Darn... I had this all typed out then me and my stupid self had to go and erase it... grr... now I have to re-type it. (sigh) this is my fault... as always.

Anyway, this fic will have certain changes to the series. For one thing, the gang will be younger. So all I'm saying is that they completed the series a couple of years before they should have. So ages will go as followed:

Yusuke: 12

Keiko: 12

Kuwabara: 13

Yukina: 13

Hiei: 13

Kurama: 14


Talking- "blah"

Thinking- 'blah'

Telepathic- "blah"

Makai- -"blah"-

Japanese- -"blah"- (effective when they go to America)

Chapter 1: The mission and a trip


"Yes? What is it Orge?"

"Y-Yusuke and the others are here, sir"

"Ah yes. Send them in."


The minature god, Koenma, spun on his chair, awaiting the drama to come. Fourtunately for him, he didn't have to wait very long...


That voice was easily recognizable as 12 year old Yusuke Urameshi, number one Reikai Tantei, number one punk, and one of the loudest members of the team. Plus 13 year old Kazuma Kuwabara.

"Aww come on toddler." The one in question whinned. "I have to spend time ith my precious Yukina-chan"


"Yusuke please." Shuichi Minamino aka Youko Kurama, or just Kurama, said. The 14 year old boy turned to look at the demi-god."Would you please tell us our mission?"

"I'd love to. Ok. I'm sending you to America to protect four demons. nd before you ask Yusuke," Yusuke shut his mouth. "They can't control their powers yet. I guess you could say that they don't even know that their demons. I need you to earn their trust, and get them here. So in order to do that, you have to become their friends. After that, you must slowly get them to believe in demons, if they don't already believe. Then, when your sure that they trust you enough, you bring them back. I'll take it from there." Koenma finished explaining and looked at all of them, waiting for a reply.

"Hn. Who are these people we must protect?" Hiei asked. No one really knew his real age. Nor did they know his Birthday. Even though he didn't look older than 13, they asked Yukina. She said her birthday was November 11, and she should be 13 in human years. So, she answered the question without knowing she did.

"Oh right." Koenma pushed a button on his desk. The screen showed four teens. "There are three girls and one boy."

One girl and dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that could be mistaked for black, with red highlights. Her hair stopped at least half-an-inch above her collar bone. She had dark skin.

The next girl had long blonde hair with a brown underside and slight brown highlight on the top. Her eyes were green/blue. She was tan colored.

The other girl had long reddish brown hair. Her eyes were a reyish green color. She was also tan, but just alittle paler than the second girl. She was wearing some small framed glasses.

The boy had short, spikey, black hair. He had deep brown eyes, along with small framed glasses as well. He was probally the same color as the first girl.

"Now. To gain all of their trust, I have assinged you to a person. Also, Yukina and Keiko will bw accompanying you-"


"Now Yusuke, you know it will be hard for you, Hiei, and Kuwabara to become friends with a girl. Yusuke, you'd probally scare them of, Kuwabara, you would too, and Hiei, your just to hard to make friends with. So no more interuptions!

"Ok. Yusuke, you and Keiko will be assigned to Gopan," the picture of the boy covered the entire screen. "Therefore, you will be in all of his classes. Kurama, you will be with Hirina." that was the second girl. "Hiei, you and Yukina have Kemiko, she will be fairly easy to gain your trust." that was the first girl. "and Kuwabara, you will stay with Kiada." that was the third girl.

"Now. I will ahev to tell you alittle about them to get you started. Hirina and Gopan are going out... but as of lately, Hirina seems to be confused of her feelings, but don't try to talk about that until you are absolutely sure she trust you. Kurama, that will be you job, and it won't be easy."


"Alot of people who she trust, ahs betrayed her by telling her secrets to others, so far, the only one who hasn't betrayed her yet is Kemiko. Gopan is playful,silly, alitle rough at times but there really isn't much to say about him. Kiada is also pretty normal, but her friends say she acts like a mother to much. As for Kemiko, she's just talkative but she will shut herself up if she feels she's getting annoying.

"This is very important. Both Kemiko and Hirina are in enough depression as it is. So, pretending that you don't like them can be fatal, exspecially with Kemiko."

"Fatal?" Kuwabara sked.

"Yes. They have both considered running away, or suicied."(A/N: not true. I just neede that to be in the fic)

The gang gasped. Koenma continiued," You can't put -san, -sama, -kun, or -chan at the end of their names because they might not get it, and DON'T say youkai, makai, rei, reikai, ningen, or ningenkai, just for pecaution. They know what it means. They have always liked Japan and are learning the language but the have to teach themselves. Ok. Botan has your tickets, and you will be leaving in 4 days. Good bye."

With that, Koenma gave a cheesy smile and pushed a button ansa portal opened and sucked tham in. The last words they heard were; "Don'y forget to explain to your parents! Damnit orge! Where's my orange juice!"

-Next Day-

"Mom?... MOM!..."

"Wha... what is it Yusuke...?"

"I'm going to America for an exchange student program."

"oh.. ok dear have fun"

Yusuke sweatdropped.He had a feeling a certain drunk mother fo his had no idea what he just said. He sighed and went to his room, so he could sleep. "I can pack... later." He mumbled befor flalling into a deep sleep.

­-Kuwabara residence-


"What is it you big oaf?"

"You heard about my mission right?"


"So I'm going."

