Title: Ice Cream and Trucks
Author: TubaPrincess
Disclaimer: He's not mine..
Time period: future..way far future
A/N: This is what happens when I'm bored at work. Some customers remind me of tv show characters. So, I hope this isn't too..cheesy, ooc, coughpatheticcough please review.. I really like constructive criticism. :)
Summary: Jack takes his grandkids out for a treat.

Ice Cream and Trucks

He walked in to the ice cream parlor. His white hair and sunken eyes giving away his age and revealing more difficult life experiences that I'm sure he would only share with those he was closest with. I was intrigued by him, and the two young brown-haired, rambunctious boys that were tagging along behind him. He asked them what they wanted, and one of them immediately replied "Rocky Road, Rocky Road!" He kind of chuckled and allowed his other grandson to answer. I prepared their respective cones, and politely smiled as I rang up their order.

"Could I pay with a check?" He asked kindly.

"Certainly," I replied, barely holding back the giggle. Who writes checks for three dollars?

I watched him carefully write out the name of the parlor, and the amount. I love watching people sign their name. I can tell a lot about people by how they sign their name. "Jack." I didn't read the last name. The first name is all that really matters. Confidence. His signature revealed confidence. Too bad I can't take lessons. My boss tells me I need more of that.

I could have watched them all day. The two boys respected and admired their grandpa. I couldn't make out everything they were saying, but I could tell they were having fun; being together and eating ice cream.

As they left I wished them a good day, and the little boys ran over to the truck that was parked outside. I chuckled to myself as I watched him help his grandkids into the large vehicle. I hope I can see them again soon.


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