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Once upon a time (as all fairy tales go), in the fair land of Tokyo, there lived a poor young girl, a girl who lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters (all three were evil of course).This poor young girl's name was Kaoru kamiya. (Forget bout the other three. I don't know what their names were.)So, anyway Kaoru lived quite a miserable life, she didn't even have mice or dogs or birds or a horse as her friends.

What she did have though, was a grumbling, insulting, talking cat named Yahiko-in-boots. Yahiko-in-boots was a lazy, old, thing she had found on the streets. Now Kaoru regretted ever taking him in. He had weaseled out new boots and a hat out of her and as repayment; he had done nothing at all except call her "Busu!" So Kaoru grew more and more miserable than ever.

Until one day she heard a magnificent tale being told, a tale about a handsome prince named Kenshin Himura, who was apparently cursed by an evil wizard called uh, something. Now this wizard hated Prince Kenshin, as he envied his good looks and charming smile (not to mention the cute "oro"!).

And so prince Kenshin was in an enchanted sleep, locked away in a tower in the middle of the dark forest and though the story didn't mention anything about him being waking up until love's first kiss or anything, Kaoru decided to give it a shot. She thus, alas, missed the part of the story where the enormous, fire breathing dragon, Megumi (sorry, Megumi fans but I really couldn't think of anyone else) and the fiery volcano and the rickety bridge upon which the tower was located, was mentioned.

So Kaoru escaped one dark night, from her abusive Home, Yahiko-in-boots had followed her.

"I'll be of great use to you, Busu!"


"Ouch! Whacha do that for Busu?"

"Serves you right, you filthy cat!"

But Kaoru knew that he wouldn't be able to live with her stinky family so she knew she had to take him along (sigh). And so (After that minor interruption) they set off on an adventure of a lifetime (thank their ignorance of the dragon and the numerous other problems). So anyway my friends, this is their tale in full!

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