Chapter 13: Final good-byes

7 YEARS LATER. . . . . . .

With the death of Syaoran and Eriol, sorrow came upon the Kinomoto land, instead of satifation there was regret, instead of libety from there presence there was grief. Everything Syaoran and Eriol had predicted came to past. Some of the familys in the Kinomoto went to the lake and prayed for Eriol and Syaoran safe journey to Heaven.

Now, Touya was to become the new king soon as he was supposed too, Tomoyo and Sakura were married to Lakiko and Shi and were very happy but waited the day to see them which is where this starts here. Tomoyo and Sakura were pregnant with there first as Eriol and Syaoran also predicted and at this very second they were on horses riding to the Li kingdom.

The Li kingdom was a peaceful place, after hearing there prince had dies great sadness came upon the kingdom. But there were being ruled by a queen. Queen Meling and her husband of pure Li blood, Katsuma. Tomoyo and Sakura had been traveling for two day with there child inside them. They went along, they knew they were going to be protected by Eriol and Syaoran spirits on there travels.

"Sakura, let us stop for a drink, It's a little hot out here." Tomoyo said stopping her black horse and dismounting it slowly. Sakura just nodded and followed Sakura to the river. It was summer time, most the day was hot, it had been even hotter since they started traveling.

"Tomoyo, how are you feeling?" Sakura said sitting down. "Sakura, My dear, I'm only five month pregnant, you needn't worry. Please relax." Tomoyo said before drinking her water along with Sakura.

"I must say, I am thrilled and excited to see Syaoran again, we should get there before night fall." Sakura said smiling for the first time in weeks. Tomoyo chuckled. "You have such a high spirit even in such weather as this." Tomoyo said smiling. Sakura smiled back and mounted her horse. Tomoyo went to her horse and slowly and carefully got on. She wasn't use to the weight she was carrying with her, it was almost difficult to walk and get up.

"Come, I can see the palace." Sakura said with her horse walked across the small calm clean river.

A hour came and passed as they approached the palace. The people of the Li kingdom where so friendly as Tomoyo and Sakura came past the palace gates. Sakura could image Syaoran being born here. It felt like his spirit was everywhere, it felt almost like she was in his arms once more.

Tomoyo stopped at a teenaged stable boy feeding the horses. "Excuse, young sir." Tomoyo said looking down at him. The boy turned and bowed. "How can I help you miss?" The brown haired boy asked. "Might I ask if you know a Syaoran Li?" Tomoyo said. The boy nodded. "He was are prince, and you must be Sakura." The boy said looking to Sakura who nodded. "I dreamt this would come to past." He muttered.

Tomoyo looked to Sakura who shuck her head confused. "Misses, I'll take you where you have to go, follow me." The boy said began walking. Tomoyo and Sakura followed the boy on there horses sliently. "Excuse me, how do you know my name?" Sakura asked the brown haired boy.

"Syaoran told me." He said seriously. "My name is Kanzujimasai, but you may call me Kanzu, And I know your names because Syaoran Li has told me."

"Syaoran Li has been dead for seven years, how could he have told you?" Sakura said almost insulted by this boys presence.

"On the night death came to them, he sent me a message in my sleep and I knew this moment was going to come to past. Syaoran Li's death and the magiaican Eriol deaths were in my head repeatly ever night until it happened, I could feel there pain, there joy, and there deep love for both of you, Prince Li is more then you might think he is, he could see the dead spirits that roamed the lands still and now I can seem them, he wanted me to tell you both that they'd be waiting for you." Kanzu finished stopping at the palace gates.

"It's time." He told the gurads and they opened the gates. It was just as Syaoran and Eriol had said. The main hall had a small fountain in the middle of the roon. Sakura and Tomoyo gasped at the pure site of the palace. It's brightness and divine beauty was utterly a gift to see. Kanzu helped Tomoyo down while Sakura walked to the water fountain. Sakura took the rock out of her pack and looked to the vibrating water. Tomoyo slowly walked over holding her stone.

"Place it in the water." A female voice said from above. Tomoyo and Sakura looked to the stairs seeing Meling walking down slowly and gracefully. "Your highness." Kanzu said bowing. "Fancy seeing you again. Princesses." Meling said with a grin. "Might I ask who you are?" Tomoyo asked after a short bowed of respect.

"Queen Meling, of the Li clan. Cousin to Eriol and Syaoran sadly." She said smiling walking to the bottom of the stairs. "Now there waiting for you put the stones in the water."

Tomoyo went to her knees in front of the water foundtion and put her stone in slowly letting the cold vibration water touch her completely. Sakura did the same and at the same time let the stone touch the bottom. Tomoyo and Sakura took a few steps back letting the water raised and slowly fall on the ground. The sound of voices filled the halls, there laughter and conversing voice were everywhere.

