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Chapter one: Working kills.

Fall was what the season was called now. The cold and colorless world that surrounded everyone in the Kinomoto clan, But the feel was even darker in the castle of thick stone and wood. The floors were wood and waxed and washed twice a week by the servants of the palace. And windows of stain and unstained glass washed three times a weeks and the chambers of anyone royal was cleaned every day.

We start the story in the back of the basement were all the servant had to sleep as the imperial servant watched over the royals. The small corner only fitted for two young boys.

The first one was named Syaoran Li. He was forbidden to use his full name, and he had a odd liking for books. Sometimes he would buy books when he was assigned to go shopping for the cooks. Syaoran loved all books, happy or sad cruel and humorous, but mostly books of freedom.

The second was Eriol, he had not a last name at least not that anyone knew even, Syaoran is the only friend. Eriol was (Before being taken in by the Kinomoto clan) supposed to be a trained assassin part of the Daidoji clan, but he was kidnaped and beat to the point were he never talked again. Most people think his tongue was taken out because if assassin were captured they wouldn't say anything.

Eriol yawned and scratched. He looked out the little hole he had as a window, It looked about seven in the morning the way the sun was rising on the trees and pond from the royal garden. Young Syaoran had a book in his face from reading late after he daily work. "It's early." Syaoran said. Eriol nodded and got up from his mat that he slept on. Syaoran did the same as with the other 112 servant that worked at the palace. Syaoran greeted them good morning as he would do ever morning and everyone was then line up in a single file and walked slowly to the garden and farm. Syaoran and Eriol were assigned to feed the pigs, chickens, and cows.

As for the rest of the servant they had to get the floors and everything ready before the Royals awoke. Syaoran and Eriol at the same time inhaled the sweet cold morning air. Eriol took Syaoran hand and fiddled his finger around in his palm. Eriol only spoke to Syaoran when no one was around to hear his voice, and did sigh language when people were around. "It was good." Syaoran said smiling a little. Eriol had asked how his book was last night. Syaoran loved reading to Eriol. Eriol loved hearing the stories about knight and spy and secret loves that eloped together to get away from everything they hated.

"Did you sleep well?" Asked Syaoran as they walked to the pig and picked up the pale of smelly slop. Eriol just nodded.

"Bastards! all of you, you can't do a damn thing right!" Bellowed a male voice. Eriol hated it when he saw the servant got hurt or in trouble. "Listen all you ass's, After you morning routine report to the main hall at once!"

There Master and care taker Tatsuki, the Kings right hand man. Eriol hated him the most because, Master Tatsuki loved beating Eriol because he didn't cry or weep. Syaoran patted Eriol on the back. "Don't worry friend, all is well. The princess's might have more prince asking for there hand in marriage." Syaoran said. Eriol sighed and poured the slop in the pigs eating area.

All the servants gathered in the main hall with King Kinomoto in his throne and Tatsuki standing in front of the kneeling servant. The servant weren't allowed to look at the royal people of the palace, the punishment would be either death, of having you eyes taking out and thrown in the street naked. Syaoran never looked at any of the royals ever though it was tempting for him to look upon his king.

"Well Princess Tomoyo and Sakura are having a ball for there 15 year as being princess in three day!" Tatsuki said with spit flying out his month onto the nearest servant making them wince. "I want everything spick and span, oh Syaoran and Eriol have the honor of assisting Miss Tomoyo and Miss Sakura in there plans, don't mess up, boys." He said looking to Syaoran and Eriol who heads were bowed.

"Yes Master." Syaoran said. Eriol just nodded. "Good. Dismiss." He said. All the servant left in a flash Syaoran and Eriol walked away heading the Princess chamber.

Syaoran and Eriol both sighed and ran there hands threw there hair, most people would say they brother the way they acted but Eriol and Syaoran never really said they were.

"This is bullshit, Don't worry Eriol, were going to be free on day and live are lives and happy man with lots of young ones of are own and a loving woman." Syaoran said. Eriol just smiled thinking out the thought of getting and finding a trainer to full fill his mission. Syaoran and Eriol could hear Princess Sakura and Tomoyo laughing and squealing about the party and there quests. Eriol knocked on the door. "Who is it?" Princess Tomoyo called before laughing again.

"We are assigned to service you in your party plans." Syaoran said softly. Eriol scratched his arm. Sakura opened the door, Syaoran and Eriol bowed not looking at her. "Enter." She said and walked back over to her queen sized bed. Syaoran wanted to looked at the princess but it was to risky.

