A/N: Set post 1x20. Character's aren't mine, but many thanks to Rob Thomas for their creation.

She's not broken yet, but she's close. She's toeing the line, flirting with thoughts of how easy it would be.

It's difficult, sometimes, to be the strong one, the tough one, the unbreakable one.

Everyone deals with adversity differently. Her mom turns to the drink, Duncan clings to his blissful denial, and Logan (Logan, Logan, Logan) lashes out at those around him.

She removes all her emotional ties and treats any trouble she faces as just another case. She thinks that if she can make logical sense of her problems she can make everything feel okay once again.

She doesn't believe that anymore.

Now, she has more facts and things continue to spiral further and further from her control.

Logan, her Logan, supplied the GHB the night of Shelly's party.

Logan, her Logan, was the one that caused her rape.

It may have been accidental, unintentional, but believing that doesn't change the facts.

She wants to believe that Tad is lying, but it all just makes too much sense.

He can't be her Logan anymore, she realizes as she breaks down in her car. Instead, he has become her breaking point.