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October thirteenth found Draco and Hermione, sitting side by side in their second potions lab, following over from the previous class, due to Snape's 'trying to unify two houses that will never be unified' under Dumbledore's orders. Ron was of course paired with Goyle, Harry to Crab and Neville with Millicent and so on.

The class was picking up on the 'Ne m'oublier pas,' meaning forget me not, a memory potion, that will allow you to remember as far back at to when you were only a few days old.

"I would like to remind the class, that, the potion with the best results shall be sent to St. Mungo's, to help those who have suffered severe memory loss. Please, try not to melt the cauldrons Mister Longbottom, and let's not have any mishaps," he said the last part eyeing his Slytherins.

It was time to set their plan into motion.

"I need to go and grab the flubberworm larva from Professor Snape and the jobberknoll feathers, I will be back momentarily." She nodded her head slightly and gave Draco a small wink, signaling it was time.

Hermione strode over to the student cabinet and selected the vibrant red phoenix tail feathers, knowing full well she was supposed to choose the orange jobberknoll feathers. With a flick of her wand, she had the problem solved and the words rearranged themselves for a short period, allowing her just enough time to mess the potion and for Snape to see the mislabel.

She rejoined Draco back at the table.

"Let's see, where are we? Ah ha, here we are. We need to add the larva in about two minutes, followed by the jobberknoll feathers, then stir the potion counter clockwise four times and it should be a bright blue."

"All right Granger, have at it."

"You need to do something too, Mafoy. Drop the larva in and I guess I'll do the rest."

Draco dropped one of the larvae into the cauldron and Hermione then dropped the 'jobberknoll' feathers into it. Hermione then proceeded to stir the potion clockwise.

After the final turn she took the stirring rod out and looked at it. It had turned to the bright blue the text book called for, except for now with the resulting factor being a memory restorer; it should now be a calming draught.

That's when the cauldron decided to burst into flame and turn a soft, peach color.

The flame quickly died out and by that time Snape was at their table.

"What happened here?"

"I am not too sure Professor. I followed the text book precisely and this occurred."

"This is not what I expected from you two."

Snape then pulled a small vial from his robes and dipped it into the peach liquid. Bringing it to his nose, he sniffed it; he whispered a cooling charm and he down the substance.

Big mistake.

The liquid that slid down his throat tasted like honey, with a hint of strawberry. He could feel his loins bursting into flame a need so great he dared not open his eyes.

"Malfoy! Granger! Be in my office at precisely eight this evening! No excuses. Class, put a freeze spell on your potions and get the hell out. NOW!"

The class scurried off in all directions, trying not to spill the contents of their cauldrons, but trying to get out as quick as they could.

Hermione and Draco made sure to get out of the line of sight in case he were to open his eyes; they didn't want to be anywhere near him.

As Snape heard the dying down of feet turn into nothing, he cast open his eyes to meet nothing. With the wave of his hand his door flew shut and warded itself. Walking to his desk and sat and tugged at his robes.

Once his shirt was out from his pants and the zipper and button undone, he released himself. He feverishly wanked himself to orgasm, his pearly jets of come shooting over his and on to his pants with a few grunts, all the while wondering what the hell those two did to the potion.

Down the hall in an unused classroom, Hermione and Draco stood talking.

"What do you think caused him to react like that?"

"I don't know Granger, but whatever it was, I am sure we will find out tonight at eight. What do you think happened?"

"Well, it was supposed to turn into a calming draught, but from the way he acted, I would say it was anything but."

"Yeah, he looked anything but calm."

"We should get going to out next classes, we've already wasted the time we had left over from Snape's. See you in the Hall and at eight."

"See you Granger."

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