Hey all!

Here's my second ever CSI:NY fic! lol It's gotta be a MacStella one, because, well, its Mac and Stella:p

Set during the amazingness of Blood, Sweat and Tears :)

The New York night was quickly turning cold as Mac and Stella wondered through the mini-streets separating the many Circus tents. As she pulled the long cost around herself, Stella's head was swiveling in all directions, taking in all the sights and sounds of the new world.

"Did you ever go to the circus?" she asked

"As a kid? Sure. My mom brought me once when my dad was overseas" slightly startled as the question brought Mac out of his silent reverie

"He was a Marine?"

Mac nodded. "What about you? You act like this is your first time"

"That's 'cos it is"

"You never came as a child?" he asked, in a voice of disbelief

"The only places I went as a child was to Church and back to the Orphanage"

"You never had a daytrip or anything?"

"Only to Church. Me and my friend used to sneak out sometimes and just walk and see where we ended up? But we always went back…" Stella looked into the distance, as if mentally debating why they didn't just run and escape. "Sister Natalia found us sneaking back in once, oooo that wasn't fun, let my tell ya-what?"

"Nothing, you've just…you've never told me so much about your childhood before. Its always been kind of…closed off before" He commented, passing some dollars to a candy-floss seller, and taking the fluffy pink cloud and handing it to Stella

"What can I say, Mac? The circus does stuff to ya" she smiled, popping some floss in her mouth

Mac smiled "So what do you think of the circus now?"

"Im not gonna lie to you, the illusion's ruined" She mentioned, watching a drunken clown stagger past her, "and the clowns…?"

"You don't like them?"

"No one is that happy all the time"

"No, they're not, that's what clown court is for"

Stella smiled, pointing a finger as if to say 'my point exactly'.