It's short but hey, I think it gets the point across.

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"The Dueling Club"

Disbelief shone in Severus's eyes. 'The boy can speak Parseltongue, but how is it possible? Even though it's the common tongue to my ears, I'd recognize the way a Parselmouth's lips form the hisses anywhere.'

Knowing he has to stop this from getting any worse, Severus spoke a spell and the snake disappeared. "Vipera Evanesca."

"What are you playing at?" Justin Finch-Fletchley accused Harry.

Harry looked at Lockhart, who gave him a suspicious look. Then, he looked at Severus. Severus couldn't pull his emotion-less mask over his face before Harry got a good look. Disbelief with a hint of understanding shone in his ebony eyes.

Ruby-Moon Snape: Hmm. Rather short but not bad.

Severus: Not bad? You've got me empathizing with Potter!