Sakura looked to the stairs seeing two figures forming. It was amazing first there bodys were transparent and then they look as though there were there all along. Sakura heart fluttered with excitement waiting to seeing Syaoran once more.

"Oh, dear. Meling so lovely to see you again." Said the female with raven hair the flowed gracefully down her back, her skin was milky and gave off a glow of purity. And the men that held her hand as they went down the stair look just like Syaoran but older. Sakura nearly mistaken him for that of Syaoran but it didn't feel like him, he was much taller and his frame was perfectly set with his amber eyes burning like Syaoran.

"Aunt Yelang." Meling bowed to the woman.

'Is this Syaoran's mother?' Sakura thought.

"Ah, Meling. So long since I've seen your face, you have grown." The woman that was called Yelang said smiling. As the two figures made there way to the water flooded floor. "Indeed." Meling said with a slight smile that could only been seen up close. The firgures walked to the floor and looked to Tomoyo and Sakura kindly. "Ah, We have been expecting you." The man said firmly.

"Mother! Mother!"

Sakura and Tomoyo looked above seeing a boy running down the stiars with haste. Sakura's heart fluttered once more knowing that this time it was her love. Syaoran.

Former Queen Yelang turned and looked to the boy who stopped mid way down the stairs looking to Sakura. "My son, your manners must be viewed in the eyes of our guest." Yelang said smiling. Syaoran walked down the stairs slowly not taking his eyes off Sakura's Emerald orbs. Syaoran was dressed in a chinese slik shirt with pants there were cream and his short emerald green with the symbol of his family on his chest. As he walked down his eyes looked to Sakura with wonder, relief, and excitement that filled the room.

"Time has past with haste and yet you stand here as if it were hours ago." Syaoran said walking past his Mother and Father who were smiling. "I have waited for you, My Syaoran." Sakura said breathlessly. Syaoran neared Sakura with each step feeling the aura ever growing inside of her.

"I am glad to see you again." Syaroan said now standing in front of the Princess study her face and seeing nothing changed. Sakura was afraid to touch him, for she thought she would pass through him like a smokey cloud. "Art thou afraid?" Syaoran asked looking to Sakura more deeply then ever.

"Yes, I am sorry for my lack of courage to take your hand, but if you understand, forgive me." Sakura said looking from Tomoyo then to Syaoran once more. "Take my hand and let me prove that you do not lack courage." Syaoran said extending his hand to Sakura.

A short moment past when Sakura hesitated to take her loves hand but when her warm hands touch his she felt a serge of new belief. Sakura gasped feeling a tears escape her eyes as she embraced Syaoran once more. "Why do you cry?" Syaoran said smoothing her hair out of her face.

"I've waited so long for you to hold me once more." She answered looking into Syaoran soft loving brown eyes. "Kiss me and tell me that I'm dreaming, only dreaming."

Syaoran leaned in toward Sakura and kissed her lips ever so gently. He had waited to taste her once again, feel her soft warm skin, and look into her eyes that haunted him even pass death. Tomoyo smiled seeing how happy Sakura was. Seeing Syaoran again was wonderful. Tomoyo thought that these stone were just a joke but seeing that Sakura was here with Syaoran it was amazing.

Sakura and Syaoran broke there kiss and looked to each other once more. "I am glad to see you happy." Sakura smiled. Syaoran smiled back looking to Tomoyo nodding his head in utmost respect. Tomoyo simply gave a small bow. "You look wonderful, Tomoyo." Syaoran said making Tomoyo smiled rubbing her stomach.

"It was pity I do not feel as you say." Tomoyo said then laughing. Syaoran smiled back and took Sakura hand.

"Let me introduce my family to you, Sakura." Syaoran said walking her to his Father and Mother. As they were introduced Sakura. Sakura's heart fluttered at Syaoran's smile and his flushedcheeks when his Father mentioned him speaking highly of Princess Sakura.

Syaoran turned to Tomoyo and grinned. "Come, his waiting for you." Syaoran said taking Tomoyo's hand. Sakura followed after Syaoran and Tomoyo through the hall to the garden that was in the back.

The garden's beauty caught Tomoyo and Sakura's breath, all type of flowers bloomed everywhere and in the middle there was a pond with a small water fall that had such a ever so peaceful sound that played along with the chirping birds.

"This way." Syaoran said letting go of Tomoyo's hand and leading her slowly to the pond.

Syaoran whistled a tone. "What are you doing?" Tomoyo asked looking to Syaoran confused. "Calling him, he has made a habit in wandering about." Syaoran said. After a brief moment the tone was returned in a whisle. "What do you want?" Eriol appeared sitting on the ponds stone rim with a staff that stood tall and was shaped of the sun.

"I brought a gift" Syaoran said stepping aside. Eriol eyes widened in shock. "Tomoyo." He muttered. Tomoyo smiled and bowed. Eriol stood up making flowers appear at his feet and with each step he took more and more were growing from the earth.

