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AN: this is after the series ends, Roy is Fuhrer and Riza is a General.


When Riza Hawkeye arrived at work Monday morning she saw a small crowd forming around Mustang's office. As she neared she could hear what they were saying.

"He can't be serious!"

She heard one woman say to another.

"This is awesome!"

A man said as he high-fived the man next to him.

"What's going on?"

After saluting most the men ran off leaving the women.


Maria Ross pointed to a sign posted on the bulletin board next to the office door. It read:

"By order of Fuhrer Mustang all women in the military are to wear miny skirts. Please pick up your new uniforms as you leave work."

"You have to do something about this!"

Ross said and the others nodded their heads in agreement. Riza narrowed her eyes and clicked the safety off her gun. Some of the men returned and watched as she stomped into the office. Outside in the hall shouting and gunshots were heard.

"What do you think she's doing to him?"

Brosh asked Ross as the gunshots continued along with the shouting. A crash was heard and smoke came out from under the door.

"Do you really want to know?"

She answered him. Suddenly the shouting and gunshots stopped and Roy walked calmly out of his office. Despite his one eye he still looked hansom and if anything the eye patch made him more mysterious. His hair was slightly ruffled and his uniform was a little wrinkled. Everyone saluted as he pinned up another notice on top of the previous message about the miny skirts. This one read:

"By order of Fuhrer Mustang women may chose to wear military issued skirts of any length or pants."

He walked back into is office just as calmly as he waked out. Because he had left hisdoor openas he was pinning up the new order those in the hall cought a glimpse into the office. Bullet holes were in the wall behind Roy's desk, along the wall to the right of the desk and some were in one of the couches. Scorch marks were on the floor and the other couch was burned to a crisp and was still smoking. Riza was seen at her desk reloading her gun. She walked to the door as Roy reentered the office and gave the military personnel a question look.

"Don't you have work to do?"

Her words were more of a statement then a question. The men and women scattered leaving only Riza and Maria.

"What happened in there?"

Riza put her gun back in its holster.

"The Fuhrer and I were working out a deal."

She closed the door and began her work.

The next day when she came to work she received double takes and catcalls (the catcalls ended with the sound of the safety on her gun being clicked off) as she walked down the hall towards Roy's office. Ross walked by holding a stack of papers and almost dropped them.

"Was that the deal?"

Riza nodded and continued on her way. Riza was wearing a miny skirt that reached just above mid-thy, her top was the same. When Riza opened Roy's door he smiled at her.

"I'm glad we could reach this agreement."

"Enjoy the sight while you can sir, the deal ends Friday."

She dropped off a pile of paperwork and went to her desk to work as well. Roy smirked as the image of Riza in a miny skirt burned itself into his mind, yes he was very glad about the deal, if he couldn't see all the women in skirts at least he got to see her in one.


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