Title: Shaken (Part One)
Author: fatedto flames (DJ)
Pairing: John Constantine/Chas
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and some violence
Spoilers Movie: No, takes place before the movie
Summary: Supernatural crises are no problem for John Constantine. But when Mother Nature throws her gauntlet down on John's life, will he and Chas be able to handle the consequences?
X-Posted to three Livejournal Constantine communities(total) and my private LJ.

John lit up a cigarette and pulled a whiskey glass down from the shelf, quite aware of Chas's eyes locked on him. Instead of answering, however, he simply poured himself a glass of whiskey, the silence of the room normal for him but probably unnerving for the teen.

"John…are you even listening to me?"

John snickered and looked up. "Of course I'm listening."



Chas groaned and turned away for a moment in frustration. "The answer's always no."

"Then why do you even ask, kid?"

John actually felt a pang of guilt at the look he got from Chas in that moment, but once again, he convinced himself that it was for the kid's own good. After all, if John let him observe an exorcism, next he'd be wanting to help…and that just wouldn't do. Not with the possibility of serious injury.

"I'm going to the library," Chas muttered, grabbing his hat and pulling it down low over his eyes. He hesitated, glanced at John, and then shook his head and walked out, shutting the door hard behind him.

John took a long drag off his cigarette, staring at the door. Wonder what he'd do if I said yes, he thought with a smirk. He probably couldn't even imagine the glee that the 17 year old boy would exhibit at the thought of actually accompanying John on an exorcism.

He'd do anything to make Chas happy- anything except that. He didn't know what he would do if Chas got hurt while helping him with an unruly demon. As much as he hated to admit it, he was fond of the kid.

Okay, a little more than 'fond'…but that was beside the point.

He finished his drink and put the glass down on the table- where it promptly began to tremble, the glass warbling against the wooden tabletop. He stared at it for a moment, confused, but then he realized that it wasn't just that- everything was shaking.

His first thought was intense frustration- small earthquakes shitted up all the supernatural activity, left him with a helluva mess to clean up, both physically and spiritually.

His second thought?

Oh, shit. It's not stopping.

In fact, it was getting worse- much worse. A sudden jolt of the ground sent John stumbling to the floor, where the glass landed and broke just a few inches from his head. He could hear the building shifting violently and the screams of the people in the bowling alley below him, and he pulled himself under the table as more bottles dropped off the shelves to the floor.

Remember your high school drills, John…get under something heavy…cover your head…

He did exactly that, covering his head and trying to wait out the violent shifting and cracking of the ground below him. He could hear a roaring sound, the booms of things striking the ground outside, and suddenly something slammed the table above him. The table wavered, and then the legs snapped on one end, and John yanked his legs away just as that end of the table collapsed onto the floor.

And still it went on. Most earthquakes only lasted 30 seconds, at most, but it had been much longer already and the shaking was only getting worse. There was broken glass and holy water all over the floor, and John was covered in dust and soaked, but he didn't dare move yet.

The shaking seemed to get worse for a few moments, and he heard a rumbling outside as part of the building across the street collapsed. Another creaking, and another crash, and then John heard a more sinister sounding crack above him.

He turned over and braced his hands on the bottom of the table, trying to help it stay up at least until the world wasn't shaking apart around him. Another few seconds and the ground finally calmed, the shaking slowly subsiding.

John was about to leave the safety under the table when he heard another crack, and he stayed put long enough for a huge chunk of the ceiling to hit the floor beside the table so hard that it dented and cracked the tiling.

John waited a few more seconds before crawling out from under the table and slowly standing up, surveying the damage with much the same expression he'd survey Hell. Everything was destroyed; the shelves had all broken and fell, the bottles of alcohol broken, the refrigerator tipped over, and chunks of the ceiling lying all over the floor. The green glass in the bathroom doors had shattered, leaving a strange stained glass pattern on the floor.

I have to go check in with Midnite, make sure this didn't affect other planes…have to start checking utilities…and I'm missing something here…


The library can't handle an earthquake of this magnitude…

John was out the door in two seconds flat, all other responsibilities forgotten.

Chas entered the library in a frustrated rage, earning more than a few curious glances as he stormed over to the section on supernatural occurrences. He ignored the impeccably-dressed librarian down the aisle from him, even when she gave him a disgusted glance and shook her head.

John doesn't care about all the work you do. He could care less. He just wants a free ride anywhere he wants to go, he thought bitterly, scanning the titles for the one he'd been reading last time he was here. It was still there, and his place was still marked in it, the corner of the page folded down. He wouldn't even care if you died. He'd just hire a new driver.

He was just about to grab another book when he realized that the books on the shelf were shaking. In fact, the floor itself was shaking.

The floor suddenly jolted below his feet and Chas almost fell, grabbing onto the shelves for support. It didn't really help, since the shelves were free-standing and just about to tip.

Chas almost bolted from the aisle, but then he caught sight of the librarian down the aisle, clutching to her cart in desperate horror.

The shelves creaked and wavered as the floor jolted again, and Chas made a split second decision. He darted back toward her and body slammed her out of the aisle, just as the shelves careened and fell, sandwiching her cart beneath a huge pile of books and wood.

Chas didn't waste any time listening to her babbling; he had to get both of them to safety. And with the ground shaking the way it was, he had the feeling that this huge room wasn't a safe place to be.

His heart pounding in his throat, he pulled the woman to her feet and tugged her along, stumbling past people who looked dead and fallen books and shelves, taking her to the main door and shoving her into the doorway, where a few other people had taken temporary refuge. After all, in an old building like this, the main doorway was bound to be the strongest point.

A beam fell from the ceiling and landed across three sets of shelves, crushing them and pinning people below them. Chas could hear people screaming, see them scrambling for cover…

Any sane person would've hunkered down and stayed put. Then again, Chas never claimed to be sane.

He pushed the librarian down and told her to cover her head, and then he rushed back out into the main room as the whole structure creaked and groaned. The earth still hadn't quit shaking, and it was hard to walk at all, let alone get anywhere quickly.

He spotted a boy, probably 14 or 15, hunkered down against the wall, obviously terrified, and he grabbed the boy's wrist and pulled him toward the door. The floor literally cracked underneath their feet as they made their way to the doorway, and once he got the boy there and told him to cover his head, he was right back out in the main room.

Chas spotted someone trapped half under a bookshelf, and just as he was rushing to them, he heard a 'snap' right above him. He didn't even have time to move before the whole ceiling seemed to cave in, and the world went dark.