Eriol's heartbeat quickened as he neared Tomoyo who's expression was just as happy as Sakura's was. Eriol didn't touch her nor speak for the time being he just looked into her amethyst eyes that sparkled with happyness.

"Let us leave them." Syaoran whispered to Sakura who nodded and left the couple to themselves.

"Haunting eyes," Eriol whispered to Tomoyo. "Your eyes have haunted me since I passed the door of death, why are you here now? I must be dreaming of life once more." Eriol said looking to the ground and taking a step back. Tomoyo shock her head even though Eriol could not see her. "Your are not dreaming, My Eriol. I have come to you as you say for me to." Tomoyo said. Eriol looked up to Tomoyo once more flipping his staff to the other hand and with a small zipping noise, it vanished.

Eriol smiled softly. "How long I've waited for you to come back to me."

"I am glad to see you once more." Tomoyo said walking up to his about to touch his hand but Eriol stepped back. "Something the matter?" Tomoyo asked confused. "No, I don't want my blood all over your has." Eriol said curling his hands into fists. "What?" Tomoyo said baffled. Eriol uncurled his right hand and showed Tomoyo the blood on his palm.

"The blood I spilled without remorse has covered my hands to see that I have done wrong, I respect this curse I have, and I do not wish to stare it with you." Eriol said softly looking to Tomoyo.

Tomoyo smiled and took Eriol's hand. "I am not so easily convinced." She said kindly. Eriol chuckled. "You are very out going . . . for a woman."

Tomoyo smiled and slowly embraced Eriol, inhaling his sweet scent. "Oh Eriol-" Tomoyo whispered. Eriol smiled looking to his hands seeing the blood vanishing. "I have missed you so." Eriol said looking to Tomoyo again and smoothing her raven black sliky hair back.

Tomoyo smiled. "Ah, what a beauty." Eriol said letting his kness touch the ground and touching Tomoyo's stomach that carried the baby. "Have you a name for it?" Eriol asked touching her with both his hands. "Not yet." Tomoyo answered. Eriol softly kissed Tomoyo's stomach and looking up to her. "You have two souls, a boy and a girl. Twins as they call them." Eriol said to her. Tomoyo gasped touching her stomach. "How do you know such a thing?"

"The dead know all." Eriol said standing up and then kissing Tomoyo ever softly and longingly. Eriol and Tomoyo's kiss deepened savoring ever memories of there taste. Tomoyo broke the kiss and looked to Eriol who sighed slowly.

"Just as I remember." He whispered. Tomoyo smiled and kissed his cheek then his lips once more running her hands threw his hair. Eriol's body felt alive with Tomoyo near him once more it was amazing how the kiss effected him so much.

This time Eriol broke the kiss and gave Tomoy's hand a small squeeze. "Come, I haven't much time." Eriol said taking guiding Tomoyo's hand back inside the palace.

As they entered everyone was quiet. Syaoran looked to Eriol and nodded. Tomoyo rejoined Sakura smiling while rubbing her stomach that carried her badies. "Mark this day, a day of a new age." Eriol said loud enough to hear. "We bless these unborn children with the gifts of Heaven." Syaoran said summoning his sword that glowed like morning sun light and Eriol staff the sparkled like the night stars.

Syaoran and Eriol held there staff and sword firmly concentrating there spirit energy to there presented gifts. Tomoyo and Sakura stood with grace and felt a strange power flowing threw them like cool water in the spring. Syaoran and Eriol flipped there staff and sword to there left has making them disappear.

"God's wish has be casted and forefilled." Syaoran and Eriol said at the same time. Suddenly everything seemed to begin fading turning in to the sparkling stars. "Wait!" Sakura cried looking to Syaoran who was breaking away. "Wait, don't go." Sakura said walking over to Syaoran and taking his hand. "Don't worry, my love. I'll be there for you always." Syaoran said and leaned down and kissed Sakura softly.

Tomoyo smiled to Eriol. "When I sing, come for me." Tomoyo said and Eriol smiled softly and nodded.

And with that moment everything faded away in a sparkle of wind that left the palace. "Syaoran." Sakura whispered with a smile. Tomoyo smiled to Sakura putting her hand on her arm. Kanzu walked over to the princessed and bowed. "Is there anything else you wish for Princesses?" Kanzu asked. Tomoyo and Sakura looked to Meling who simply nodded her head in respect for them.

"I wish to see you very soon, Queen Meling." Tomoyo said brightly. "I wish you a safe and heathly birth to your babies, Princess Tomoyo, and you too Princess Sakura." Meling said with a slight kind smile.


"AHHH!" Tomoyo screamed as she was in labor with the midwife with her and Sakura by her side as Lakiko waited outside the room racked with worry of his wife. Shi came running down the hall without his shirt, he was training in the garden with Touya who was right behind him.

