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Destiny is not a matter of chance,

It is a matter of choice

It is not a thing to be waited for,

But a thing to be achieved

William Jennings Bryan

She wanted to change.

She desperately needed to do so.

For her it was the only way she could let go and forget – to let go and forget of the cherry blossom who had been the center of her life for years.

The curtains were drawn already. The card mistress fulfilled her mission and fell in love with her rival who loved her back. She being the videotaping friend who was happy as long as the person she loved the most was happy even in the arms of another saw it and even gave both a push to bring them together.

The two had their happily ever after.

She thought she would have hers as well. She was wrong.

Couples do need some quality time together after all. And where better to get that time than the one allotted to the always supportive best friend?

And slowly the official photographer/ costume designer/ matchmaker/ adviser/ best friend was placed on the sidelines.

Until like being splashed with cold water she woke up from her illusion and realized one thing: she was unhappy.

Realization dawned unto her one morning when she woke up in one of those locked-up-in-my-room-crying nights and found her favorite picture of her and Sakura-chan broken.

She tried salvaging it but to no avail.

It was way beyond repair – just like her and Sakura-chan.

Getting up from her bed she took her robe by her vanity and walked to her bathroom. Without removing her nightgown she turned the shower knob allowing the water to destroy the fine fabric.

What was there to save in a life beyond repair anyway?



He was mature beyond his years – well, at least his other self was.

And throughout his existence it was his mature side who ruled over his body. He dictated him what to do, what to say and even how to feel and how to live – until now.

With emotions bottled up, the child in him came into the surface and he started to throw a fit. Chairs broken, mattress on the floor, blankets torn, everything was a mess like his mind and being.

He couldn't understand.

Even after all the things his other half told him, he still couldn't understand.

How could their love go into shambles?

You just can't be together anymore… His other self told him.

"Why? Why? Why?" he asked in clenched teeth as he punched his bedroom mirror continuously, sending shards of glass all over the place.

A small piece hit his cheek in a fine line and slowly, blood dripped from the wound.

Fata was all his other self told him.


Everything in the room was broken – his TV screen, his antique vase, and his glasses. He gave off a careless shrug.

He could always zap them back to normal anyway.

Except for one thing. His heart.

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Purple eyes watched uneven strands of ash colored hair fall on a rumpled heap in the finely carpeted floor with satisfaction.

With a broken glass as a substitute to a blunt scissor who met a tragic end with her balcony door she had to admit hat she did quite a great job in trimming her hair.

She must have gotten carried away though when she noticed something crimson slid down her pale neck and fingers.

In awe she stared at her bloodstained hands not minding the pounding in her door.

The red was beautiful – heartbreakingly beautiful. Staring at it was like getting into a trance… a dream… a reverie, a reverie where all sadness and emotion melt into oblivion.

It felt good.

"Tomoyo! Tomoyo! Tomoyo!" Sonomi's panic-stricken voice cried, bringing her back to her senses. Apparently, she had her bodyguards tear down the door when they heard something broke.

"Okaasan…" Tomoyo muttered, looking at her mother with wary eyes. Without her assent something warm slid down her cheeks.

"'kaasan…" she said in a broken voice as she blindly reached for the finely clad woman who was in the verge of tears.

"It's all right sweetheart…" Sonomi said, soothingly patting her daughter's back.

"It's all right…"

Clow Reed did a lot of mistakes in his life. At a young age, he spent a life of seclusion absorbed in his studies. He was amazed on how the stars and the forces of nature were related to everyone and everything imaginable.

The more he learned, the more he yearned for more. And the more he yearned for more, the more he isolated himself from everyone else. He did not even open the door for a love knocking.

Before he knew it, he was his own island.

He was wrong and at the setting of his sun he wanted to set things right.

There were many things he wanted to do over again and so he reincarnated himself in two beings, knowing the burden of being the most powerful sorcerer on earth.

Fujitaka, one of his reincarnations led a normal life having no memory of his past. Even though he became a widower at a young age he experienced the true meaning of love, loving and being loved in return.

His other reincarnation wasn't that lucky though.

His eleven years of romance with a woman he's willing to fight for ended in shambles and no amount of magic could put it back.

Magic was powerless when it comes to fate after all.

Clow knew that.

And so did Eriol.

Cursed fate.

Sonomi Daidouji is close to being an epitome of perfection. She is beautiful, nice, charming, rich and excels in almost everything – studies, sports, literature, art, business, you name it, and she's on top of it. She isn't the president of a huge toy company for nothing now, is she?

More than twenty years of experience in the real world taught her many things. For the fearsome President, there is no problem that cannot be solved, there is nothing broken that cannot be fixed.

Except for one thing: Her daughter: Tomoyo.

No amount of money can fix her.

Fate is worth more than all the world's riches – she knows that.

And it hurts her more knowing that she can't even help her own daughter.

She'll do anything to see her smile.

Men are not prisoners of fate,

But only prisoners of their own mind

Franklin D Roosevelt

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The moment Eriol opened his eyes he knew that he was not in his apartment. Struggling to sit up he realized a certain weight pulling the sheets and his gaze averted to a sleeping figure engulfing him with an air of nostalgia.

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