"Should we invite, Mykelle?" Tomoyo said. "No way, last time we had a party, she spilled her drink all over my new white gown she is such a jinks." Sakura said. Syaoran and Eriol were on one knee with there head bowed. Eriol took Syaoran and did sigh language in Syaoran hand. Syaoran laughed making Tomoyo and Sakura looked at Eriol and Syaoran.

"What are you laughing about?" Sakura said in a kindly matter not sounding offended.

"I was simply laughing at your kind and true comment on princess Mykelle." Syaoran lied. Eriol was actually telling Syaoran how they were jinks for having been assigned to this. "You have a wonderful sense of humor." Sakura said softly. "Thank you, Princess." Syaoran said closing his eyes.

"Do you not have a name humorous one?" Tomoyo said. "Yes Princess, My name is Syaoran." He answered.

"Strong name, don't you think Tomoyo?" Sakura said Tomoyo nodded in agreement. "And what is your name, silent one?" Sakura looked to Eriol. Eriol didn't say anything. "Do you not speak?" Tomoyo asked. Eriol still hadn't said a word or moved. Tomoyo got up from the bed and walked in front of Eriol. "Under order of your Princess, I command you to speak." Tomoyo said firmly. Eriol was still quiet. "Princess, My apologies, My friend does not speak to anyone but me, it is under his code as a man to speak on those you truth and know." Syaoran said nervously hoping Eriol didn't get in trouble.

"Am I not trust worthy?" Tomoyo said. "My apologies again, but if you want to know his name it is Eriol." Syaoran said. Tomoyo scoffed and turned up her nose. "A very bold man, you are Eriol." She said and walked back to the bed and sat down. Sakura smiled at Tomoyo who had a frustrated look upon her face.

"Why does he not speak to anyone but you?" Sakura said. "I am forbidden to say that, I swore not to speak of Eriol and I secret, or I am to kill myself." Syaoran said firmly. Tomoyo and Sakura laughed. "Death, ay. Your Eriol must be your brother." Sakura said softly.

"No, Princess we are very different, in every way. But he is more like a brother to me then anyone I ever met." Syaoran said. Eriol smiled a little at that feeling the same way. "Lovely." Tomoyo said writing a name on invitation.

"Well, looks like were finished here." Sakura said sighing the last invitation. "As your first duty for us, you are to send these to the post boy in one hour." Tomoyo said. Syaoran and Eriol nodded. "Yes, Princess." Syaoran said. Sakura and Tomoyo left the room and walked down the hall heading to the bathroom for a hot tea bath.

Syaoran and Eriol stood up and looked around the room. "Lovely?" Eriol said out loud coldly. Syaoran laughed. "I command you to speak." Syaoran said mockingly walking over to the book collection near the window. "At least we get some more fresh air." Eriol said to Syaoran picking up the invitions on the bed. "Wow, they have Weeping wolfs, I've been looking for this book for ages." Syaoran said with excitement. Syaoran was about to take it off the shelf but Eriol slapped his hand.

"We can't take this book, they'll know it's you since you the only one who likes book enough to do so." Eriol said. Syaoran sighed and nodded taking some of the invitations from Eriol's hand. "Your right." Syaoran said sadly.

"I didn't know you thought of me as a brother." Eriol said. Syaoran nodded. "I never really knew my family, I was taken away from then when I was still small, your the only person who understands me." Said Syaoran with a smile. "Then we are brothers, we well make it official tonight before bed." Eriol said. Syaoran nodded and then both walked out the princess Sakura room and went down the hall with there head down as a royal walked past. It was prince Touya, Sakura's brother who walked past.

Eriol and Syaoran bowed to him and walked past. Eriol and Syaoran got there black cloaks and walked out the palace heading to the market place were they were noticed my girls of there looks.

Eriol and Syaoran walked down the grey path to the market place. They could hear the noise from the playing music and talking people. Syaoran and Eriol never felt free ever for a moment that felt so trapped no matter where they went, they felt a chain around there necks. "Good day, Syaoran." Said a old man. Syaoran got his book this his place. The old man usually gave Syaoran and Eriol the books. "Looking for a new book?" The old man asked.

