What have they done?

He looks up as she walks in.
She looks away from him and
Stands off to one side, her arms
Hugged around her frail body…

He tries talk to her, once… twice…
Three times he tries to speak to her,
Three times he fails...
Three times she ignores him…

On the fourth time he manages to make a sound,
And she looks at him and he looks at her.
That's all they do, they look at each other
As the silence in the room, grows thick and awkward.

Neither one says a word – they just look.
One moment apart, standing on two different sides,
Two different views on life…

He crosses the rooms and she meets him halfway,
Reaching up, circling her arms around his neck.
She kisses him and he hugs her in return,
As they kiss with passion.

She loves him…
And he loves her… in a fashion.
He doesn't know who she is anymore,
He doesn't know who he is anymore…
And he asks himself as he kisses her,

What have I done? Why did I let her do this…?

There is no answer as they fall prey to
Their passion and love… Because there…
There is no answer,
For isn't love blind?