"Not without cleaning you room."

"What! I am no kid!"

"Clean you room Kazuma!"




-Minamino residenece-


"Yes Shuichi?"

"Did you know I'm on a exchange student program?"

"Huh? When?"

Kurama told his mother a highly believable story of him going to America, deep down, his heart was aching to tell her the truth.

"Ok...I'll miss you dear. When are you leaving?" Shiori asked with some reluctance.

"In three days."

"Oh... I'll miss you hon... Promis me you'll write me?"

"Everyday mother."

"Thank you."

­-Yukimora residence-

"Sooo... your going to America?" Mrs. Yukimora asked. Keiko nodded. Mr. Yukimora sighed and looked at his wife. "Fine dear. We'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too mom, dad." Keiko hugged her parents and ran to her room to pack.

-3 days later-

The crew looked at Botan who was searching through a purse getting everything they needed out.

"Okay... We have the tickets here... and the... ummm... where is it?.. Oh! Yes here is the directions to you new school and home" She handed those to Kurama. "Another ferry girl will be their to pick you up, because none of you are old enough to drive or live alone. Sooo... Have fun!. Oh And. By time you get there it should be..." she looked up to the clock. "At least 4:30 a.m. Bye guys!" With that said she ran off.

"She is way too perky for her own good." Yusuke muttered.

About 30 minutes later, they were all on the plane, waiting to take off. It was a one way trip and there was three to a row. It was like this:

Window, Yusuke, Keiko, Kuwabara, isle, Yukina, Kurama, Hiei window. Soon the pilot told the passengers that the plane would be taking off soon so everyone on board should buckle up.

When the plane took off, Kuwabara looked ready to throw up. After an hour of an uneventful plane ride, Kuwabara started to strick poses for Yukina. They were funny at first, then Hiei just got madder than he already was. For one thing, he did not want to be here and two, Koenma made the mission too close to real life.


Hiei looked at Koenma in shock. "Your not serious."

"Unfourtunatley Hiei, I am." The demi-god responded with a sigh. "In America, it would be pretty odd for Kuwabara to be all over Yukina, and you act very protective of her. Just a couple would think your related, but others would think Yukina was a cheeting slut, considering the fact that she acts like she likes you. You have to tell her to call you her brother, it would make this much easier"

Hiei glared at the toddler and stormed out of his office.

-End Flashback-

'Stupid, idiotic rash-ass.' Hiei thought scornfully. Hiei notice Kurama tense next to him and looked up at the fox. There was a slight blush over his face as he looked at something near his shoulder. Hiei got nosey and decied to look. The sight he saw would have earned a normal man a one-way ticket to hell, but Kurama was no normal man.

Yukina's head was drooped on Kurama's shoulder and she was sleeping peacefully. Her breaths were steady and clam. Kurama however, was nervous. he took a sideways glance at Hiei to see that the fire demon had seen the scene. The red eyed boy looked up at Kurama, and for a second there, Kurama thought he would die. He was shocked when Hiei simply shrugged, leaned against the window, and fall asleep shortly after.

Kurama blinked. He would have shrugged but he didn't want to wake up the koorime on his sholders so he closed his eyes and went into a deep sleep as well.

Yusuke was staring out the window, watching the clouds roll by. Keiko was reading a book and Kuwabara had went to the bathroom. Keiko looked up from her book, just to see how everyone else was doing. She 'awwed' at the sight and tugged at Yusuke's sleeve.

"What?" He grunted.

"Look" She pointed to the three across from them. "It's sooooo cute." The three of them were still sleeping but now, Hiei was curled into a small ball, sleeping, looking as innocent as possible. Kurama's head had dropped onto Yukina's and they both slept soundly. Yukina was pratically snuggling his arm.

Yusuke snickered and lied back. "I think I'll follow their example and get some shut eye."

Keiko rolled her eyes. "Whatever Yusuke."

Kuwabara came back alittle after and got some peanuts from an attendant." You know... These are pretty good."

"Baka..." Yusuke muttered, falling asleep instantly.

Kuwabara looked at him confused, then looked to Keiko, who just shook her head. Kuwabara dropped all of his ideas to argue and went back to eating his peanuts. 'I swear. These are really good.' He thought. After finishing, he looked to his right to see that Keiko had fallen asleep on Yusuke, and her head was in his lap.

Kuwabara chuckled to himself. "Well," he streched and yawned, "might as well get some shut eye. No point in staying up the whoule trip" Kuwabara mutteried to himself then got into a comfortable position and fell asleep shortly after.

Hiei awoke to the sounds of loud speaking.

"We are about to land in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at Mitchelle Airport. Please fasten all seatbelts, and put you trays into an up right possition. Thankyou"

"Damn... we're here"

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Kurama/Yukina or Kurama/Hirina or Kurama/Kiada (undiceded)


Kuwabara/Yukina or a one-sided relationship or Kuwabara/Kiada

Gopan/Hirina or Gopan/kiada or Gopan/Yukina

Right now, I want it to be: Hiei/me; Kurama/Yukina; Hirina?; Gopan/no one for now; Kiada/Kuwabara;It will start out with a slight Gopan/Hirina relationship, and a one-sided Kuwabara/Yukina

Well enough of that. A note for my friend Kiada. I am very sorry but you are going with Kuwabara!

there is nothing wrong with him... he's just ugly.