"No, not today sir. We have to send these invites to the post boy in one hour." Syaoran said. "Well, then I better give you this, I read it me self it was quiet sad but lovely and humorous at times, very good book, take it." The old man said handing the book to Eriol. "It's called The crying sea." Syaoran said to Eriol. Eriol couldn't read as good as Syaoran so in there spare time Syaoran would teach him. "Thank you." Syaoran said bowing along with Eriol. "No problem. now hurry along." The old man said smiling. Eriol and Syaoran smiled back at him and ran to the post boy.

Sakura and Tomoyo were in a large marble bathtub and hot water. They were in towels talking. "That boy name Eriol reminds me of someone from the past," Tomoyo said bitting her bottom lip thoughtfully. "I believe Father said he was to be a assassin." Sakura spoke looking up at the ceiling. "Ya, I remember, Daidoji, my mother's clan before it was destroyed." Tomoyo said sadly. Sakura sunk in the tub a little more. "Yes, I don't believe that Syaoran is telling the truth, it a coldness about him that makes me wonder." Sakura said looking over to Tomoyo who took her hair out and let it flow in the hot bath water. "Wonder?" Tomoyo said.

Sakura nodded. "Yes, but that doesn't matter, father has invited seventeen of the prince in the fifty mile all around. " Sakura said. "Damn, more of them." Tomoyo said frustrated "I fear so." Sakura said. "I wish Uncle wasn't so forward about marriage, we are only fifteen years." Tomoyo protested. "He must think we a ready to bare young by twenty." Sakura said.

"Twenty, this is mad!" Tomoyo said standing up. "I know, I tried reasoning but he wouldn't listen." Sakura said.

Syaoran and Eriol walked to the bathroom and opened the large door walking into a mist of steam. "Your highness's?" Syaoran said as Eriol and Syaoran bowed. "Have you done what we asked?" Tomoyo said. "Yes Princess." Syaoran answered simply. "Very good, fetch up are clothes." Tomoyo said. Syaoran and Eriol walked over backward not turning there back until they reached there door. "Come Brother, the sooner we do this, the sooner we can continue your studies." Syaoran said. Eriol nodded thirsting for knowledge.

Syaoran and Eriol ran back to the Princess's chamber and fetched there Kinomoto's and ran back to the great sliding doors and entered the bathroom. "Well, at least nothing well go wrong at the ball." Sakura said brightly as Syaoran and Eriol put there Kinomoto's on a hook and walked out.

Night fell and the fall night's was colder then ever. Syaoran and Eriol were use to the old breeze that walked through there little space in the back of the basement. Eriol and Syaoran took some ink from the supply hut so they could start there brotherhood. Eriol picked up the paint like brush and wrote his hand in the palm of Syaoran hand and Syaoran to his. "What am I do do now?" Syaoran said not always understanding Eriol ways. "Take my hand." Eriol whispered so no one would hear him. Syaoran took Eriol and. Eriol began chanting something and then let go of Syaoran's hand. Syaoran gasped at the glowing smeared ink in his palm. Eriol closed his eyes and stopped chanting and the ink disappeared.

"What sort of magic was that?" Syaoran said, since that was the first time he ever saw magic. "The ink disappeared and took our aura's, so when we die we'll find each other and are family even in the sprit world." Eriol whispered with a small smile. Syaoran smiled back. "I am honored to be your brother." Syaoran said. "As am I." Eriol said back. "Now, as for my lesson today, we were talking about vowels." Eriol said taking out the book his was practicing in. "Yes, let us resume." Syaoran said brightly.

Meanwhile in the chambers of the princess. Sakura could get Syaoran voice out of her mind. 'Who is he?' She thought. Sakura got out of her bed and looked out the window to the small water fountain in the royal garden. Sakura turned and walked slowly to Tomoyo chambers that was next to her's. "Tomoyo?" Sakura whispered. Tomoyo turned and looked at Sakura. Tomoyo was still sleep. "What is it, Sakura?" Tomoyo groaned. "Nothing just wondering if you were awake." Sakura left the room and went back in bed and sighed. 'You have to sleep, Sakura.' She thought to herself and slowly fell asleep.

The next morning started bright and early for Syaoran and Eriol who stayed up late reading to each other. Syaoran was glad, Eriol reading had improved greatly making Syaoran fell proud of his teaching skills. Eriol, Syaoran and the other servant were called to the main fall. Tatsuki found out about a servant taking food and giving it to the others.

