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Mary-sue- A Mary Sue is a fan created character, usually representing the author, with a story built around her. She's perfect. She can do anything. And most irritating.

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The journey seemed even more never ending now, as Nancy developed a case of I-can't-stop-talking-about-myself, a side effect from uh, someone's cooking. Considering she already had a bad case of that, double dose was unbearable. Forced to listen, the troop listened to her fighting with alligators, swinging across lakes, unearthing magical swords, brewing dangerous potions, flying to Jupiter, saving Pluto from flying pink and red trees and numerous other exploits. They were very glad she was going to be gobbled soon.

Saitoh's face went from hopelessly uninterested to alert after a while though, as he sniffed the air. "Brimstone" he muttered, "we are close". Okita tried to look terrified and vulnerable, failing miserably. Sure enough, the group tensed, ignoring Nancy's ranting as they approached Megumi's lair.

"So what's the plan?" Okita whispered to Saitoh, "How are we going to distract the monster? And I don't mean the dragon!" Said heir of the bloodlust clan smirked and muttered, "We're just hoping Megumi will be attracted to anything with red hair. Or long hair. Or both. Or maybe all she'll be attracted to are feminine looking men. Maybe she really likes to collect their hair. Maybe that's what keeps her scaly skin glowing" he tugged at the boy's hair, and watched Okita's terrified, wide-eyed expression as the former fairy whimpered 'Not my hair. Anything but my hair'. Saitoh laughed out loud, prompting Okita to snap out of his trance and try to mash his tormentor flat, effectively drawing Nancy's attention to them.

"So, she's your girlfriend! So my next victim, er lover, is you! I'm going to make you see how miserable you've been with that pale, good for nothing, frail girl! You will worship the goddess of coolness that I am! Ahahahahahahaha! " she screeched, pointing at Saitoh, who's face went paler than Aoshi's trench coat. Okita's knees buckled, and he fell to the ground, face in his hands, whether he was laughing or crying, they didn't know. Sano, Yahiko, Kaoru and Misao when convulsed in giggles and even Aoshi smirked at the proud duo, the heir of the bloodlust clan, and his magically endowed partner.

Nothing in the world could beat Saitoh bloodlust in battle, except maybe himself. Saitoh along with Okita was an even greater challenge, and Aoshi doubted if he and the dragon together could beat them. That was not all, though. They were polite, intelligent, powerful, devious, and well known for their kingdom snatching tactics. Now they're a couple. Aoshi sniggered again. This was a good day after all.

"WHAT?" Saitoh yelled, finally getting a hold on himself, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?" Nancy shook her head. "Darling" she said slowly, slithering up to Saitoh, who backed away like he'd been stung, hand on the hilt of his sword, fighting the impulse to cut her head off, "don't you see that I'm the one for you? Look at me! I'm so amazing! Don't you like me better?" she shrieked as someone slapped her out of the way, and even Aoshi looked shocked as Okita glowered down, snarling "NOBODY INSULTS SAITOH-SAMA AND GET'S AWAY WITH IT" at the equally pissed off red head. Saitoh looked surprised as well, and was quick to intervene however, if Okita killed her, they'd lose their trump card.

And sure enough, the 'fairy wolf brother' looked like he well would, losing all his usual girlish tendencies. "My uh… girlfriend, kindhearted that she is, will spare your life now" Saitoh drawled, taking Okita with him, ignoring the boy's spluttering. "Or…" Nancy yelled after them, "I'm kindhearted to spare hers. She'll die if she came in my way. I have like the blackest of black belts in every martial art ever invented!" Okita struggled again to get back and rip her head off, but Saitoh bonked him on the head, and dragged him away out of sight to a clump of trees.


"So does this mean they're a couple?" asked Sano who had regained consciousness by now, while the other three still lay twitching with laughter. A blade came flying through the woods and hit the tree very, very close to Sano's head. "And that was a warning shot" snarled a voice.

Aoshi smirked again.

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