"I came just as soon as I heard." Touya panted and his Father walking toward them from the right of the hall and sat down next to Lakiko on a wooden bench. "AHHHH!" Tomoyo wailed again. "Lakiko, don't worry, my dear cousin will do well." Touya said to Lakiko kindly. Touya's wife Nakuru came running to Touya. "Darling, who is it? who it having a baby?" The new Queen Nakuru panted looking to her husband.

"It is Tomoyo." Shi answered looking at Lakiko praying for Tomoyo. "AHHH!" Another wail came from the room and Sakura came out panting. "How is she?" Lakiko said the second Sakura came out covered in blood. "She's bleeding, were doing the best we can." Sakura answered getting more cloth and water. "How is the baby?" Lakiko asked anxiously. Sakura didn't answer, she left him in the hall standing along with the others waiting.


Lakiko turned to his left and then his right wondering were the voice came from.


Lakiko looked a head of him at the door seeing Eriol standing there in a pure glowing white clothes that nearly blinded him. "What are you doing here?" Lakiko asked The Spirit Eriol who just smiled. "What was it that you said?" Shi asked looking to his long time friend.

"Nothing, Shi." Lakiko said quickly and looked to Erio who came closer. "Lend half of your body to me, Tomoyo is to die if you are not there." Eriol said exteneding his hand to Lakiko who looked at it.

"Tomoyo is going to die?" Lakiko answered in fear. "If you are not there to give her strength." Eriol answered. And without hesitation Lakiko too Eriol's hand feeling his spirit taking over half of his body. Lakiko walked to the door and opened it seeing Tomoyo weepering and panting with sweat the paster her hair to her face.

"Lakiko, you can't be in here!" The Midwife shouted. Lakiko ignored the Midwife and rushed to Tomoyo's side and took her shaking hand. Tomoyo turned her head and saw Eriol looking concerned. Tomoyo smile was weary. "I am all right, Eriol." Tomoyo whispered. Eriol spirit came out of Lakiko and kissed Tomoyo softly on her forehead and then disappeared. Lakiko squeezed Tomoyo hand. "I'm here darling." He whispered kissing her hand and lying his forehead on it, praying.

Tomoyo grunted and screamed once more and then the sound of a crying baby came into the room along with another cry. Lakiko looked up with tears in his eyes at his children. "Congratulations, Prince Lakiko, you have a beauitful girl and a handsome boy." The Midwife said. Tomoyo sighed deeply lying back and falling asleep. Sakura ran out the room and smiled. "There here!" She shouted and everyone crowded in the room looking at Lakiko holding his children and crying, kissing there soft heads.

Tomoyo opened her eyes and and looked to Lakiko holding her babies. "Tomoyo dear, look." Lakiko said giving Tomoyo her daughter. Tomoyo smiled smoothing her soft raven black hair. "Hello, sweety, I'm your Mother." Tomoyo whispered softly. "Your my little Sonomi, and your my handsome boy will be my shining Yue." Tomoyo whispered. Lakiko smiled and looked to Tomoyo who looked back at him. "Sonomi and Yue, Lakiko." Tomoyo smiled. Sakura was crying at the beautiful moment.

As time went on with Tomoyo and Sakura, They became attached with there children, The thought of Syaoran and Eriol's love never left them for a moment even though there love is to Shi and Lakiko now.

Tomoyo and Sakura had more offspring.

Sakura had four, three sons, Kanaji, Haliko, Naza, and her Daugher Saayo

Tomoyo had seven, her four daughter Sonomi, Kida, Mayflower,and Kogiya and her three sons, Yue, Yokono, and Eli.

There lives were lived to the fullest thanks to The brave simbols of there clan

Eriol and Syaoran

The Elements and the Wolf

The old women of eighty-five was telling the true story to a group of teenagers and kids sitting on on the floor with sad faces.

"And so this true story was told to each generations of there kids and everyone kids in the clan and kingdom, the princess died in peace leaving the land forever peaceful." The old woman finished.

"That's so sad." A teenage girl with blonde hair said. "What about Eriol and Tomoyo, Syaoran and Sakura, what happened did they meet up agin in heaven?"

The old woman laughed and nodded. "Yes, as they said they would, it is told if you go to the Kinomoto land you will see them by the lakes embracing each other, I went there once with my husband on our second honeymoon and went to the lake and they bowed to us, Tomoyo was so beauitful, I never forget there faces, Sakura radience was unbelieveable and Eriol and Syaoran was so handsome, I thought I was going to leave my husband." The old woman said and laughed with the group.

"Let's go there one day." A little boy suggested and everyone agreeded. "You may, but go during the fall where there spirit is stronger, and remember if you do go, don't look for them just wait by the lake and bow. You may ask them one question and that it all." The old woman advised.

Everyone nodded.

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