"You rats, have been stealing from the kings garden and kitchen, WHO DID THIS HORRID ACT!" He yelled spitting again. The servants shock with fear. Syaoran was scared once again for Eriol. Eriol had done it, Eriol was always in trouble. But he couldn't help it. There were small children starving so he had to. "SO YOUR NOT GOING TO SPEAK UP!" He shouted.

"Fine, I'll beat these kids a payment." Tatsuki took off his whip at hung on his belt and was about to strike but Eriol stood up. "Ah, Eriol. Again you came to play." He said kicking the kids back the group of servants. "Step forward." He commanded Syaoran was about to stand but Eriol took off his shirt revealing the purple and black bruises and scar on his back.

Sakura and Tomoyo walked in seeing all the servant on there knee in front of Tatsuki and King Kinomoto. Sakura and Tomoyo walked to there Father/uncle and asked him what happened. "This servant has been stealing for those children." The king stated. Syaoran felt his body shack with fear.

Eriol stood in front of Tatsuki giving his a firm look and turned around and got on all fours. Eriol never cried, wept, winced, or showed any sighs of pain when he was punished. Sakura gasped and looked at Eriol's back. Eriol closed his eyes trying to think of way to kill Tatsuki when he was set free. "One-hundred should do you well." He said and raised his whip and struck Eriol.

Syaoran felt tear escaped his eyes as he heard the whip hit Eriol skin. "One." Tatsuki grunted with the next blow.





Tatsuki stopped and turned to the King. It was Tomoyo standing and walked to Eriol how was bleeding. "This bastard has to be punished." Tatsuki stated hitting Eriol again making loose this balance. Eriol got right back up and waited for the next blow to beat his skin.

"Under order of princess, you shall obey my command. Stop at once!" She bellowed. Syaoran looked at Eriol who's face was blank. Syaoran whipped his tears and bowed his head. Tomoyo walked over to Eriol and put a handkerchief on Eriol bleeding back and whipped some the blood off his back. "Princess, he was stealing for the little pricks here." Tatsuki bellowed back.

Tomoyo stood up wit the half bloody handkerchief in her hand. "Are you arguing with me, Master Tatsuki?" She said coldly. "No Princess Tomoyo." Tatsuki said as he bowed. "Good, I want this man in full health and these children fed, do you understand!" Tomoyo yelled. "Yes Princess."

"Nurse, please take him to the hospital wing, report back to me when you have him cleaned." Tomoyo said. Sakura walked to Tomoyo and touched her shoulder. "You are all dismissed." Sakura said softly. All the servant left the room and went back to there room. "I'm sorry you had to see that, that man servant had a nack for getting into trouble." King Kinomoto said. "Father, that was brutal, I command that the servant to be health checked, and the children fed fairly, it isn't right for you to just sit here and watch this happen without protest." Sakura said. Tomoyo walked over to a bowl that had water and flower pedal in it and washed her hands setting down the bloody handkerchief.

"If it well make you happy then I shall have to done." He said. Sakura nodded and smiled at her Father.

Syaoran worked and worked until the afternoon were he had his break (finally) Syaoran headed to Tomoyo's chamber wanting to thank her.

Syaoran knocked on the door. Tomoyo opened the door letting Syaoran in. Syaoran got on his knee and bowed. "I thank you Princess Tomoyo, for saving him." Syaoran said. "Your welcome." She said kindly. "May I can you something?" She said. "Anything." Syaoran said kindly.

"Why does he steal?" Tomoyo asked. "My brother Eriol, has a sad past. He hates seeing children starve and get sick. He has a soft part of his heart for people who are in pain and don't have much. He stole from the royal garden because the young ones were punished and didn't eat all day." Syaoran answered. "Ah, I see." Tomoyo said and sat on her bed and began writing something on a small piece of parchment. "Why does he not weep or cry when he is beaten?" Tomoyo asked seriously.

"He is immune to pain." Syaoran said sadly. "Sometimes I think he doesn't feel anything."

"Immune you say." Tomoyo said curiously. "Was he beaten like this before?"

"Yes ever often, before he came here, he was kidnaped and beaten until the point were he didn't know pain, or how to cry." Syaoran answered.

"Is that why he only speaks to you?"

