Kalper's High, a quaint little wizarding town that had began after the Dark Lord's defeat just south of Hogsmeade.

The moment she stepped in, she felt like she was home. The pristine white walls that held wizard photos of ballerinas throughout the times, dancing gracefully across the grounds outside castles and large coliseums in shows from the time of Shakespeare. Hermione felt at peace. She did not feel like a bird trapped in a cage anymore, but like a seagull spreading it's wings and flying out over the sea, free at last from the hate which graced her when she entered the wizarding world a little less than seven years ago.

She walked further into the school and peered into the room where she saw the blonde veela rounding toddlers' arms over their heads and smiling cheerfully, stepping away she instructed them to turn once to the right, followed by a curtsey. They all did so, though not in sync with each other and erupted into small chuckles.

Fleur, clapping her hands together and turning to gather a basket full of candy said to the little girls, "Zat was very good, allz ofz you, takez one pieze of candies and zee all ofz you next week."

As the little girls dressed in pink and purple tutus exited through the door on the left, Hermione walked in and grinned warmly at Fleur.

"Bonjour Mademoiselle Granger, howvz you been?"

"I have been all right. As you can see," Hermione gestured to her clothes, the standard level three ballet uniform she wore, "I have decided to take you up on your offer. Since the battle is over, I have nothing to fear and I can actually leave the confines of the castle without the watchful eye of Mad-Eye Moody."

"Zat is ze most wonderderfell newz. Zpeakingz ofz ze claz you willz havz a partnare Monsieur Malfoy, zat blonde boy fromz your school."


"You have something to say about it Granger?"

Hermione jumped and spun around in mid air, facing the doorway from which she had just entered through.

"What are i you /i doing here Malfoy?"

"Well, seeing to how my father is dead and my mother fled the manor, I see no reason to hide who I am anymore."

"Hide that you're a malicious ferret who turned when the finale wasn't favoring the Dark Side?"

"No, to hide the fact that I am gay Granger; do you have any idea how much shit I would have gotten if I, the son of Lucius Malfoy, right hand man to Voldemort and was a poof? Practically everyone is dead from that house and I've no family, so why hide."

"YOU'RE GAY! Oh Malfoy, what else are you going to surprise me with now?"

"The person I have my eyes set on is one of the greatest Seekers in all of Britain and I've imagined his tight arse wrapped around my cock throughout entire durations of Quidditch games."

"HARRY! You want Harry!"

The blonde Slytherin grinned like the Cheshire Cat and spoke just above a whisper, "Yes, and you're going to help me get him?"

At this point, Fleur decided it would be best to leave the two alone, and she casually slipped out of the room unnoticed.

"Whoa, hold on there a moment, just what makes you think that Harry is gay and that I would ever help a weasel like you?"

"I've seen the way Potter has looked at guys, seen his cock disappear into Seamus' mouth, and you will help me, or else I go to the Daily Prophet and let them know a certain head of Slytherin and Gryffindor's most prized know-it-all is fucking like rabid kneazles."

Hermione's eyes bugged from her head, "We are not having sex! That is preposterous, he hates me and he treats me like filth!"

"I know you're not having sex, but I know you want to, oh I really know you do."

Hermione's eyes narrowed, speaking through gritted teeth, "How do you know that?"

Walking towards her, arms crossed, he bent down and whispered into her ear, "We were both prefects you know."

Hermione gasped and jumped back, blushing in abundance; that retched slime ball had heard her at her most intimates of moments.

"So, in turns, if you help me win over the Boy Who Lived's heart, I will help you win over the heart of the most dreadful Potions Master Hogwarts has ever seen."

Head down she stood there, contemplating. Should she take it and run with it, finally getting the chance to have her hearts desire, or should she call his bluff and never speak of this moment again, in turns fleeing the dancing school?

"Do you have some marvelous plan to pull this off, or are we just going to wing it?"

"Is that a yes, Granger?"

"It is, Draco."

"Oh my dear Hermione, pretty soon we shall have the men of our dreams."

With that said, Hermione and Draco called the delicate flower and they began the nights dance lesson.

After the dance, they went out to a nearby pub, where they discussed the plan that would ensnare the men. Hermione sat there giggling at the young master, who sat there telling of his plan that had been in the works.

"Draco, you sound like you've had this planed for some time."

"Try fifth year."

"My lord! Do you really think this could work?"

"It has to, Professor Snape always pairs Gryffindors and Slytherins together and as for the Quidditch, just leave that up to me. We'll also have to talk things over with Mademoiselle Fleur to get permission from her."

"As for her," said Hermione cheerfully, "There's a certain Weasley she fancies and I know he fancies her, so let's leave that part of the plan to me."

"Then we are agreed, second Potions class we have a lab, we set out plan into motion."

"Indeed we do."

They laughed and clanked their butterbeer mugs together, tossing their heads back and emptying its contents into their stomachs.

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