"Yes, he trusted me and I found him, I asked for him to be set free but they kept him, I guess now this isn't much of a secret, but please don't tel him, he would be angered." Syaoran said. "I see, thank you. If you wish to see him, take this and show it to the nurse, you may have the day off. And I won't tell, you needn't worry." Tomoyo said. "Thank you." Syaoran said taking the parchment and walking out the room.

Syaoran opened the parchment giving him permission to see Eriol when ever he wanted. Syaoran ran down the hall and bumped into Prince Touya. "My apologetics, Prince Touya." Syaoran said getting on his knees. "What is that in you hand, servant?" Touya said. Syaoran gave Touya the parchment and read it. "Very well, you may go. And watch were your going." He said walking away. "Thank you prince." Syaoran said and stood you and walked down the stairs. Syaoran walked to the hospital wing and the nurse was standing at the door. "I am here to see Eriol, I have a permission note from Princess Tomoyo." Syaoran said handing the nurse the parchment.

The nurse read the note and nodded. Syaoran opened the paper sliding door. Eriol was sitting up reading a book, as he would do at night. "Eriol!" Syaoran said ran over to Eriol and hugged him. "Sorry I worried you." Eriol said. The room was empty at the time, for now of course. It was just Syaoran and Eriol there. "How are you feeling brother?" Syaoran said looked Eriol body wrapped in bandages. "A little better, how are you able to see me, don't you have work?" Eriol said. Syaoran shocked his head no.

"Princess Tomoyo gave me the day off so I can see how you were doing." Syaoran said. "I wish she didn't stop him." Eriol said putting the book down.

"Why?" Said Syaoran.

Eriol grinned and looked out the window. "The first time in my life a female helped me, I thank the Princess," Eriol paused and looked to Syaoran. "When we leave, my first kill shall be Tatsuki." Eriol said. "Eriol, you don't mean your going to go back to training to be a assassin?" Syaoran said.

"Yes brother, I can not feel pain, and I want to kill evil people that started wars, and hurt bleeding hearts." Eriol said firmly. "Have you not learn anything thing, killing will only make the world worse then it is." Syaoran said. "Then I hate the world, we should all die, there nothing worth saving if these demon keep taking over these people's life." Eriol said with anger.

"I pity you, do you not feel?" Syaoran said sadly. Eriol looked to Syaoran with a confused look on his face. "Do I feel?" Eriol said to himself. "What is feel?" Eriol asked. "So you don't feel." Syaoran said. "I don't know, I think I do, but I can't tell." Eriol said. Syaoran looked out the window. "What do you feel when your around Tatsuki?" Syaoran asked.

"Anger." Eriol said coldly.

"What do you feel when your around me?"

Eriol paused and looked at Syaoran. "I feel like I'm home." He said.

"You do feel, God wouldn't let a human live without feelings." Syaoran stated. Eriol nodded and touch is side a little. "I must rest, well you come see me tomorrow?" Eriol asked as he lied down. Syaoran nodded. "I promise." Syaoran said getting up and walking away.

Sakura was in the garden sitting at the fountain reading a book on flowers. Tomoyo came to her with a piece of parchment. "Sakura, I'm happy to say there we are ahead of time with are ball arrangements." Tomoyo said brightly with a smile. Sakura sat the book down and looked at Tomoyo. "I am glad, how are you doing with your speech?" Sakura said. Tomoyo was never a shy person but she had problems speaking to a big crowd. "Fine, I suppose." She answered sitting down with Sakura.

"Is that Eriol man okay?" Sakura asked. Tomoyo nodded. "His brother just visited him, he is now sleeping." She said. Tomoyo went to see Eriol after Syaoran left. "He is very wounded I don't see how he can even stand, I guess it come with being trained a little by a assassin." Tomoyo said.

"Assassin?" Said Sakura.

Tomoyo just nodded. "He was destined to be a assassin, when he was young, his brother Syaoran said so." Tomoyo said. "I see, that's why he doesn't weep when being struck." Sakura said tucking a strand of hair back into her tight shiny bun. Tomoyo hair was in a pony tail with hair stick to hold in place. "He was also kidnaped and beaten harshly." Tomoyo said sadly. Sakura felt her heart sink feeling terrible.

It wasn't often heard to Tomoyo or Sakura's ear's of someone who was to become a assassin, but is of harsh beating of someone they met but didn't know was very terrible to even think of.

Author Note:

Well, I feel a little funny writing this way, But it's interesting. How do you like it so far. This is a little new to me so review. Long or short, it don't really matter.